Hola, Amigos!

May 5, 2017

Apparently it’s time for my annual Cinco de Mayo post!

I’m not going to even mention how shameful it is that I haven’t blogged at all in the past six months, even though I pretend to be a writer.

I’m not going to mention it because I have something much more shameful to mention — the fact that I’m a billion months pregnant (almost 31 weeks) and have been too lazy to even write about that on the blog! Poor little neglected second baby.

Neglected second baby (NSB) is another boy and he’s due the first week of July. His wise and mature older brother Theo will be almost 20 months when he is born. I plan to deliver him and then leave for a vacation in Europe because the thought of taking care of a newborn and a 20-month-old together at the same time is terrifying to me. So, who wants to go to Spain this summer? (Or the Jesus Freak cruise?!)

Just kidding, NSB. I love you and I promise I will get you a dresser and paint your room and find you something to sleep in and maybe get you a clothing or two by July.

Maybe. Because this is what the “nursery” looks like at the moment:

So, that whole growing a human inside of my body thing has been going on lately. We’ve also been spending a lot of time with this guy.

Theo is a nut. He’s funny and full of personality and lately full of opinions which may or may not line up with what he’s supposed to do. Whenever he does decide to obey, though, he claps for himself, so his self-esteem is doing well. He’s still not really talking yet, besides a few random words here and there, which causes me to nervously go to the Internet because the Googles help me rationally diagnose him, obviously. However, I then hear him having entire babbling conversations with us and understanding every word I say, and using a few signs, and I realize that he’s so social that the minute he does start to talk, he’s never going to stop, so maybe we should enjoy the moment.

What else? I went back to work part-time at the end of October and had the best week of enjoying talking to adults and reading interesting things and putting on non-stretchy pants. Then at the end of that week, I discovered I was pregnant. It happened sooner than we had planned, but we are grateful. We’ve had a really great year — I’ve worked mornings and Andrew has worked afternoons, and we’ve both gotten quality time with Theo. (And since I am home in the afternoons, I get Theo’s nap times. 🙂 ) The baby will come right as Andrew gets off of work for the summer, so God actually had a great plan for it all!

This little King of the World is about to get a reality check in July…

I don’t have much to say about politics because — sigh. And obviously we can all just read Andrew Jackson’s views on the 2017 political climate and go from there.

I also don’t have much to say about TV since This Is Us is over for the season. Don’t we miss it so? It’ll be back this fall, though, to make us sob every week. Right now we are loving Survivor because kicking it old school with one of the first reality TV shows is what we are about. We’ve also been watching Big Brother Canada. Judge away.

Oh, did I tell you we bought a new house? Probably not because I don’t blog. Well, we did, and it’s blue and was built in 1956 and has lovely hardwood floors and nice upgrades.

We are loving it so far, except for the tiny closets. And the skunk who gets terrified a bit too often. Also, it came with a ghost.

But otherwise it is lovely. Theo especially likes the yard where he falls into puddles and gets his clothes muddy by 10 a.m.
Oh, here’s a little bone I have to pick with Internet commenters. Because that usually goes well. Lately when I read comments on articles (always a wise choice), I sometimes see Christians using the “Jesus throwing over the money changers’ tables in the temple” as a reason to get angry and be forceful with people who disagree with them. Jesus did it, so we can too. I’ve seen this argument used a lot — usually to defend why Christians can be harsh with others’ political beliefs.

Now, I certainly think I can be solid in my beliefs and defend them to others. There’s a lot of fear of offending people lately, and sometimes people need to learn that just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re being offensive or hurtful or intolerant. People need to calm down with the getting triggered. However, I think using the argument about Jesus and the money changers is wrong and shows bad theology.

Jesus, first of all, got angry with the religious Jews who were overcharging worshippers who needed to buy their sacrifices. So, Jesus was getting mad at His own people, His fellow believers, who were being greedy towards people who wanted to worship God. Secondly, Jesus is mad at the fact that the money changers set up their shop in the Court of the Gentiles. The temple was structured with different courts that allowed people to only get so close to the Holy of Holies, where God’s presence was. The outer court was where Gentiles (non-Jews) were allowed to come worship and pray. Isaiah 56 talks about how God wants foreigners to be able to come and worship Him in His house (the temple), and how God will accept their offerings in His house of prayer for all nations. Because the money changers had set up their buying and selling in the Court of the Gentiles, it was crowding out the non-Jews who wanted to come worship God. This is the opposite of what the Israelites were supposed to be doing. Their mission from God (as given back in the law) was to be a light to the Gentiles and to draw them to worship Him, the one true God. And yet, here were God’s chosen people elevating greed over evangelism.

This is why Jesus gets angry — He’s mad at His own people for getting it wrong. It’s not because He’s mad at the opposing political party for voting for someone He didn’t like. So, umm, that’s all. I just wanted to share because I think people use this argument incorrectly all the time, and in doing so, misrepresent Jesus’ righteous anger.

The end.

OK, now that I’ve annoyed some people, that’s probably my cue to leave. NSB and I have to go not finish taking down the 1980s wallpaper in his nursery.

Love you all! Maybe I’ll write again before the new baby turns two!





I haven’t blogged in a long time. I don’t really have an excuse except that I often choose to watch Sister Wives during Theo’s naptime instead of blogging. Hashtagclassy. Hashtagpolygamy. HashtagMeridrama.

How is everyone?! Since we last talked, we went to Colorado! It was the bestest. I got to see so many friends and meet their babies and visit Target and eat lots of food. We also went to my friend Matthew’s wedding and he married sweet Emily and we had very schmancy times at the Brown Palace. I miss Colorado. Especially because it is 50 and rainy here today. So I’m looking through my pics of my sweet friends.

We have all been friends for a very long time. Because we are old.

Little Everlyn is only a couple months older than Theo — but he’s about a gazillion pounds heavier than her.

Our men.

Ash is having a little girly in September — hopefully on my birthday! 


We are trying to sleep train Theo. He naps well and goes down so easily at bedtime, but then all the waking up all the night long. Last night around 1 a.m., I was letting him fuss for 10 minutes before I went in to him. I woke up 30 minutes later with the monitor in my hand and he was asleep, so apparently a combination of letting him cry/being too tired to stay awake to comfort him works. He woke up later with a smile, so I guess he doesn’t hate me too much.

Happy Memorial Day! Grateful to those who gave all for our country. Although, every time I hear that phrase it just reminds me of Billy Ray and his epic mullet.

Also, Billy Ray. Remember how your daughter is Miley? I bet your heart is achy breaky over that.

Is everyone off work today? Canada celebrates Victoria Day a week before Memorial Day, so everyone here is working away, and no one is BBQ-ing because of the aforementioned rain. Also, did you know everyone in Canada calls a grill a BBQ, and if you call it a grill, people stare at you sadly because they know you come from the country where Donald Trump is going to be president?

While I’m writing this, my TV is muted and there is a show called Tour Group on in the background. (It looks Bravo classy.)

Speaking of classy shows, has anyone ever seen Alaskan Bush People? I don’t get the channel here, but when I was in Colorado, Micah, Alecia and I watched an episode and we cried actual tears. Tears of joy. Because, this:


Father and son.

Guys, things are about to get fun around here! In June, Theo and I are joining Andrew’s family on Vancouver Island for some beach time. (I will spend most of it trying to prevent Theo from eating sand.) Then Jaci and Josh are coming to Canada to visit! Then at the end of June, Andrew is done with school for the summer — woo hoo!!! Also, we will be in Minnesota for the first couple of weeks in July, so let’s all hang out! After that, who even knows what the rest of the summer will bring?! (Probably more sleep training.)

Theo is excited to visit Target again in July!

Theo has started eating solids. It’s a treat because who doesn’t love cooking food, blending it, freezing it, feeding about two bites to your child while he spits it back at you, and then cleaning up the high chair and washing a million bibs?

So far he seems to enjoy oatmeal and bananas the most. He gets very dramatic about avocados and sweet potatoes — he puckers up like they’re lemons or something. Calm it down, Theo. He’s also very into his new sippy cup because apparently he loves the feeling of pouring water down his shirt and sitting in sopping wet clothing.

When we were in Colorado, we got to go to a Sunday service at my old church, Wellspring. Loved it. We sang a song that has probably been around awhile, but that I hadn’t heard before. I loved the verses:

And then on the third at break of dawn,
The Son of heaven rose again.
O trampled death where is your sting?
The angels roar for Christ the King!

I got chills at the image of Jesus trampling death in victory, and the angels roaring in praise for the Lamb!

Hokay, I gotta go. Theo is about to wake up and politely demand every ounce of my attention. Have a great day, friends!

We Took Ill

March 7, 2016

I meant to blog last week, but I was too busy dying. Of vomit. And other things. Other. Things.

Oh, you guys. Last Monday night, a couple of hours after dinner, I told Andrew my stomach felt weird. So I went into the bathroom and had a small episode. Then ten minutes later, Andrew had an episode. Then we spent the rest of the night having episodes from every orifice in our bodies. It was the absolute worst. Andrew threw up at least ten times and his eyes are still bloodshot (a week later) to prove it. I didn’t throw up as many times, but I had a terrible fever and did things like almost vomit on my baby while nursing him. It was a classy night.

Next year’s Christmas card. This is probably somewhere around 3 a.m. Monday night. We shared that bucket. For vomiting.

The next day Andrew’s mom had to come and hang out with Theo while we limped around, took naps, and nibbled on crackers. We’re still not sure what it was — we thought it was food poisoning, but I also got a cold and terrible cough out of the deal, so maybe it was a flu bug? Either way, it was awful and I haven’t been that sick in a long time. I am still recovering and I’m even missing strollercize, and we all know how I hate to miss a good workout.

When you’re sick, your baby suffers too. From poor fashion choices.

So, basically, March came in like a lion in the Snyder household.

My work visa expires in a month, which means that unless the Canadian government hurries up and grants me the extension I applied for four months ago, I will no longer have healthcare or be able to work or leave the country. So, pretty please, Canada?!

Guys, I miss Target. Oh Joy has all these cute new baby clothes that I don’t have access to. And in April, Marimekko is doing a special line at Target and I won’t even get to see it! My life is hard.

Oh boy. Here’s a thing we need to discuss: Trump and Hilary winning Super Tuesday. Way to be crappy, America. I don’t get this Trump thing. I literally know of no one who is supporting him, but apparently tons of insane people are. Does everyone understand that he basically wants to be a dictator and silence those who disagree with him? You know, like people who lead in North Korea and the Middle East. And he says pretty awful sexist and racist things? And he has no actual plans for running a country besides saying a lot of loudmouth things? And the KKK loves him? And his rise to power looks and sounds eerily similar to a guy in Europe in the 30s? I doubt any of you wise blog readers support Trump, but if you have a friend or family member who does, I actually implore you to talk to them and explain that they should rethink all of it. ASAP. Especially if they claim to be Christians. I honestly believe that anyone who votes for Trump would be elevating nationalism above their faith and that is no bueno.

He’s happy to be Canadian and is imploring his American friends to make sure that it’s #nevertrump.

Speaking of Trump, our sermon at church was so very good yesterday. Our pastor started out by asking if anyone was following the election cycle in the States. (This drew a loud chuckle from the crowd because, America, you are a huge international laughingstock with this ridiculous election. Be proud.) Anyway, our pastor pointed out that of all the ridiculous things Trump has said, the one with eternal consequences is when he said that he has never asked God for forgiveness. (You know, because he doesn’t need it.)

We’re doing a short sermon series on some of the lament Psalms in the Bible. Psalms of lament are actually a huge chunk of the Psalms, and they often ask questions of God or cry out to Him. Yesterday we looked at Psalm 130 — a lament over sin. The Psalmist knows that if God kept a record of sin, no one would be able to stand before Him. But thankfully, with God there is forgiveness of sin when we confess and repent. The sermon was so good — a reminder of our sin, of God’s great grace, of His Gospel, and of the hope we have in the God who will Himself, through Jesus, redeem Israel of its sins. Seriously, if you have a few minutes, watch this sermon — it will convict and refresh you!

Theo just peed all over the floor and then whined loudly while I took a 2.5 minute shower. #keepingitreal

Would anyone like to come stuff these cloth diapers for me? I’d rather watch Netflix. #keepingitrealer

Speaking of Netflix, we watched Fuller House. It was terrible, obviously, but so was the original Full House. So they stayed true to themselves. I did love the nostalgia, though, and they had some funny moments. Also, that Max kid. I’m not going to lie — he cracked me up.

OK, I feel that’s all I have to report on. I lost the last week of my life, so I’m going to try to catch up today by thinking about maybe making supper tonight. I have goals.

Have a great week!

Bread and Fitness

February 26, 2016

Happy Friday everyone!

First things first: Is everyone aware that Oprah loves bread and eats it every day? Because she does. Bread. Bread. Bread. #gotit #overthatcommercial #gomarrysomebreadalready

I on the other hand, have worked out this week and eaten perfectly (no bread) and gained a pound. So that’s cute.

So, my workouts. I’ve started a class called strollercize. I know. But here’s the thing: It’s hard. I’ve been super sore all week and it’s clearly getting me in shape. (Gained some weight.) These moms are hardcore and have been doing the class for awhile. Some of them started again at six weeks postpartum. #nothankyou. I was still trying to sort night from day at six weeks and I would’ve shot anyone who suggested a workout. But anyhoo, the class is a great workout and we really don’t do anything with our strollers except run laps around the track. (Well, I use the term “run” loosely when it comes to myself.) We do lots of strength training and I pretend to do some push ups. Strollercize it is, guys!


I was worn out, but Theo barely seemed winded. Lazy.

Fuller House is available on Netflix today! I’m kind of scared to watch it because it’s probably going to be awful but also nostalgic.

Speaking of bad TV, I’ve chosen to wisely (unwisely) use some of my spare time to get caught up on the show Scandal. Is is the absolute worst. It’s the worst the way Grey’s Anatomy is the worst. Except worse. (As a trained writer, I have a vast array of vocabulary at my disposal. Worst.) Olivia Pope is awful, Fitz is horrible, every all of the characters are dumb and awful. Also, who runs the USofA while everyone is busy using the Oval Office to talk about affairs and divorces? No. It’s the worst. (But I’m all caught up.)

Theo has been sleeping 6-hour stretches and then 4-hour stretches at night! Hallelujah! The only problem is that the first stretch starts at 7:30, so I’m awake for a good chunk of it. But oh well. I’m still getting more sleep than I was. We quit letting him go to sleep with his pacifier, which he was not a fan of at first, but it’s helped so much. It’s helped him learn how to self-soothe when he comes out of a sleep cycle and it’s made all the difference in the world!

Over on Facebook you can apparently like or hate or cry at or mad face at or flip the bird to people’s statuses now or something. I’m not quite sure.

Also on Facebook my friend Julie asked a good question about the election and which way people will vote. What are you going to do? Even though I’m an ex-pat, I can still send in an absentee ballot. All I know is I can’t vote for Hillary and I can’t vote for Trump. So I’ll probably write in Tami Taylor.

My baby is going to wake up soon, and I should probably switch out the laundry. Speaking of which, we started using our cloth diapers this week. 

Yikes! Will I be able to keep it up? I like the idea of it because they’re so much cheaper and he looks so cute in them. But I’m very lazy and there’s a lot of laundry. We shall see!

What’s everyone up to this weekend? I hope it’s the best!

Weighting to Lose

February 17, 2016

Hello again!

I have not showered, I need to mop my floors, prep supper and fold laundry. So naturally I’m going to use this precious few minutes of Theo’s nap time to write you a blog post. Hooray!

Here are a few things:

What is everyone watching on TV these days?! Suggestions, please. TLC pretty much just airs the show, My 600 Pound Life all day long, so I need some good Netflix ideas. Although, my friend Rebecca just posted a wonderful article about how we should all be like Coach and Tami Taylor, so maybe I should just watch Friday Night Lights for the billionth time. Texas forever.

I need some help losing this pregnancy weight! Apparently I am not one of those people whose body becomes automatic supermodel whilst nursing. (Shocking.) My body would rather cling to these pounds with chubby hands. I just can’t seem to get the scale to budge. It may have something to do with the constant spoonfuls of peanut butter I eat directly from the jar, but I doubt it. TLC will probably be calling me to be on My 600 Pound Life pretty soon. (Also, is this new weird saggy stomach pouch ever going to go away? It scares and confuses me.)  Anyway, any mamas have weight loss tips and tricks that worked for you?

Apparently this is becoming a mommy blog. Because I need to post a pic of my boy who is nearly 13 weeks and has no trouble growing — deep and wide.

He’s also learning how to fall asleep without a sleep prop (code for pacifier) so that Mom doesn’t have to go replace it all night long. He’s loves this new lesson about as much as I love math, which is not very much at all.

Has everyone seen Donald Trump on Full House? I hope so.

Speaking of ridiculous politics, really America with this election season? I’m thinking it’s a good time to be an expat. I’ll just sit here on my year-long maternity leave and be judgmental. (While paying lots of taxes.)

Once upon a time ago this was a peaceful, cute sitting area.

OK, nap is over and someone needs entertaining. (Me.) Also, I think TLC is calling.

Talk to you soon!

Points For Discussion

February 19, 2014

Here are some things I would like us to discuss today:

* This Wendy’s Ciabatta commercial. Why is it a thing? No.

* Have you guys been watching the Olympic snowboard cross races? Why is this a sport?!?! Basically someone dies in every single race. Five snowboarders race through a crazy course at breakneck speeds, and at least two of them crash and break their entire bodies every single time. I don’t think I’ve seen one race where everyone has finished. Every race. Someone dead.



* I made these Thai chicken quesadillas the other day and they were delicious. I highly recommend them.

* Here’s a girl HOLDING A TINY HORSE!!!!! Please share your thoughts of joy and love about this best picture ever in the comments.


* Speaking of Olympics. (We were speaking about the Olympics a couple points ago, you guys. Please keep up.) Did everyone see that sweet young skier with the wife and baby? And he loves Jesus? And he does crazy flips on skis? I liked him. Also, apparently all the cool skiers and boarders live in Colorado. Let’s go meet them. And … I’m super happy for the American ice dancers. But also, they kind of bug me. Like, cut your hair, Charlie. And calm down the eye makeup, girl whose name I am too lazy to look up. Anyone else? No? Just me because I’m a horrible person?

* My friends and I have been working on wedding craft projects. And if you know me, you know I am not good at craft projects. So, basically, my wedding will not look pretty, and things will probably fall apart in the middle of vows. But if you’re there, just smile and tell me I did a good job anyway. Thanks.

* Just waiting for news on the work visa. #storyofmylife. No updates.

* Finally, in conclusion, to end with: Has everyone seen the best video ever?! Landry and Crucifictorious are with Amber and Max at the Luncheonette! Parenthood and Friday Night Lights. Together. You must watch it because: Landry is the best. Billy Riggins might be there. Tim Riggins is mentioned. So many FNL references. Texas Forever.

Last night Diana and I went out to a vegetarian restaurant because we are super healthy. Except that we accidentally ate a lot of carbs because apparently the only delicious thing vegetarians have to offer is bread. What were we to do?! Anyway, if you’re in the Denver area, you should try City O’ City. Their savory waffle was a carb-filled delight.

Oh, guys. I started to get caught up on all important television yesterday. Parenthood. You are killing me. I don’t even like you right now. So many tears. But it’s so good I just can’t stay away. Here are some people who need to get it together: Julia, Joel, Camille.

My friend Alecia shared this picture with me. It’s a lady who has decorated her cane with some stuffed animals. It’s cozy and fancy that way.


My jove Micah announced yesterday that she’s having a baby!! This is great news because she will be a wonderful mom, I will get to hold her baby, and she’ll also probably want to name it after me (Denise or Dennis, either works according to people at Starbucks and Panera who often call out “Dennis!!!” when my order is ready).

I realized today that I have been feeling anxious since I’ve been back in Colorado. Actually, I was feeling anxious the day before I came back. (Just ask Andrew about the crazy, moody, angry, crying person who he got to spend the day with on Saturday.) I am back here, and while I love seeing my friends and enjoying the gorgeous weather (it is 61F/16C right now!!!), I also feel really stressed. I think it is because I don’t have much to do except wait to hear about this visa. And the waiting gives me time to think about anything that could go wrong (I like to stay positive). But after last time, I just worry that the visa will get denied or delayed again, which would be the worst because I am about at my limit with airplanes, suitcases and travel-sized items! Anyway, I feel stressed and anxious, and I know those feelings do not come from the Lord. So I thought I’d tell you so that if you think of it, you could pray for peace and a quick yes to my visa!

OK, that felt heavy. Let’s cheer ourselves up with a picture of a tiny puppy in a shower cap and a tiny bathrobe!


He likes to stay so fresh and so clean, clean.

K, have a good day, friends! If you’re in Colorado, enjoy this gorgeous weather! If you’re not in Colorado, be jealous. Good day to you!

…I said good day!

I don’t have a picture, so I’ll just give you a thousand words.

I was just thinking that I should blog, and then I realized that I don’t even have any pictures to show you because I never take pictures. I could take a picture of myself right now, but I’m wearing glasses and haven’t washed my face, and there’s no need for you to be so frightened on a Wednesday.

This past Friday was graduation at the high school Andrew teaches at. Guys (Alecia), Canadian graduation is very different from how we do it in the States. We went to the banquet Friday night, and all of the seniors were there in formal attire. The girls all had on prom dresses and the guys were spiffed up in suits. They paraded through so we got to see all the dresses. (This would have been a perfect time for a blogger to take pictures for her blog, but some bloggers are not good at blogging.) Then we ate a nice dinner and there were some speeches and then the kids went to different parties. But the parties were hosted by parents — there was dry grad and safe grad (no drinking, drinking — the drinking age is 18, you know). Most students don’t do graduation open houses like we do — they go to these grad parties instead. And they don’t have prom, so graduation kind of functions as their formal. So many sparkly dresses, you guy. I guess my prom was 13 years ago (What?! Was my prom 13 years ago? OK, guys. I’ve just discovered some horrifying news. My prom was 13 years ago.), but I don’t remember so much sparkle.

I am writing a lesson today. It’s going well so far. In my world, “well” means “slowly.” If you have any game ideas related to the giving of the law on Mt. Sinai that you have been dying to share, this is where to post them.

The past couple of days, I have been helping Andrew’s sister Stacy get their house ready to show because they’re selling it. We’ve been rearranging furniture, and Stacy was nice enough to let me do whatever I wanted to decorate and move stuff. (This would have been another great spot to do some before and after pictures, but some bloggers are the worst at life.) I loved it, you guys. I want to be a professional stager. Or decorator. Or furniture mover. (Not that last one. Also, I just spelled decorator like this — decorater — so maybe I should become a professional speller first.) Anyway, I love decorating and thinking about the best spots to put furniture. If you would like to give me all your money, I will go buy you some cute stuff and put it in your house.

The Bachelorette was on last night and old Knox had some things to say. Is anyone watching this season? I’m not. But if I were, I would maybe be wondering why everyone hates Ben so much. Is he the worst? I feel like they haven’t shown us any proof of his being the worst, and you know the Bachelorette cameramen would be on it like sparkle on Tierra if he was being awful. Also (again, totally not been watching), isn’t it normal for people to “steal” away the bachelor or bachelorette on dates or at the cocktail parties? Doesn’t that happen all the time in every all seasons ever? I’m not sure why World War III was breaking out over Ben doing that. Let’s move on because I’ve sufficiently proved that I spend two hours a week watching idiots drink wine on closed-off bridges.

I found you a picture. I didn’t take it, obviously.


I got two presents in the mail yesterday, you guys! My Auntie Faye sent me some graduation dollars and a personalized card with lots of pictures of me throughout my school years. I loved it. And then my Jaci sent me a graduation gift with gift cards and vintage-looking hair ties, and the best-smelling candle. My heart was happy.

OK, I have so much work to do. And pictures to not take. Have a good Wednesday!

This was my view pretty much the entire weekend. Not kidding.

From Thursday to Sunday, Diana and I were each on our own couch, watching March Madness. Neither of us are doing very well in our brackets, but that’s OK because we end up cheering against our brackets because we always want the underdogs to win. That was our weekend. Basketball. Occasionally we would stop to eat.

We’re eating those egg, cheese and hashbrown cups, and they were pretty good. Although, I think I overcooked the eggs. I’m still working on liking eggs, you guys. It’s a process. We also ate baked pancake squares, and they turned out pretty well. I liked just making the pancake batter and then baking it — much less work than making individual pancakes.

So, that was the bulk of my weekend. Yours?

You guys, the best new game ever is Draw Something on the iPhone. Come play with me! I’m so very, very bad at drawing, but it’s fun. My friend Heather is amazing at this game. She should be a cartoonist. For real. Also, when you get a word, do you ever do a google search for “how to draw a cat” or “how to draw a rhino” or “how to draw a cyclops”? Oh. Me neither.

I was supposed to spend a lot of time working on my thesis proposal yesterday, but I was at the library and I couldn’t concentrate. So I went home and took a nap. I concentrated on that much better. I have to be on it today, though. I am running out of time.

OK, I am boring. I will let you go now. Also, Kendi Everyday keeps wearing blazers all the time. What do we think?

K, bye!

Back At It

March 15, 2012

Y’all I am back at it. Charles in Charge is home in Minnesota and I have returned to translating Aramaic and whining about translating Aramaic. All is as it should be. Except that it would be nice if my dad were here every day to hang out and chat and buy me things.

Bad news update: My burn is healing and the scab is coming off, but the letters aren’t going away. What am I supposed to do?! No one will want to marry a girl with a curling iron brand on her leg, right? This is dire.

Weird news update: My apartment complex keeps shutting off our water for the entire day. Seriously, they had it off from 8-5 yesterday and they’re doing it again today. So hopefully no one has to shower or wash their face or make a meal or use the toilet or drink a cool, refreshing glass of water because it is apparently not allowed where I live. Also, this has made me realize, yet again, that I would not have done well on the prairie. They had to lug buckets of water from a well just to brush their teeth or make coffee. I complained today as I turned on the tap (before eight of course) to fill the teapot in case we needed some extra water during the day. It’s a tough life.

Good news update: Axis had its very first banquet last weekend and it was so great. More than 250 people came, and I felt so honored to be there hearing about all the great work they’ve done in the last few years. A bunch of my good friends came to the banquet to support Axis. My Springs crew and my Denver friends both came out, and I was so grateful. After the banquet, a few of us went to the Broadmoor since we were all dressed up anyway.

Best news update: March Madness starts today!!!! I do not give a thought to college basketball until this very moment. And from this very moment until the end of March, I will care about college basketball more than anything else in the world. Did you fill out a bracket? Who are you cheering for? Minnesota is not an option because they are awful at playing basketball. But Colorado has two teams going to the big dance (that’s what we basketball lovers call the tournament, you guys).

Bible news update: So, in case you were wondering, I am taking Aramaic because small parts of the Bible were written in Aramaic. Mostly chunks from Ezra and Daniel — those books took place around the Babylonian exile, and Aramaic was the language of the Babylonians. So, we have portions of our Old Testament that are in Aramaic instead of Hebrew. Aramaic is pretty similar to Hebrew — the same alphabet and pronunciations. It’s the vowels and suffixes and prefixes and some of the vocabulary that are different. We’ve been translating Daniel 2, which is the passage where Nebuchadnezzar has a dream that no one is able to interpret. This upsets him a tiny bit so he decides to have all the wise men of Babylon killed. But Daniel saves everyone because he is able to interpret the dream.

Yesterday, I translated the section about the dream — it’s that big statue with a head of gold, a chest of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron and feet of iron and clay. Daniel interprets the meaning of this statue — it is a line of kingdoms that will reign and rule. But a stone would come and smash the statue — a great stone that would turn into a mountain and fill the whole earth. That stone, Daniel said, would be a kingdom that would endure forever — long past Babylon, Greece, Persia, or Rome. When Nebuchadnezzar heard that interpretation he fell on his face before Daniel and he said, “Surely your God is a God of gods and a Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries.”

As I translated that passage yesterday, I was so grateful that our God reveals mysteries, that he knows the future, that he has a plan for how things will turn out. He is God of gods, and his kingdom will endure forever. Pretty sweet.

K, you guys, please quit distracting me. I have so much whining to catch up on and a lot of basketball to watch! Talk to you tomorrow!