Weighting to Lose

February 17, 2016

Hello again!

I have not showered, I need to mop my floors, prep supper and fold laundry. So naturally I’m going to use this precious few minutes of Theo’s nap time to write you a blog post. Hooray!

Here are a few things:

What is everyone watching on TV these days?! Suggestions, please. TLC pretty much just airs the show, My 600 Pound Life all day long, so I need some good Netflix ideas. Although, my friend Rebecca just posted a wonderful article about how we should all be like Coach and Tami Taylor, so maybe I should just watch Friday Night Lights for the billionth time. Texas forever.

I need some help losing this pregnancy weight! Apparently I am not one of those people whose body becomes automatic supermodel whilst nursing. (Shocking.) My body would rather cling to these pounds with chubby hands. I just can’t seem to get the scale to budge. It may have something to do with the constant spoonfuls of peanut butter I eat directly from the jar, but I doubt it. TLC will probably be calling me to be on My 600 Pound Life pretty soon. (Also, is this new weird saggy stomach pouch ever going to go away? It scares and confuses me.)  Anyway, any mamas have weight loss tips and tricks that worked for you?

Apparently this is becoming a mommy blog. Because I need to post a pic of my boy who is nearly 13 weeks and has no trouble growing — deep and wide.

He’s also learning how to fall asleep without a sleep prop (code for pacifier) so that Mom doesn’t have to go replace it all night long. He’s loves this new lesson about as much as I love math, which is not very much at all.

Has everyone seen Donald Trump on Full House? I hope so.

Speaking of ridiculous politics, really America with this election season? I’m thinking it’s a good time to be an expat. I’ll just sit here on my year-long maternity leave and be judgmental. (While paying lots of taxes.)

Once upon a time ago this was a peaceful, cute sitting area.

OK, nap is over and someone needs entertaining. (Me.) Also, I think TLC is calling.

Talk to you soon!


9 Responses to “Weighting to Lose”

  1. Michael said

    I’ve been watching reruns of Frasier, and The Andy Griffith Show, myself. I also caught a few episodes of “Child Genius” before the website stopped making them available. There’s some scary intense people on that show.

  2. Gerilyn said

    You crack me up! Love your posts. I’m one of those people also scared and confused by the belly sag pouch thing. And whose scale refuses to move despite constantly letting another human take all my nutrients. The solution for me both times– whole 30. Girl- it’s magic. You eat your way to skinny. It’s a discipline for sure. But for the best because you’re substituting empty calories for nutrient dense foods. Good for the body and brain. I’m always so energized despite being on a massive sleep debt. You must find a partner to keep you going though! Your boy is adorable! Such a combo of you and your husband. Enjoy the mommy- body! Theo is for sure worth it šŸ˜Š

  3. Jennelle said

    The stomach sag… I didn’t really know. What the heck?! I Have been watching the Mindy project. I didn’t think I liked it based on the 30 second intros my pvr played after my New Girl recordings, but it’s hilarious.

  4. lyddiebee said

    I’ve been watching The Office lately. Never saw it when it aired originally but a homework assignment made me watch. I picked the first episode and have worked my way through season 6 already. Little did my professor know it would be motivation to procrastinate, hence being on Season 6 in 6 short weeks. It really makes me giggle… Unfortunately I cannot help with the Mommy weight, although my sister has done Atkins diet with lots of success. It just happens to be a total lifestyle diet change. So if you like things like bread and pasta (who wouldn’t? ) it’s probably not for you. Good Luck! Totally agree it’s a good time to be an expat. That’s my backup plan! Trump on Full House was hillarious! šŸ™‚

  5. rbeazley said

    Love following your posts Denise!! I adore that you’re blogging instead of cleaning – perfectly justifiable Mommy mental escape. No apology necessary. I giggled about your year maternity / higher taxes comment because we kind of switched counties at similar times. I graduated with Andrew and now live in Texas with my hubby. After having our 2nd son down here with crazy expensive health care – I’d gladly pay higher taxes again to have more, cheaper babies!! I don’t know whether you’re nursing Theo or not. However I’d love to share some of our amazing Arbonne nutritional samples with you to experience. Some I used when nursing/pumping – others I waited until after to use again. They definitely helped me shed my prego weight after having each of my 2 boys. Plus actually making myself something to eat 2 times a day before my husband got home was harder than expected. So mixing up a shake & enjoying on the go, while feeding, playing – was so much easier and nutritious. And our fizz energy drinks are my Mommy survival drink of choice – from moody with little / interrupted sleep Mommy to happy joyful lady in no time flat. Let me know if I can put a package in the mail to you Denise. Big Hugs & Congrats

  6. Denise Morris Snyder said

    Michael: I love the Andy Griffith show!

    Gerilyn: Whole 30! I have friends who have done this. I eat a lot of these foods already, but NO CHEESE?! I may die.

    Jennelle: The stomach. I’ve never seen anything like it. I love Mindy Project!

    Lydia: Love The Office! And I love bread. What’s a girl to do?! šŸ™‚

    Robin: Yes, cheaper babies for sure! Loved the free delivery. šŸ™‚ I am nursing Theo and I love Arbonne’s skincare products. I’d love to learn more and see what ingredients are in the Arbonne shakes!

  7. Lola said

    I’ve had five babies and every single time I don’t lose much weight at all until around five or six months postpartum. Then I lose steady until my babies suck the life out of me and I’m a gaunt skeleton and then they wean and I go back to normal. So what I’m saying is, it’s too soon to freak out. šŸ™‚

  8. Clarissa Sparkman said

    Denise! I agree with Lola, too soon to freak out :). With my last two babies I lost very little till about six months and then somewhere around six/seven months it just started going. By nine months it had just kinda melted off even though I had not changed anything. Hormones are powerful things. To fight against them is pretty fruitless. At three months, I could never even fit my jeans past mid thigh! I never do anything special. I do try to exercise four or so days a week (lots of times hiking or on elliptical with baby strapped to me since I don’t like leaving them so little) and eating all things in moderation, generally healthy. I do also do light weights once to twice a week for increased muscle mass, metabolism and bone health. Nursing helps. I despise diets and refuse to be on one.
    I can’t get over how hilarious and cute Theo is!!! I am really hoping to meet him next time your in the area! So fun to see you blogging again! :)))

  9. Denise Morris Snyder said

    Lola: That is good to hear!!

    Clair: What a good worker outer you are! Encouraging to hear that it will hopefully happen at some point. Hope we get to see you next time we’re in MN!

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