A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

June 5, 2013

I don’t have a picture, so I’ll just give you a thousand words.

I was just thinking that I should blog, and then I realized that I don’t even have any pictures to show you because I never take pictures. I could take a picture of myself right now, but I’m wearing glasses and haven’t washed my face, and there’s no need for you to be so frightened on a Wednesday.

This past Friday was graduation at the high school Andrew teaches at. Guys (Alecia), Canadian graduation is very different from how we do it in the States. We went to the banquet Friday night, and all of the seniors were there in formal attire. The girls all had on prom dresses and the guys were spiffed up in suits. They paraded through so we got to see all the dresses. (This would have been a perfect time for a blogger to take pictures for her blog, but some bloggers are not good at blogging.) Then we ate a nice dinner and there were some speeches and then the kids went to different parties. But the parties were hosted by parents — there was dry grad and safe grad (no drinking, drinking — the drinking age is 18, you know). Most students don’t do graduation open houses like we do — they go to these grad parties instead. And they don’t have prom, so graduation kind of functions as their formal. So many sparkly dresses, you guy. I guess my prom was 13 years ago (What?! Was my prom 13 years ago? OK, guys. I’ve just discovered some horrifying news. My prom was 13 years ago.), but I don’t remember so much sparkle.

I am writing a lesson today. It’s going well so far. In my world, “well” means “slowly.” If you have any game ideas related to the giving of the law on Mt. Sinai that you have been dying to share, this is where to post them.

The past couple of days, I have been helping Andrew’s sister Stacy get their house ready to show because they’re selling it. We’ve been rearranging furniture, and Stacy was nice enough to let me do whatever I wanted to decorate and move stuff. (This would have been another great spot to do some before and after pictures, but some bloggers are the worst at life.) I loved it, you guys. I want to be a professional stager. Or decorator. Or furniture mover. (Not that last one. Also, I just spelled decorator like this — decorater — so maybe I should become a professional speller first.) Anyway, I love decorating and thinking about the best spots to put furniture. If you would like to give me all your money, I will go buy you some cute stuff and put it in your house.

The Bachelorette was on last night and old Knox had some things to say. Is anyone watching this season? I’m not. But if I were, I would maybe be wondering why everyone hates Ben so much. Is he the worst? I feel like they haven’t shown us any proof of his being the worst, and you know the Bachelorette cameramen would be on it like sparkle on Tierra if he was being awful. Also (again, totally not been watching), isn’t it normal for people to “steal” away the bachelor or bachelorette on dates or at the cocktail parties? Doesn’t that happen all the time in every all seasons ever? I’m not sure why World War III was breaking out over Ben doing that. Let’s move on because I’ve sufficiently proved that I spend two hours a week watching idiots drink wine on closed-off bridges.

I found you a picture. I didn’t take it, obviously.


I got two presents in the mail yesterday, you guys! My Auntie Faye sent me some graduation dollars and a personalized card with lots of pictures of me throughout my school years. I loved it. And then my Jaci sent me a graduation gift with gift cards and vintage-looking hair ties, and the best-smelling candle. My heart was happy.

OK, I have so much work to do. And pictures to not take. Have a good Wednesday!


5 Responses to “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”

  1. The “Prancercise” video from last week will tie me over until you take pictures of all the things again. I can’t get it out of my mind. I’ve been eye wormed.
    The Canadian graduation sounds wonderful. And if I had lots of money, you’d be my professional decorator/er and dresser because I am terrible at shopping. That would be such fun. I hope I win money.
    I don’t watch the Bachelor/ette, but I heard there’s a new show on the Discovery channel called, “Naked and Afraid.” It’s like Bear Grylls survival stuff, BUT they’re all naked. So, if you wanted to mix up your TV options…there’s that.

  2. Elena said

    Also “not watching” the Bachelorette, and agree about Ben. Guess they have to hate on someone. Maybe he as a sparkle too we don’t know about yet.

  3. Meg's said

    Denise I loved this blog. It made me lol. I am also NOT watching the Bachelorette! Why DOES everyone hate Ben?! Let’s hang out again sometime ;).

  4. denisemorris said

    Consolation: hahahah! Naked and Afraid. You should get a job coming up with TV shows. I think they would all be big successes.

    Elena: Right? Maybe we do have yet to see his sparkle.

    Meg’s: We should NOT watch Bachelorette together sometime!!

  5. Little Grey Rabbit said

    Hi Denise! You haven’t blogged since Wednesday. I just thought I’d mention it, so you can’t guilt-trip us for not having noticed…

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