It’s Like Pictionary. On a Phone!

March 20, 2012

This was my view pretty much the entire weekend. Not kidding.

From Thursday to Sunday, Diana and I were each on our own couch, watching March Madness. Neither of us are doing very well in our brackets, but that’s OK because we end up cheering against our brackets because we always want the underdogs to win. That was our weekend. Basketball. Occasionally we would stop to eat.

We’re eating those egg, cheese and hashbrown cups, and they were pretty good. Although, I think I overcooked the eggs. I’m still working on liking eggs, you guys. It’s a process. We also ate baked pancake squares, and they turned out pretty well. I liked just making the pancake batter and then baking it — much less work than making individual pancakes.

So, that was the bulk of my weekend. Yours?

You guys, the best new game ever is Draw Something on the iPhone. Come play with me! I’m so very, very bad at drawing, but it’s fun. My friend Heather is amazing at this game. She should be a cartoonist. For real. Also, when you get a word, do you ever do a google search for “how to draw a cat” or “how to draw a rhino” or “how to draw a cyclops”? Oh. Me neither.

I was supposed to spend a lot of time working on my thesis proposal yesterday, but I was at the library and I couldn’t concentrate. So I went home and took a nap. I concentrated on that much better. I have to be on it today, though. I am running out of time.

OK, I am boring. I will let you go now. Also, Kendi Everyday keeps wearing blazers all the time. What do we think?

K, bye!


5 Responses to “It’s Like Pictionary. On a Phone!”

  1. rachel said

    i had a nice long comment for you. then something got screwed up and i lost everything. everything! the entire paragraph of several sentences! ugh…

    here’s a recap: i don’t have an iphone, but it sure sounds like fun. kendi wears a lot of blazers, and i think she wears them well. i don’t wear a lot of blazers, because they don’t make sense for grocery shopping and changing poopy diapers. they just don’t.

  2. denisemorris said

    I hate when that happens, Rachel. You should get an iphone just for this game. Yes, Kendi does wear them well, and she’s a worker, so it makes sense. Grocery shopping, or sitting in a library are probably not as good of reasons to wear a blazer. 🙂

  3. kerry said

    I did not spend the weekend watching basketball. I had to work which makes me agree with Rachel. If I were a doctor, blazers would be nice but since I am the nurse, sometimes like this weekend, when the doctor does not warn us she is going to break someones water, my blazer would have got very wet. Blazers are not good. Now to recover from my hard weekend of double shifts I will not sit on the couch and watch basketball. I will sit on the couch and be very mad at Crosby, but I will cry when Sarah writes an awesome play and hate her ex-husband for leaving Drew and Amber again.

  4. Ah ha! I spy that lovely fabric-covered ottoman that you displayed the giveaways on!

  5. denisemorris said

    Kerry — good call. A blazer would not do well with broken water. I love that you’re so in to Parenthood! So you’re at the end of S2? Seth and his kids kill me.

    LGR — good eye!

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