Points For Discussion

February 19, 2014

Here are some things I would like us to discuss today:

* This Wendy’s Ciabatta commercial. Why is it a thing? No.

* Have you guys been watching the Olympic snowboard cross races? Why is this a sport?!?! Basically someone dies in every single race. Five snowboarders race through a crazy course at breakneck speeds, and at least two of them crash and break their entire bodies every single time. I don’t think I’ve seen one race where everyone has finished. Every race. Someone dead.



* I made these Thai chicken quesadillas the other day and they were delicious. I highly recommend them.

* Here’s a girl HOLDING A TINY HORSE!!!!! Please share your thoughts of joy and love about this best picture ever in the comments.


* Speaking of Olympics. (We were speaking about the Olympics a couple points ago, you guys. Please keep up.) Did everyone see that sweet young skier with the wife and baby? And he loves Jesus? And he does crazy flips on skis? I liked him. Also, apparently all the cool skiers and boarders live in Colorado. Let’s go meet them. And … I’m super happy for the American ice dancers. But also, they kind of bug me. Like, cut your hair, Charlie. And calm down the eye makeup, girl whose name I am too lazy to look up. Anyone else? No? Just me because I’m a horrible person?

* My friends and I have been working on wedding craft projects. And if you know me, you know I am not good at craft projects. So, basically, my wedding will not look pretty, and things will probably fall apart in the middle of vows. But if you’re there, just smile and tell me I did a good job anyway. Thanks.

* Just waiting for news on the work visa. #storyofmylife. No updates.

* Finally, in conclusion, to end with: Has everyone seen the best video ever?! Landry and Crucifictorious are with Amber and Max at the Luncheonette! Parenthood and Friday Night Lights. Together. You must watch it because: Landry is the best. Billy Riggins might be there. Tim Riggins is mentioned. So many FNL references. Texas Forever.


9 Responses to “Points For Discussion”

  1. kmwhales said

    The snowboard cross starts with 6. Not 5. Because let’s make it worse.

    In Vancouver it was 4, and then someone was like, “Nope. Not life-threatening enough. Up it by 2. That seems logical.”

  2. lyddiebee said

    All I know about the snowboarding is from the Olympic game I used to play on my playstation. It was fun…but I never died doing it. 🙂
    Also…maybe you will be married before the Work Visa goes through and it won’t matter anymore.

  3. notta ciabatta.

    also – dead people in Olympic sports means for more heart wrenching segments with Bob Costas. #duh.

    rewrite a PFR song [goldies last day] to say “pony love, pony love, yes she’s small enough to be held”

    and – if i wrote a blog – it would probably look just like yours – only about me and not you (cuz that would be weird if i wrote about you), but then it would basically be plagarizing, so i’ll just keep laughi- er- -i mean reading and enjoying your blog instead.

  4. Anonymous said

    You should see Charlie’s hair in slow motion! Like coral waving with the ocean’s current. It’s was the only thing that made me happy when Tessa and Scott won silver. BTW… we should have gotten the gold. Just saying… but I think they saw Charlie’s hair in slow motion and gave him the extra points!

  5. When I watched that Wendy’s commercial, a special piece of me died inside.

  6. I showed my mother the picture of the horse, and she said “When is a horse not a horse? When you can fit it in a teacup!” 😉

  7. Elena said

    Deniiiise. Mr. Snyder didn’t believe me when I said that I missed you, and therefore he wouldn’t tell me when the next time is that you are coming to Red Deer. But I hope it’s soon. #provedit

  8. Bethany said

    I don’t know you but came across your blog through Boundless’ Facebook post about your engagement. I just spent way too much time reading through your blog (only “too much” because I have other things I should be doing right now, but I couldn’t make myself stop!) I just want to say I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
    Love your writing style, love your life, love your humor, love your smile. I will definitely be back to read more!
    Congrats on your engagement and I hope you get your visa soon.

  9. denisemorris said

    You guys make me laugh!!! Bethany, welcome to the bloggy! We like teacup piglets and other awesome things. Visit often!

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