Last night Diana and I went out to a vegetarian restaurant because we are super healthy. Except that we accidentally ate a lot of carbs because apparently the only delicious thing vegetarians have to offer is bread. What were we to do?! Anyway, if you’re in the Denver area, you should try City O’ City. Their savory waffle was a carb-filled delight.

Oh, guys. I started to get caught up on all important television yesterday. Parenthood. You are killing me. I don’t even like you right now. So many tears. But it’s so good I just can’t stay away. Here are some people who need to get it together: Julia, Joel, Camille.

My friend Alecia shared this picture with me. It’s a lady who has decorated her cane with some stuffed animals. It’s cozy and fancy that way.


My jove Micah announced yesterday that she’s having a baby!! This is great news because she will be a wonderful mom, I will get to hold her baby, and she’ll also probably want to name it after me (Denise or Dennis, either works according to people at Starbucks and Panera who often call out “Dennis!!!” when my order is ready).

I realized today that I have been feeling anxious since I’ve been back in Colorado. Actually, I was feeling anxious the day before I came back. (Just ask Andrew about the crazy, moody, angry, crying person who he got to spend the day with on Saturday.) I am back here, and while I love seeing my friends and enjoying the gorgeous weather (it is 61F/16C right now!!!), I also feel really stressed. I think it is because I don’t have much to do except wait to hear about this visa. And the waiting gives me time to think about anything that could go wrong (I like to stay positive). But after last time, I just worry that the visa will get denied or delayed again, which would be the worst because I am about at my limit with airplanes, suitcases and travel-sized items! Anyway, I feel stressed and anxious, and I know those feelings do not come from the Lord. So I thought I’d tell you so that if you think of it, you could pray for peace and a quick yes to my visa!

OK, that felt heavy. Let’s cheer ourselves up with a picture of a tiny puppy in a shower cap and a tiny bathrobe!


He likes to stay so fresh and so clean, clean.

K, have a good day, friends! If you’re in Colorado, enjoy this gorgeous weather! If you’re not in Colorado, be jealous. Good day to you!

…I said good day!


Because Mondays make me so steamed.

Also, I accidentally published this post last night and then took it offline. Dear subscribers, I’m sorry if you got an email about a post I hadn’t really published yet. I’m a tease.

1. Ok, before we get into all the silliness, I have a prayer request. I used to work at David C Cook publishing, and I still work with them as a freelancer. The other day, a guy named Mike who works in the Cook building had a massive heart attack while at work. His heart stopped for 45 minutes before the medics finally were able to get it started again (pretty miraculous). The last update I heard indicated the doctors weren’t sure he had any brain activity. There are small signs — he has breathed on his own at times and had slight seizures which could indicate some activity, but no one is sure. Please be praying for him and his family. Ask God to intervene in his situation and miraculously restore him to health. Pray for peace and comfort for his family. Pray that God would be glorified. Thanks.

2. OK, back to Friday Listday. I got my cavities filled and was out of the dentist chair within an hour. So much better than last time. Except for all the painful shots and teeth drilling. They had to give me extra Novocaine, so I spent much of the day looking and drooling like I was some kind of deformed Batman villain. See?

3. I found so many good videos this week, one of which was this one from the new season of Portlandia. (Hulu won’t let me post the video directly to my blog because Hulu is mean and not as ghetto as YouTube. Rude.) If you haven’t seen Portlandia yet, make sure to check out season 1 on Netflix. (If you have any Netflix questions, please come to me. I am apparently an expert since I have become a complete and utter bum without a school schedule to keep me on track.)

4. So remember how I had found that recipe for cauliflower fried rice last week? Well, now I’ve seen one for cauliflower pizza crust! You guys, can we say “low carb”?! I haven’t tried either recipe yet because every time I go to Target I seem to forget about all of my cauliflower needs. However, I am going to be on it soon. I did make Pioneer Woman’s corn chowder with chilies for the zillionth time this week and I still love it ever so much.

5. You guys did you know, we have a big Broncos game coming up on Saturday?! I apparently did not know, because I assumed it was on Sunday. I’m going out of town this coming week, and I was all super annoyed because I thought I’d be flying over western Michigan while Tom Brady got sacked. But it’s on Saturday! Now, I do not have my hopes up for a win because it seems unlikely. Also, my philosophy in life is to expect the worst (I’m a treat to be around). Because if something good happens, like a Broncos win, I will be so pleasantly surprised! But, if I expect them to win, my heart will be broken with a loss. See how that works? Anyway, according to this undercover footage I found, Hitler was not pleased with the Broncos victory over the Steelers.

6. I get to have breakfast with my friends Kristy and Ashley today. We’re going to the Original Pancake House, which is so delish (thank you, Kelsey!). And tonight I’m going to see Mission Impossible, which I’ve heard is super great. We’ll get to see tiny little Tom Cruise jump through fire and scale glass buildings. Aren’t Fridays lovely?

7. This was my favorite video this week. Stuff (this is a kid-friendly blog) nobody says. “These CSI shows are all so different!”

And that’s our list. Please pray for Mike. Have a good weekend, friends! Love, love, love.

So, you guys, a few weeks ago, I was making a turn at an intersection, and suddenly I was blinded by flashing white lights all around me. Unfortunately, it was not any kind of glorious message from heaven telling me “well done.” Instead, it was an evil camera machine that took my picture when I was supposedly running a red light. Here are my numerous thoughts:

1. Those things should be outlawed because that camera has a super bright flash and it temporarily blinded me, which could’ve caused me to run a red light and get in a horrific accident. And the accident would’ve totally been the evil camera’s fault.

2. I really didn’t think I ran a red light! I was pretty sure that it turned yellow while I was in the intersection, and also, it is not fair to give me a ticket when I didn’t know that intersection was monitored by a camera policeman who would take pictures of my illegal doings.

So, I was all ready to contest the ticket and fight valiantly for truth and justice, but then I got the ticket in the mail the other day. They sent some lovely photos, courtesy of evil camera policeman.

It clearly showed my car before I entered into the intersection, and the light appeared to be a very bright crimson color. But, hello, technology! The evil camera totally could have changed the color of that light with its technologically deviant ways. Whatevs.

There was also a picture showing my car all alone in the middle of the intersection because no one else was idiot enough to run the very red light along with me.

They also sent me a lovely close-up of the criminal’s face full of malicious red-light-running intention. Seriously, look how evil and focused on breaking traffic rules I look!

However, even if I did run that light (which has not been proven!), I still think it is rude of that evil camera machine to give me a ticket. I am new to Denver, and not yet aware of all of the city’s crazy traffic rules. Like, how am I supposed to know what a red light means when I’m at an intersection in Denver?! It could be totally different from the meaning of a red light in Colorado Springs, right?! Exactly.

You guys, I am off to visit Jaci today! She lives in Austin, Texas, which is super cool and trendy and hipster. I’m not sure that I will fit in, but I’m packing my giant-framed glasses, my skinny jeans, my scarves, and my copy of Stuff White People Like, so at least I’m trying.  I’m excited to check out the city and of course, to see the kindred. We probably won’t spend much time being trendy or hipster. We like to focus our time on the important things in life: cupcakes, Harry Potter, LOST and naps.

Welp, the semester is more than half over. I am very near to failing all of my classes and getting fired from my job for turning my lessons in late. All is going well.

My sweet former roommate Sarena got married last weekend! It was such a lovely service, and I was so excited to see her marry a great guy. We lived together for six years and have gone through a lot together, and it was a great blessing to see how God has provided for her in such beautiful ways. Congrats, Sarena!

OK, I hafta go catch a plane and things. Have a jovely day! I’m sure I’ll have lots of Austin hipsterness to report on soon.

Denise’s Denver Digs

November 9, 2010

Hello, chicos y chicas!

Remember the wily fox from my neighborhood in Colorado Springs? Well, now that I am in Denver, I am happy to say that there are no foxes waking me up with their screaming in the middle of the night. Instead, there are evil coyotes living in the field behind my apartment. They howl and scream eerily every night, and they will probably attack me sometime soon. I have never liked wildlife, so I’m not sure why these animals keep following me.

So, you guys, I realized that I never posted any pics of my new apartment. Of course, I did post some over on the Facebooks, but the bloggy has been pictureless. Gotta fix it. Time for a pictorial essay!!!

This one is called, “Denise’s Denver Digs: A Pictorial Essay In Which Denise Shows You Pictorials of Her New Apartment Which is Located in Denver. Colorado. The apartment is in Denver, Colorado. Not Denver, Nova Scotia. Just in Case You Were Confused.”

Here we go!

So, the living room looks pretty much the same as it did in Colorado Springs. Mainly because I apparently like living room furniture, so all of the stuff from our old living room was mine. There are some slight changes — the bookshelf with my darling Penguin Classic fabric-bound books, the spiffy stone fireplace to give the place an air of sophistication, and the constant pile of schoolbooks that never seems to go away.

Here it is again. The picture of the poppies above the red couch is a fairly recent aquisition. I joves it.

So, I had a lot of living room stuff, but I didn’t have a dining room table or chairs. And I obviously needed another spot to set all of my schoolbooks on. So, my mom came out a few weeks ago and we hit up The Good Will. Because my mom is a decorating genius, we were able to take this crappy table:

And these crappy chairs that we got for $12.99:

And turn them into this darling dining room set!

I love it so much. We painted the table a chocolate brown, and found this really fun fabric to recover the chair seats. Also, you can find stuff exactly like this on Etsy, except you’d have to pay about 90 billion dollars. But recovering chairs is super easy, and so cheap!

I might recover the chairs again next year just for fun. We also made some curtains for the kitchen. And, p.s. — we didn’t sew a thing, which is my kind of curtain-making. My mom just ironed the fabric and used Stitch Witchery to make even edges.

Here’s my room. I like to keep that picture on the left slightly crooked. I’ve got my eye on a new bedspread at the old Tarjay. I’m waiting for it to go on clearance. I am cheap.

This is the guest bedroom/office. I made this little “headboard” out of some old fabric that I used to have in my cubicle at work. I also covered those books that the lamp is sitting on in brown paper. It took me about seven years. I have trouble with scissors and measurements and, apparently, wrapping things.

This is a bookshelf that used to be Jaci’s. It was white. Now it is a sweet, sweet turquoise. Please don’t look too closely. The day I spray painted it, there were 40 million mile an hour winds, so it looks pretty crappy up close. And I’m pretty sure I still have turquoise nose hairs. Also, isn’t that a cute typewriter pic? My grandparents sent it to me. Because I write things. Get it?

My mom and I found this desk at Ye Olde Good Will as well. I think it is from the days of yore. Isn’t it cute?

This is probably my favorite new feature. My mom had this great idea to liven up the entryway. We painted (and by “we” I mean “my mother”) a little shelf I already had, and bought a bamboo shade and hung it on the wall.

Then we (ibid.) painted my mirror frame turquoise, and hung it on the shade. And then we populated the area with cute vintage postcards — most of them have sweet messages from my Grandpa Dale on them. I love it so much!

So that’s about it for the pictorial essay, “Denise’s Denver Digs: A Pictorial Essay In Which Denise Shows You Pictorials of Her New Apartment Which is Located in Denver. Colorado. The apartment is in Denver, Colorado. Not Denver, Nova Scotia. Just in Case You Were Confused.” You should definitely come visit me and my apartment very soon.

Oh, you guys. The Event update — there is one person who has orchestrated a bunch of events. He is the reason behind everything that has happened to everyone. He has a list of names and numbers. I think they said his name is Schmacob.

Umm, I just looked outside and there are giant snowflakes floating to the ground. Yesterday I was having a heat stroke. Colorado is a freak.

Have a good day, friendsies. Come visit soon! The coyotes probably won’t attack you.

City Sophistication

October 12, 2010

Hello Lovers!

I am at the Den Sem library and I have a ton of work to do, so natch, I decided to write you a blog post.

Now that I am a sophisticated city girl, my blog will probably be much more cultured and fashion-forward and insightful. I’ll post frequently about the latest art trends and Broadway shows. It’ll probably be way too snobby for you around here.

I went to Wal Mart yesterday. Bought a broom. And some beans.

So far I think I am adjusting pretty well to Denver. It’s a little odd, and I still need to meet more people, but I’ve been staying pretty busy. My new fave place in the city is Pearl Street. There are cute shops and restaurants and a farmer’s market on Sundays!

I did really miss my church last Sunday, though. And my friends. But the great things is that Colorado Springs is only an hour away. I’ve already had lots of visitors.

ALSO, folks, if you ever decide to move somewhere, get an iPhone first. This thing has been a lifesaver for finding things around the city. Seriously, if I didn’t have it, I’d probably have accidentally driven myself to Utah on a quest to find the mall.

In other sophisticated news, I had to get basic cable. You guys, I don’t pay for TV! That’s why I’m so loyal to Hulu — because I never actually get to see things when they air. I’m used to only getting the network channels, and PBS usually forgets to show The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

But you guys, I had to cave and let Comcast hook me up to their media madness. I was only getting like one channel, and I at least have to have NBC so that I can watch The Office NBC Nightly News with Bryan Williams. So, I am now paying $16.40 a month for television. Breaking the bank. The good news is that along with the network channels, I also get TBS, Bravo and, wait for it, the Hallmark channel! Wanna know why the Hallmark channel is the best news in the world? Because they play this.

That’s right! Pa, Ma, and Half Pint every day! I like city life.

Did you know that I own galoshes? I do. I’ve worn them about .07 times because, let’s face it, they’re galoshes. And it’s sunny about 383 days a year in Colorado. And, also, who wears galoshes? Well, let me tell you what, friends. I do. I wear them today.

I actually have worn these galoshes on occasion. Usually with velour pants or mesh shorts. (I told you–I am very fashionable.) But I hadn’t worn them lately, and there happened to be a cloud in the sky today, so tada! The only problem is that galoshes are a bit heavy, and it’s tough to finesse the gas pedal in my car when I’m wearing a weighty rubber boot. But I think a couple of fender benders are worth the fashion points, yes?

OK, gotta go. I will write again soon and post some pics of my swanky new place. Swanky means “affordable,” right?


A Change is Gonna Come

September 22, 2010

WELL. So many haps, friends! I am sorry for my extended absence, but I’ve been busy trying to not have a nervous breakdown every few seconds — so many things going on! Here, I will tell you about them.

1. I am moving. To Denver. To live there. In Denver. Weird! I got an apartment, and I’m going to be living on my own for awhile in the big city. It’ll be a big change from Colorado Springs, but hopefully it will be good. Denver reminds me a lot of Minneapolis, which I like. Anyway, you should come visit me and be my friend.

2. I am attending Denver Seminary full time this fall. (Hence the moving to Denver bit.) Four classes, one of which is Hebrew. Did you know that Hebrew has a completely different alphabet? And that it reads from right to left? And that its vowels are all dots and dashes? And that it is so very hard? All true. And yet, I love it. It’s very cool. I can read three whole verses in my Hebrew Bible! Baruch Hashem!

Bye, house.

3. I decided to become an independent contractor with David C Cook so that I’d have more flexibility in my schedule for school. This means that I work almost completely from home, writing lessons for Rio. I’m also doing another steady freelance job with Wetpaint, and, at least for tax purposes, I basically have my own business. I am Very Important.

So, those are all super major things going on right now, hence the not ever blogging. But I do so miss the bloggy, and I will try to be much more consistent once I move and get settled.

It is weird to be moving. I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for the last six years, if you count my time as a student at the Focus Leadership Institute, and I’ve made wonderful friends here and have had truly life-changing experiences. This is where I had my first real apartment and job after college. My roommate Sarena and I have lived with each other the entire time we’ve been out here. I was blessed with an amazing job at the Institute, and got to do such fun and cool things with students there. I’ve done some cool things, but most importantly, I’ve made such wonderful friends. Most of us in the Springs have moved here from other places, so, in a way, we really have become like family — and all the good and bad family encompasses. I will miss my friendsies. That is why I will make them come visit me every day in Denver. I’ve started a rotating sign-up sheet.

Anyway, I will soon try to get back to my regular blogging about non-events that you couldn’t care less about. I mean, I know you guys are really desperate for me to talk about my suicidal dog spottings and the decaying arms I see on the side of the road.

So, as I move over the next week or so, and as I adjust in the months to come, I’d so appreciate your prayers! Change is always tough, even if it’s good. Please pray that the Lord guides me to what He wants me to be doing, and that He’d be my strength and shield.

Talk to you again soon — I promise! Joves!

I Jove My Friends

July 28, 2009


There are warnings of inclement weather today. In-cle-ment. I should probably stay home and try to sleep through the storm so that I don’t get scared, don’t you think?

So, this past weekend I went to a beautiful wedding of two beautiful friends in beautiful Estes Park.

It was beautiful.

The wedding ceremony was held in a camp amphitheater with a forest behind it. The bride walked down the aisle to “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. There were candles in mason jars, lots of hydrangeas, and lovely green and brown tones. Everything was just perfect—congrats Matty and Jen!

Also, this weekend, my friendsies and I had a Denver Day of Fun Extravaganza! We went to the botanic gardens where we were able to frolic among prairie grasses and take pictures next to a surprising number of dinosaur statues around the park. Who knew that wild roses and T-Rexes shared a habitat?

Here we all are. Please note that we did not even plan our outfits—we are just cool/not cool enough to happen to wear the same colors for extravaganza days.


Here we are again, with all of the frolicking. Supposedly we are adults.


I like my friends—we have been through thick and thin. Mostly thick—as in we love us some appetizers. Seriously, though, I am blessed by these girls for the following reasons:

1. We have more inside jokes than we know what to do with. If you entered one of our daily conversations, you would probably not be able to understand about 75 percent of it. For example:

  • We say “jove” a lot. As in, “I jove you so much.” This comes from my mom once sending me a text in which she accidentally mistyped “love.” We’re all about the jove in my group of friends.
  • We also say “what-EVES” instead of “whatever.” I’m not sure why—perhaps another texting error?
  • We have nicknames for almost all of our friends including, but not limited to: Butch, Pee-Pants, Reverend, Fatty, Randall, T-Coon, Teestie, and Picky-Pants. I really can’t even remember how they all originated.

2. We get each other birthday gifts like fedoras and cat purses and High School Musical stickers, simply because we think it’s funny. Also, some of the friends actually love High School Musical, which brings me to another point: sometimes you have to accept your friends’ poor tastes. And sometimes they have to accept mine.

3. These girls all appreciate a well-rounded meal of chips and queso. It’s very important to all of us to be healthy eaters.

dinosaur4. Apparently, some of us really love to impersonate dinosaurs. It’s quirky and charming?

5. We all love Jesus, which is a good and beautiful thing.

6. We get each other and care about one another. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

Anyhoo, jove you, friends.

I need a new hairstyle. Mine is boring and ugly and stupid and boring and I hate it. The problem is that I don’t really want to go shorter, so I basically don’t have any options. What should I do? Please keep in mind that when we experienced .05 percent of humidity in Colorado this past weekend, my hair immediately sprang into Chia pet action. We’ve got to have a hairstyle that can be semi-controlled through hair spray, rubber bands, bobby pins and shellac.

There were some free breakfasts at Chick-Fil-A this month. Today was the last day so if you missed it, too bad for you, suckers. I missed them too. Surprisingly, food loses when it is in a battle with sleep. You win, sleep. You always do.

K, gotta go. Have a lovely day and remember that I jove you.