Why should you read my blog? Well, I’ll tell you why:

1. I am awesome.

2. We’ll get to learn cool things about the Hebrew roots of Christianity. Shalom, y’all!

3. We’ll talk about friends and love and TV and fashion and all kinds of other cool things. Then we’ll see how they interact with our faith. Then we’ll whine about something. I’m known for my whining.

.5 Sometimes I post pictures of tiny teacup piglets. That makes it worth the visit.

4. Denise = Awesome.

5. I need more friends.

6. In conclusion, I’m awesome.


15 Responses to “Top 6.5 Reasons to Visit This Blog”

  1. Hey Denise sorry to hear about the layoff’s but I know God will take care of you. Glad you have been successful in journalism so far. I’m sure you’ll have great journalism opportunities in the future.
    Jeff Bridell

  2. Martha said

    8. Denise makes really good sopapilla cheesecake. (Did I spell that right?)

  3. yay! I found your blog randomly…and super late at night…I don’t know how…everything is kinda a blur.

    and yes, I concur…you are awesome!

  4. jamey said

    wow umm martha, you ok??? just makin sure…

  5. Celebrindal said

    Hey Denise,

    I guess I’ll have to bookmark your blog so that when I get homesick for TrueU (hanky anyone?) I can at least get a dose of your awesomeness. I should probably start one of my own, but I’ll probably be old and gray before I have time to do that.

    Hope you find another place where you can belong and use your talents for Christ.

  6. denisemorris said

    Hey Celebrindal!

    Glad to see you here!

  7. Susan said

    It’s okay if you write useless posts, as long as they are funny. =) (swinging over from boundless)

  8. denisemorris said

    Hey Susan! Thanks for visiting!

  9. michael and holly WILL NOT get back together!

  10. Michelle said

    Hi Denise,

    I’m a 26 yr old Canadian girl living in London, England. I stumbled across your article on boundless and had to check out your blog.

    I’m definitely coming back to it! For many reasons if not only because you said you’re awesome and I LOVE when girls, when anyone can say they’re awesome.

    Another great adjective is fabulous.


    have a beautiful day


  11. denisemorris said

    Michelle, you’re fabulous!

  12. Jessica said

    I have a feeling that if you lived in Fort Worth, we would definitely be friends. (I am very jealous of Jaci – among others – who get to experience your humor 24/7.) Cheers!

  13. denisemorris said

    Jessica, we can still be friends, even though I live in Colorado. 🙂 Glad to see you here!

  14. Karla said

    Hi Denise,
    Ever since I met you and you told me how awesome you are, I have wanted to be awesome just like you (only in a much older sorta way). I love reading anything you write, even if I don’t alter dresses for you!!! Miss ya!

  15. denisemorris said

    Thanks, Karla! You’re sweet (and awesome!). Can’t wait to see you at the reunion!

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