Movie Madness

December 19, 2011

Well, hello, friends!

I am feeling so cheery because of the NO SCHOOL FOR FIVE WEEKS!!!!

To celebrate, I apparently went crazy and saw two movies in the theater this weekend. I never do that. But both of them were great, so it was totally worth it. The Muppets movie was so good — cute and hilarious and clean. When those chickens bawked out “Forget You” I lost it. I think I like their version of the song more than Cee Lo’s. I also saw Sherlock Holmes this weekend and it was excellent. Hilarious and clever and good action. I want to marry someone funny and clever like old Holmes. Let me know if you know of someone.

ALSO, I saw a preview for the new movie Battleship. It looks fairly awful — it’s based on the board game of the same name, and it basically looks like a cheap copy of Transformers. However, both Tim Riggins and Landry from Friday Night Lights are in it, so I will be there with bells on. Literal bells.

A bunch of friends came over yesterday to watch the Broncos game. We ate chili and dang quesadillas and cheered for Tom Brady’s demise. The streak is over, but there’s still hope. That Broncos team wants to win and I think they’ll be pretty successful.

Umm, I read the first two chapters of The Hunger Games last night, and it’s super depressing and kind of makes me want to die. I mean, they’ve explained what the Hunger Games are, and in case you were wondering, they do not sound fun. And life is pretty depressing for old Catnip and her family. And for the continent formerly known as North America. Why do people like these books? Does it stay awful like that? I don’t know if I can take it.

Christmas is so soon, you guys! I wish I had bought at least one present. I blogged over at Boundless about the book Touching Wonder by John Blase. It’s a look at the Christmas story, and it’s awesome. I’m not kidding — for someone so familiar with the story, it’s been eye-opening and awe-inducing. You should definitely read it.

So, remember how I’m celebrating the biblical holidays this year? Three of them are in the fall, and four of them in the spring. However, we have a couple in between that aren’t technically biblical holidays, but I’m going to celebrate them anyway. Neither Hanukkah nor Purim (the holiday related to Esther) are commanded by God, but both are mentioned in the Bible, and both are still widely celebrated by Jewish people, so I’m going to look into them and do a little celebrating as well. I mean, who doesn’t like to celebrate?

Hanukkah starts at sundown tomorrow night — I’ve got my menorah all ready. I’ll blog more about the holiday tomorrow so that we can be all knowledgeable before we start lighting our candles.

OK, hafta go not do homework! Have a great Monday, friends!


12 Responses to “Movie Madness”

  1. julieabel said

    Happy Hanakkah my friend! Did you know that Collin’s inspiration for District 13 was WV? Nice huh? Very depressing for those of us who hail from that home state. As for the Muppets, I can’t wait to see it and I really want to see Sherlock, but I don’t think we could let the kiddos see it based on the reviews. Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

  2. No homework!

    I am offended that you got Katniss’s name wrong. Keep reading.

  3. denisemorris said

    Julie — ha! Poor WV. 🙂 I personally didn’t think Sherlock would be a bad movie for kids. I actually heard Plugged In’s review right after I saw it and was surprised by how harsh they were with it. But I’m not a parent. 🙂

    Jaci — Her friend calls her Catnip!

  4. Ashley Ramsey said

    YES! It stays depressing right down to the last page! Not to mention it will get so scary at times that you’ll have to go buy a nightlight to be able to pee in the middle of night for fear that one of the tributes might kill you.

  5. laura said

    Ashley and Jaci are right. But keep reading! Peeta is my favorite character, have you met him yet?

  6. Brandy said

    Keep reading, Denise! It’s intense all through the games and gets addicting. 🙂

  7. denisemorris said

    Oh my. I’ll keep reading! I haven’t met Peeta yet, but hopefully soon!

  8. Michael said

    I haven’t read The Hunger Games myself, but I did gather just from the title that it isn’t exactly cheery. Maybe if it were called the “Lots and Lots of Food Games” or the “Delicious Strawberry Smoothie Games”. ….incidentally, I don’t suppose, in the midst of movie madness, you saw the 7-minute prologue for The Dark Knight Rises, did you?

  9. denisemorris said

    Michael — good point. i should have been warned. And YES, I saw the Dark Knight preview and I cannot wait! I have loved this series, and I’m sad they’re stopping after three.

  10. Per Wiederholt said

    I’m so excited about Chanukah tomorrow evening. Fun to hear you are going to celebrate it too. I’m bringing Chanukah cookies to the Family Life staff Christmas lunch Wednesday. Should be awesome, blossom! If you’re ever in the Springs, please come by Family Life and visit. I know Julie would love to have you come and I’d like to meet you in person, if that’s ok. We can chat Hebrew stuff, and stuff. Ya know.

  11. Hey Denise. I’ve checked out your blog off and on and must say that it’s great.
    My wife and I just saw Sherlock last weekend and LOVED it. Even better than the first. I can’t imagine a better Holmes than RDJr.

    And I just finished teaching The Hunger Games to my 9th graders. It’s one of the few books that will keep their heads off the desks. They love the action and the love triangle. But it gives me a chance to teach symbolism, characterization, and talk about gender roles (as you read, notice the difference in Katniss and Peeta’s talents, interests, attitude, protective role, etc.)

    I’d say that yes, it stays depressing. It’s a dystopia, after all. I can’t speak for everyone, but I read a lot of dystopia/apocalyptic/end scenario type books and I just think it’s fascinating to ponder where our bad choices will eventually take us.

  12. denisemorris said

    Matthew, thank you so much for the comment! I bet it’s fascinating to teach these books to 9th graders! I’ve already been thinking about the world this book has created and what it says about society and human nature. Really interesting. Thanks for reading!

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