Denise’s Denver Digs

November 9, 2010

Hello, chicos y chicas!

Remember the wily fox from my neighborhood in Colorado Springs? Well, now that I am in Denver, I am happy to say that there are no foxes waking me up with their screaming in the middle of the night. Instead, there are evil coyotes living in the field behind my apartment. They howl and scream eerily every night, and they will probably attack me sometime soon. I have never liked wildlife, so I’m not sure why these animals keep following me.

So, you guys, I realized that I never posted any pics of my new apartment. Of course, I did post some over on the Facebooks, but the bloggy has been pictureless. Gotta fix it. Time for a pictorial essay!!!

This one is called, “Denise’s Denver Digs: A Pictorial Essay In Which Denise Shows You Pictorials of Her New Apartment Which is Located in Denver. Colorado. The apartment is in Denver, Colorado. Not Denver, Nova Scotia. Just in Case You Were Confused.”

Here we go!

So, the living room looks pretty much the same as it did in Colorado Springs. Mainly because I apparently like living room furniture, so all of the stuff from our old living room was mine. There are some slight changes — the bookshelf with my darling Penguin Classic fabric-bound books, the spiffy stone fireplace to give the place an air of sophistication, and the constant pile of schoolbooks that never seems to go away.

Here it is again. The picture of the poppies above the red couch is a fairly recent aquisition. I joves it.

So, I had a lot of living room stuff, but I didn’t have a dining room table or chairs. And I obviously needed another spot to set all of my schoolbooks on. So, my mom came out a few weeks ago and we hit up The Good Will. Because my mom is a decorating genius, we were able to take this crappy table:

And these crappy chairs that we got for $12.99:

And turn them into this darling dining room set!

I love it so much. We painted the table a chocolate brown, and found this really fun fabric to recover the chair seats. Also, you can find stuff exactly like this on Etsy, except you’d have to pay about 90 billion dollars. But recovering chairs is super easy, and so cheap!

I might recover the chairs again next year just for fun. We also made some curtains for the kitchen. And, p.s. — we didn’t sew a thing, which is my kind of curtain-making. My mom just ironed the fabric and used Stitch Witchery to make even edges.

Here’s my room. I like to keep that picture on the left slightly crooked. I’ve got my eye on a new bedspread at the old Tarjay. I’m waiting for it to go on clearance. I am cheap.

This is the guest bedroom/office. I made this little “headboard” out of some old fabric that I used to have in my cubicle at work. I also covered those books that the lamp is sitting on in brown paper. It took me about seven years. I have trouble with scissors and measurements and, apparently, wrapping things.

This is a bookshelf that used to be Jaci’s. It was white. Now it is a sweet, sweet turquoise. Please don’t look too closely. The day I spray painted it, there were 40 million mile an hour winds, so it looks pretty crappy up close. And I’m pretty sure I still have turquoise nose hairs. Also, isn’t that a cute typewriter pic? My grandparents sent it to me. Because I write things. Get it?

My mom and I found this desk at Ye Olde Good Will as well. I think it is from the days of yore. Isn’t it cute?

This is probably my favorite new feature. My mom had this great idea to liven up the entryway. We painted (and by “we” I mean “my mother”) a little shelf I already had, and bought a bamboo shade and hung it on the wall.

Then we (ibid.) painted my mirror frame turquoise, and hung it on the shade. And then we populated the area with cute vintage postcards — most of them have sweet messages from my Grandpa Dale on them. I love it so much!

So that’s about it for the pictorial essay, “Denise’s Denver Digs: A Pictorial Essay In Which Denise Shows You Pictorials of Her New Apartment Which is Located in Denver. Colorado. The apartment is in Denver, Colorado. Not Denver, Nova Scotia. Just in Case You Were Confused.” You should definitely come visit me and my apartment very soon.

Oh, you guys. The Event update — there is one person who has orchestrated a bunch of events. He is the reason behind everything that has happened to everyone. He has a list of names and numbers. I think they said his name is Schmacob.

Umm, I just looked outside and there are giant snowflakes floating to the ground. Yesterday I was having a heat stroke. Colorado is a freak.

Have a good day, friendsies. Come visit soon! The coyotes probably won’t attack you.


You guys. I’ve not really worked out in the last month because of the move to the big city, and the stress of school, and also, the extreme laziness. (I mean, the Hallmark channel isn’t going to watch itself!) But me and my jeans are starting to have a muffin top kind of relationship, which we all know is not cute, so I’ve got to get back on it.

Also, it is really hard to find a new gym! I loved my Y in the Springs, and I miss it. The Y here is OK, but the class I went to was “meh,” and their “track” is carpeted and you have to circle it 15 times in order to run one mile, and I’m pretty sure there was visible asbestos hanging down from the ceiling. I tried 24 Hour Fitness last night, but everyone there is so buff and cute-workout-outfit-y, and me and my muffin top don’t quite fit in.

But I might end up going there anyway because they have Turbo Kick, which has been my favorite way to work out since my friend Devon introduced me to it like five years ago. It’s really intsense, and it makes you a kickboxing machine, so don’t even try to mess with me. AND, our old Turbo instructor teaches at the 24 Hour closest to me, which is so totally weird, you guys!

Now that you are bored and have heard way too much about my fat, I will move on. For now. It’ll probably come up again later. I’m sorry.

Midterms are over! I had two giant tests and two giant papers, and I wanted to scream and give up and die, but I made it through. And I’m totally going to do things earlier from now on so that finals won’t be so bad. Also, as good as my intentions may be, that previous sentence is completely untrue.

So, I watched another episode of The Event/LOST Wannabe. In the latest one that I watched, everyone got mysterious nosebleeds. Really, The Event? Really?

So, Francis Chan is doing this amazing new video series called Basic. It’s named that because everything he talks about is so basic to the faith or the Bible, and yet, sadly, it’s stuff that we ignore. The first video is about fearing God — that it’s probably not meaning just a “healthy respect” for who God is, but it’s more a reality. Whenever we come face-to-face with God, we will fear Him. It won’t be a choice. It will just happen.

The latest video is about following Jesus. Francis talks about the fact that we spend a lot of time talking about following Jesus and pondering what it would “look like” to follow Him, but we don’t actually do it all that often. He also talks about why it’s worth it to do so. It’s very convicting and very awesome. Relevant Magazine was doing a free showing of the video, but it’s over now, so you guys totally missed out. (And I was too lazy to blog about it so that you guys could get in on the sweet goodness.) However, you can get the videos here, and they’re only like $15. They’re very worth it. (The video style is pretty cool too. They’re produced by Flannel, the same company that does the NOOMA videos. Also, do you know what is so weird? The same guy who “stars” in the latest Basic video was also in the latest episode of The Event that I watched! He got a mysterious nosebleed! Then he probably went to find a constant … come on, The Event!)

OK, I’ve gotta go get my workout going. My jeans will thank me.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Of Concerts and Copycats

October 26, 2010

What up, players?

I just finished two horrible midterms yesterday, so I thought I’d take a break and write a little posty. Nevermind the fact that I have two 20-page papers due next week that I’ve not started yet.

All throughout high school and undergrad, I cared a lot about grades. But as I’ve entered grad school, I’ve come to realize that I was focusing too much on finding my worth in good scores, and I’ve decided I need to let that prideful issue go. (Translation: I am trying to trick myself into thinking I don’t want good grades, because full-time school and full-time work makes it nearly impossible.)

Anyhoos. If anyone would like some info on how to parse a Hebrew verb in the past tense, imperative, narrative preterite or imperfect, let me know. I’ll be sure to go find someone who can help you with that.

So, in celebration of midterm tests being done, I went to a Dave Barnes concert with my friends Ashley and Jenn last night. It was at a super cool venue in Denver called The Rusty Pigeon or something like that. Very chill.

The concert was great for these reasons:

1. We ran into Leanna and Mary Claire, some friends from the Springs.

2. The opening act  was weirdo. They may have been drunk or high or just not good at doing concerts. The lead singer — Joe Frontface or something like that — kept talking about how he was wearing waterproof shoes because they traveled up from New Mexico in a snowstorm to get here. Umm, OK crazy Frontface. Each of his songs were about 30 seconds long and the topic was usually wine. Also, I think Joe Frontface may have been wearing a hairnet. Either way, he wasn’t that great, but he did provide some entertainment.

3. Third, we managed to snag a table in the standing room only area. We’re not sure if the people just never showed up, or if the table wasn’t actually reserved, or if the ticket-holders were just intimated by the beautiful ladies at their table. Either way, that’s how we do. Brush your shoulders off.

4. Dave Barnes’ songs are the bestest. They are so sweet and romantic and beautimous. And I just love his voice.

5. Also, he is basically the most hilarious man on earth. Seriously, we paid $15 for a concert/stand-up comedy act. Dave Barnes/DJ Donkey Mouth cracks me up to no end. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should watch this video. And then check out the Joo Toobs for even more goodness.

So, it was a great concert. I recommend you check out Mr. Barnes if he comes to a city near you.

In other news, my Hulu time has been majorly suffering because of all the schools and works. But, I’ve decided I should make an attempt to stay loyal to TV and catch up on the new NBC show, “The Event.”

Umm, I’m only two episodes in, but so far I’ve seen pretty much nothing original. First of all, it picked up some ideas from the show “V.” Secondly, the plot devices seem suspiciously similar to a little-heard-of program called LOST. Here’s the plot so far:

Something mysterious is going on. There are some weird people and no one can quite figure out what they’re about. We do know that they’re different, though. In fact, if I wanted to come up with a label for them, I might call them “Others.”

Crazily enough, there are flashbacks to help us get to know the characters better. They’re not really cool or useful flashbacks like in certain shows, but they do happen. Coincidence?

Then there was a plane crash. But, viewers, pay attention — it crashed in a desert, not on an island, so it is totally different. Then some people killed a bunch of people and left their bodies lying around — I’m pretty sure I saw Ben Linus walking through the scene with a gas mask on.

I think next week they’re introducing a new character named John Locke who used to be in a wheelchair.

There are a few slight differences in the show, though. And there’s also one huge difference — the plot and acting is way crappier. So, no worries.

In conclusion: I miss LOST.

OK, seriously. I’ve blabbed on about nothing for way too long. I have to get to the library to start these papers. I hope you have a wonderful day and don’t have to spend any time looking up the Greek grammar structure of verses!

Bye, friends!