April 9, 2012

The bloggy is late today, you guys. Forgive me already.

Did everyone have a good Easter? Mine was so good — I just love my church. We observe Lent, so during those forty days, our liturgy changes and we don’t say any “Alleluias.” It is not as joyful as it usually is. But yesterday — yesterday — there was joy. Christ has risen and we were celebrating! Alleluia! Sweet goodness. I helped serve coffee for the services because, as we all know, coffee is the most important part of church. Here is our little coffee team.

I forgot to do the pictures of the day this weekend. I am not very good at the sticking with things. But here’s something. My “friend” Brad got me this magnet solely for the purpose of reminding me that some people want to turn teacup piglets into bacon.

If you ever see Brad, you should probably put on a white glove, slap him, and challenge him to a duel.

If I’ve nagged you once, I’ve nagged you a thousand times. Start watching Happy Endings. Your life will be so much more Ah-MAH-Zing. Also, I watched the first episode of a new drama called Scandal. Have you heard of it? It was kind of good and our sweet brotha Desmond from Lost is in it.

If I co-wrote a devotional in which I make you feel guilty about not being a good enough humanitarian and ended every chapter with the phrase, “I thought so,” would you read it? I think it would be lovely.  Think meets Stuff Christians Like.

Finally, I think I’ve posted this video before, but I was reminded of it yesterday. It is sweet and tells the story of Jesus’ love. How marvelous. How boundless.

Have a good Monday, friendsies!


Stop, Thief!

January 11, 2012

Is it stop, thief or stop thief? It’s with a comma, right? You’re calling out to the thief, yes? I’m confused. Don’t judge me and my commas, OK?

Yesterday I tried to go to the Target by my house but when I got there, police cars were everywhere and the whole building was taped off with that yellow police tape that informs you that someone has been murdered! Is it bad that I just mostly felt annoyed that my Target was inaccessible and less worried about the possibly murdered person inside? After writing that out, I realize that yes that is bad.

There were even news vans outside the store, so I knew this was a big deal. Luckily I have an iPhone so I immediately looked up the news and discovered that no one was murdered but people had been shoplifting  video game systems from Target. Apparently these thieves had been casing Targets in the Denver area. They ran out of the store with their loot, sprayed a bunch of pepper spray, and they got away! The store had to be evacuated because of all the pepper spray residue. So, be on the lookout for three thieves playing video games. They’re driving a Kia with Florida plates. Dummies.

Can you think of a worse tragedy than your very own Target being shut down? Me neither. So, I drove over to Highlands Ranch to their Target. Now, Highlands Ranch is where all the rich people live, and their Target shows it. It was fancier than mine. The aisles were wider, the lighting was warmer, the vegetables were fresher. I’m not sure if any of that’s true, but it felt like it. Also, guess what I found?!?!?!

Target has teacup piglets, you guys! My friend Lindsay had informed me of this magical miracle, but now I saw it for myself. Here’s what’s puzzling: they’re on clearance. How are they not the most popular toy in the store? How did those Target thieves miss these babies on their shoplifting spree?

I almost got one, but then I realized that it talked. You could push its nose and it would say things like “hi, best friend!” Now, wouldn’t mind having a talking teacup piglet, but I felt that if I bought it I might be teased even more mercilessly than I already am. However, even if I don’t have a teacup piglet toy, I do have a 2012 teacup piglet calendar from Micah!

January is rodeo month, y’all!

So after all the Target adventures, I went to the gym. Then my friend Courtney and I had dinner and watched Parenthood. For the first time in forty years, it didn’t make me cry, you guys! I did get close when Adam and Crosby made up, though. Brothers.

I was reading Exodus yesterday and God was giving instructions for the building of the tabernacle and for all the priestly garments that were to be made. There was gold plating and fine linens and weaving and carving to be done. In Exodus 31, God says that he has chosen Bezalel to make artistic designs, to cut stone and work with wood. Bezalel was filled with the Holy Spirit and given wisdom and understanding specifically for these tasks. All of the workers who would assist him were given skills by God as well. This was fascinating to me because  in the Old Testament, not everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit like all believers are today. The Spirit came upon certain people — usually “big name” people like Saul or David or Elijah for certain times and tasks. God thought the artistic work of the tabernacle and priestly garments was so important that he sent his Spirit to fill Bezalel. Bezalel was one of the chosen few who was filled with the Holy Spirit for the his artistic tasks.

Not only does this confirm that God can use our skills and gifts and artistic abilities for his glory, but that he sometimes fills us for just that purpose. Kind of awesome.

Well, I best be off. I bet you’re really glad you stuck around for this post — Target and teacup piglets and tabernacle. These are the things that keep me going. Thanks for visiting!

Go Bayside!

November 11, 2011

List Friday!

1. OK, I’ve got to start with the best news. My friends over at Office Pretty are having a giveaway. You can win a Jigsaw London dress plus $200 for accessories! Yes, please! Enter right this second. And don’t say I never did anything for you.

2. The other night I dreamed that someone gave me a teacup piglet! But it was kind of disappointing because it was much bigger than I wanted it to be and it kept biting me. Also it had sharp little toenails. The guy in my dream (apparently some kind of teacup piglet whisperer) told me to hold it like a little baby and it would fall asleep. So I did, but I was afraid it would bite me again. This was a very traumatic dream, you guys. It made me afraid of the thing I love the most! I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of subconscious psychological conclusion we could draw from this, but mostly I’m just sad that I’m now kind of scared of my tiny little piglet friend.

3. Speaking of teacup piglets, there is a 15-year-old girl in Colorado who is breeding some! I think I should buy one from her. Except that they’re $1,500. And my apartment complex doesn’t allow swine.

4. I was looking at old clips from Saved by the Bell last night on YouTube. Don’t be jealous of my fascinating life. I thought you’d like to see this one of our favorite A.C. Slater.

This one is also a gem. Although it’s when Tori was around. Who was Tori anyway? Where did Kelly and Jessie go? I never understood.

Apparently a lot of singing went on at Bayside. Just like my high school.

5. Did you know that 2 Timothy is probably the last letter Paul ever wrote? He basically writes it as a last testament, and passes the torch of apostleship on to Timothy. Paul was in prison in Rome at the time, due to Nero’s persecution of Christians, and he knew that his time was short. What a hard life he lived. All for the sake of Jesus — a man he hated until he met him.

6. It’s just more casual, you guys. No pressure.

7. I like Narnia. I think it’s a good place to start our weekend. Because God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love and a sound mind.

“You have listened to fears, Child,” said Aslan. “Come, let me breathe on you. Forget them. Are you brave again?”– Prince Caspian

Have the bestest weekend, friends!