I like to blog once every six or so months. Keeps the writing skills in shape.

One day, you guys. One day this will be a thriving blog with a fresh, new look and an author who writes on it more than never. It may not happen until the restored Eden, but it will happen.

Anyhoos. How is every all of you? To catch you up on all the exciting haps of my life (work and TV), here’s a little listy! (It is Friday, after all.)

  1. Apparently I am birthing a baby within the next three-ish weeks. Umm….

Here’s a bit of a progression for you. It’s gotten super-sized around here.






I am having a baby so soon! I have decided that I am not one of those women who loves being pregnant. Good for those of you who are, but I find the hefting and maneuvering and groaning to get out of bed eighty times a night to go to the bathroom a bit excessive. Not my cup of tea. I’ve also had some issues with uterine fibroids (non-cancerous tumors on my uterus) that have sent me to the ER a few times, so that hasn’t helped. Overall, I’m ready to be not pregnant again.

It’s getting really exciting! I am feeling ready to meet this little man who is constantly kicking and punching and hiccuping. (What is he so busy doing in there? Sometimes he’s so active — very important things to do and nowhere to go.) What’s he like? Will we get along? Is he going to like Friday Night Lights? All things we need to know.

But then sometimes I am super nervous about it. First of all: labor. They showed us a nice little video at our prenatal class, and the lady in the video gave birth naturally, and she looked like she was having a semi-tough time, but mostly the baby just kind of slid out of her and then they celebrated and laughed and cried. Then we went home and I looked up some You Tube videos. HORRIFYING. These women were near death and screaming and HORRIBLE things were happening to their unmentionables. I can’t do it. Put me to sleep and take him out of my belly somehow and wake me in three months when my body has recovered.

Second of all: after labor, I have a baby! What do I do with him? What if he makes me cry all the time? (I hear that he will.) What if he isn’t into the food I offer him? What if he doesn’t like Friday Night Lights? Yikes.

Seriously, though, it’s pretty exciting. I already can tell that I love him so much, and I’ve put the Shema in his room so we can work on loving the Lord right away. This baby is making me a bit sappy though. The other day I started crying because pretty soon I won’t feel him in my belly anymore, and I felt sorry for Andrew who has never gotten to feel him move around inside of him, and then I watched an episode of Call the Midwife where a baby is born early and they think it’s dead, but then it’s alive! I pride myself on not letting my emotions control me.

Also, I get to buy him old man sweaters and teacup piglet hats.


2. I have one more week of work before I go on my year-long maternity leave. Canada! You’re amazing. I’m so, so grateful to have the year. But it’s also weird to be leaving work for a year but not officially quitting. Work has been awesome lately — I got to teach a college Bible class, and this past summer I facilitated the whole church doing the Community Bible Experience where we read the New Testament together. I think I might miss work a bit.

3. What are all of the Netflix shows I should watch while I’m up feeding at 4 a.m.? Please leave suggestions. Unfortunately, Canadian Netflix is different than American, so probably only about half of what you recommend will be available to me. If so, I’ll allow you to mail me DVDs of the recommended shows. Thanks.

4. Did I tell you I got to hold a piglet the other day? Cause I did.


5. After Target abandoned me they have apparently decided to start shipping to Canada. Except that Andrew heard a radio report and Target apparently is the worst at knowing how to plan to do business in a foreign country. The prices online are super high, which is because of the exchange rate. But most companies temper those prices because they know people will have to pay a lot for shipping. But not Target! Some lady tried to buy a pair of $25 pajamas and after Target added in her shipping costs and everything, her bill was over $70. So, basically, if Target doesn’t do like other companies and lower costs so that the overall price is manageable, no Canadians are going to order from them and they’ll shut down the online shipping and fail again! Target! For the love of all that is beautiful and Oh Joy and Nate Berkus, please get it together!

6. I don’t know what it means to whip or nae nae. I think I have a general idea of what “on fleek” means.

7. Canada just had an election. The season lasted for like 60 days or something and everyone was dying because it was so long and they were so tired of politics. Sweet, innocent Canadians.

OK, I have things to do, people. (Mindy Project, eating, maybe some freelance.) How are you? Leave me a little note to let me know. Joves!




It’s Friday Listday! Let’s embrace it with gusto, shall we?

1. Here are the 11 reasons I need a teacup piglet. This picture is reason numero uno.

teacup piglet

2. Ashley is hosting a going away party for me tonight! A bunch of my friends are going to come to say farewell even though we still have no idea when I’m leaving or if Canada will even let me in. So that’s kind of weird, but who doesn’t love a party? We’re going with a Canadian theme, which basically means a lot of red and white. Here’s a little preview.


3. I had seen this before, but it recently showed up on my Facebook newsfeed again. So I watched it again. And I cried again. It is the sweetest, simplest love story.

4. Did you guys ever play with Fisher-Price people when you were little? I loved them. I would play Little House with them — I had Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura and Carrie. And then they’d go swimming in the pool. (Not quite sure how that worked in the 1860s, but whatever.) Anyhoo, my mom pinned some pics on Pinterest because apparently the Fisher-Price people are now considered vintage. The toys I played with in the late 80s are apparently vintage because I am old enough to be vintage. (Luckily, vintage is my favorite.)


5. Walter White has expanded his business. (I haven’t finished season 5 yet, so don’t say a word!)


6. There’s this. Is that one supposed to be a topless gopher waitress? Children visit the Gopher Hole Museum! Children!


7. I posted earlier this week about the lesson I was writing on Revelation. How it reminded me of when things were broken in the beginning, and how, through Jesus’ sacrifice, the restoration has begun. One day, all will be made right. My friend Kerry reminded me of this song, a great reminder that Jesus is making all things new. We look forward to the day when death dies.

Have a great weekend, pumpkin spices!

I Hate Everyone

March 30, 2012

It’s Friday of Spring break — last chance to party (or hang out in the library)!

Let’s do it up — Friday Listday style.

1. Yesterday, whilst doing a routine image search for “teacup piglet,” I discovered that my blog happens to come up in that search. That’s odd, isn’t it? Also, if you’re my Facebook friend, you should check out my profile now because that goodness is only lasting another couple of days.

It is time for some darlingness!

He just wanted to take a tiny moment to make sure he wasn’t running a tiny little bit late.

2. I am sad because none of this week’s videos will post directly onto the bloggy. But if you like Friday Night Lights you should go check out this video. It’s Friday Night Lights if it were a women’s basketball team. Also, there’s some gender confusion. “Two Arms, Two Legs, Let’s Go!”

3. You guys. My phone number has been compromised. I received 12 calls from weird numbers yesterday. Twelve. How did this happen? If you call and I yell at you, please forgive me.

4. Here’s another video that you must watch if you’re a fan of Downton Abbey. My friend Rebekah showed it to me, and it cracked me up. Things are tense over at Downton Arbys.

5. This sweet old lady and I hate everyone.

6. So, remember how I’ve talked about Axis before? I’m on their board and they travel the country speaking to high school and college students about worldview and media and like such as? Well, I have a favor to ask. They’re trying to get a grant, and part of the deal is getting votes from people like you. If you just click this link and then click “vote” I will be so appreciative and I might quit nagging you. It’s seriously super, super easy. Thanks, bloggy friends!

7. Here are some things that make me happy: It is supposed to be 84 degrees tomorrow. I feel like I’m making progress on my thesis proposal (but oh my word, then I have to actually write a thesis!). I have really good and thoughtful and consistent and nice friends. I have a good roommate. I am learning so much about my God who is active in every sense of the word and has asked me to act as well.

Have a good and joyful and amazingtastic weekend!