We So Excited

December 9, 2011

Gotta get down on Friday! Let’s get our list on, shall we?

1. One week left in the semester! Two tests, one bibliography, infinite amounts of whining to go!

2. Tonight I get to spend some time in Colorado Springs for some Christmas tradition with my friends. It may or may not include some Chili’s queso, a movie, and some singalong times at the Broadmoor.

3. False.

4. Yesterday in class, my professor said it’s important to read Revelation symbolically and with the understanding that John and his readers would have been able to comprehend it in their 1st century world. Which is pretty much the opposite of the way a lot of people read it.

5. This was the most disturbing thing I found on Pinterest this week.

6. Last night on Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope said “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.” My life is complete.

7. It’s Moo.

OK, have a great weekend, friends!



Fancy, Don’t Let Me Down

December 8, 2011

Oh, hi.

This post will be short and probably not so sweet because, since when am I ever sweet?

I am currently surviving on a cocktail of sudafed, Afrin, Kleenex and tea. And hopes of a glorious future in which I have the energy to wash the dishes and not fail my finals.

For some reason — I have no idea why — I just thought about Reba McEntire’s song “Is There Life Out There.” Do you guys remember that song? I think it was about a mom who wanted to get a job or go to school or something. The music video was basically a movie. I’m not even sure it had any singing. It just told old Reba’s story; she’s just wondering if there’s life out there. Let’s take a moment to enjoy that gem.

Oh my. Apparently it’s about a mom who already works and is going to school. And she is balancing it all — hair permed on up and trench coat on. Until the coffee spills on her paper, you guys. She doesn’t need any more accidents in her life, little girl who carelessly spills stuff! Luckily, the teacher read around the stains and gave her an A so that she could graduate. Heart Warmed.

I am reading a book for my New Testament class called Reading Revelation Responsibly by a guy named Michael Gorman. I’m not very far in, so I don’t really know what he believes about the end times or premillennialism or amillennialism or whatsamillennialism and all that. But amidst all of the end times guessing and predicting and “Left Behinding” that people get into, Gorman had this to say:

Revelation is not about the antichrist, but about the living Christ. It is not about a rapture out of this world but about faithful discipleship in this world. That is, like every other New Testament book, Revelation is about Jesus Christ — “A revelation of Jesus Christ” (Rev. 1:1) — and about following him in obedience and love. “If anyone asks, ‘Why read the Apocalypse?,’ the unhesitating answer must be, ‘To know Christ better.'”

I love that. Revelation — like every other part of Scripture — is about God. Him and Him alone.

OK, I’m leaving. Have a good day!