Denise’s Denver Digs

November 9, 2010

Hello, chicos y chicas!

Remember the wily fox from my neighborhood in Colorado Springs? Well, now that I am in Denver, I am happy to say that there are no foxes waking me up with their screaming in the middle of the night. Instead, there are evil coyotes living in the field behind my apartment. They howl and scream eerily every night, and they will probably attack me sometime soon. I have never liked wildlife, so I’m not sure why these animals keep following me.

So, you guys, I realized that I never posted any pics of my new apartment. Of course, I did post some over on the Facebooks, but the bloggy has been pictureless. Gotta fix it. Time for a pictorial essay!!!

This one is called, “Denise’s Denver Digs: A Pictorial Essay In Which Denise Shows You Pictorials of Her New Apartment Which is Located in Denver. Colorado. The apartment is in Denver, Colorado. Not Denver, Nova Scotia. Just in Case You Were Confused.”

Here we go!

So, the living room looks pretty much the same as it did in Colorado Springs. Mainly because I apparently like living room furniture, so all of the stuff from our old living room was mine. There are some slight changes — the bookshelf with my darling Penguin Classic fabric-bound books, the spiffy stone fireplace to give the place an air of sophistication, and the constant pile of schoolbooks that never seems to go away.

Here it is again. The picture of the poppies above the red couch is a fairly recent aquisition. I joves it.

So, I had a lot of living room stuff, but I didn’t have a dining room table or chairs. And I obviously needed another spot to set all of my schoolbooks on. So, my mom came out a few weeks ago and we hit up The Good Will. Because my mom is a decorating genius, we were able to take this crappy table:

And these crappy chairs that we got for $12.99:

And turn them into this darling dining room set!

I love it so much. We painted the table a chocolate brown, and found this really fun fabric to recover the chair seats. Also, you can find stuff exactly like this on Etsy, except you’d have to pay about 90 billion dollars. But recovering chairs is super easy, and so cheap!

I might recover the chairs again next year just for fun. We also made some curtains for the kitchen. And, p.s. — we didn’t sew a thing, which is my kind of curtain-making. My mom just ironed the fabric and used Stitch Witchery to make even edges.

Here’s my room. I like to keep that picture on the left slightly crooked. I’ve got my eye on a new bedspread at the old Tarjay. I’m waiting for it to go on clearance. I am cheap.

This is the guest bedroom/office. I made this little “headboard” out of some old fabric that I used to have in my cubicle at work. I also covered those books that the lamp is sitting on in brown paper. It took me about seven years. I have trouble with scissors and measurements and, apparently, wrapping things.

This is a bookshelf that used to be Jaci’s. It was white. Now it is a sweet, sweet turquoise. Please don’t look too closely. The day I spray painted it, there were 40 million mile an hour winds, so it looks pretty crappy up close. And I’m pretty sure I still have turquoise nose hairs. Also, isn’t that a cute typewriter pic? My grandparents sent it to me. Because I write things. Get it?

My mom and I found this desk at Ye Olde Good Will as well. I think it is from the days of yore. Isn’t it cute?

This is probably my favorite new feature. My mom had this great idea to liven up the entryway. We painted (and by “we” I mean “my mother”) a little shelf I already had, and bought a bamboo shade and hung it on the wall.

Then we (ibid.) painted my mirror frame turquoise, and hung it on the shade. And then we populated the area with cute vintage postcards — most of them have sweet messages from my Grandpa Dale on them. I love it so much!

So that’s about it for the pictorial essay, “Denise’s Denver Digs: A Pictorial Essay In Which Denise Shows You Pictorials of Her New Apartment Which is Located in Denver. Colorado. The apartment is in Denver, Colorado. Not Denver, Nova Scotia. Just in Case You Were Confused.” You should definitely come visit me and my apartment very soon.

Oh, you guys. The Event update — there is one person who has orchestrated a bunch of events. He is the reason behind everything that has happened to everyone. He has a list of names and numbers. I think they said his name is Schmacob.

Umm, I just looked outside and there are giant snowflakes floating to the ground. Yesterday I was having a heat stroke. Colorado is a freak.

Have a good day, friendsies. Come visit soon! The coyotes probably won’t attack you.