April 23, 2012

I have 20 days left of this semester. Oh, gosh. That sounds like way too many. Let’s say three weeks instead. Still too many.

This weekend was pretty great. I got a minimal amount of work done, but I spent time with friendsies.

Some friends came over on Friday and we made pasta and watched a movie. 500 Days of Summer. Zooey and JGL. Get on it.

Then Diana fell asleep on the couch and decided it was way too hard to drive the five minutes back to her apartment. So we had a sleepover! In the morning we watched Friends and drank coffee. And I watched videos on my iPhone. Clearly Saturday was off to a good start. Then I was supposed to do all kinds of work and homework, but it was nice out and sunshine is distracting, you guys. So I went to dinner with my friends Micah and Jarred from the Springs, and then went over to spend some time with friends around a campfire. Campfires are distracting too.

Also, Micah and I have been kindreds for many years now, and there are just some things we know to point out to one another. Whilst we were at the restaurant on Saturday, we noticed a grandma-type person showing her granddaughter to the table. The little girl was cute, so we smiled at her. Then my eyes moved up and I noticed the grandma’s shirt. I immediately grunted oddly, cleared my throat, and kicked at Micah underneath the table. Because Grandma was wearing a shirt that looked something like this:

Except that it was actually about 80 times better/worse than that picture because it was a normal t-shirt that had been tie-dyed green. And then the cat picture was there, taking up that whole shirt. It was the best. I wish we could’ve gotten a picture for you. We tried. So hard. But then the restaurant staff asked us to leave because they thought it was rude for us to be pointing and laughing and trying to take pictures. (Also, I just spent a lot of time on Google image search trying to find a cat shirt for you guys. You should appreciate my commitment to excellence.)

On Sunday it was so beautimous, so we went to Wash Park and had a picnic and played volleyball.

Since we’re super brilliant, we set up our net right next to a creek that runs through the park. So there was a lot of going into the creek to get the ball because I am bad at serving.

So, it was a good weekend. But unfortunately, I still have three more overwhelming weeks of school. So much to get done.

Question for LOST fans: Jack or Sawyer? I think you know the correct answer.

Remember that song “Hallelujah” which was made popular by Jeff Buckley? It goes like this. It’s pretty. Song of the day — you’re welcome.

OK, I am on it at school this week, you guys. I’m on a rampage. Have a good Monday!