April 9, 2012

The bloggy is late today, you guys. Forgive me already.

Did everyone have a good Easter? Mine was so good — I just love my church. We observe Lent, so during those forty days, our liturgy changes and we don’t say any “Alleluias.” It is not as joyful as it usually is. But yesterday — yesterday — there was joy. Christ has risen and we were celebrating! Alleluia! Sweet goodness. I helped serve coffee for the services because, as we all know, coffee is the most important part of church. Here is our little coffee team.

I forgot to do the pictures of the day this weekend. I am not very good at the sticking with things. But here’s something. My “friend” Brad got me this magnet solely for the purpose of reminding me that some people want to turn teacup piglets into bacon.

If you ever see Brad, you should probably put on a white glove, slap him, and challenge him to a duel.

If I’ve nagged you once, I’ve nagged you a thousand times. Start watching Happy Endings. Your life will be so much more Ah-MAH-Zing. Also, I watched the first episode of a new drama called Scandal. Have you heard of it? It was kind of good and our sweet brotha Desmond from Lost is in it.

If I co-wrote a devotional in which I make you feel guilty about not being a good enough humanitarian and ended every chapter with the phrase, “I thought so,” would you read it? I think it would be lovely.  Think meets Stuff Christians Like.

Finally, I think I’ve posted this video before, but I was reminded of it yesterday. It is sweet and tells the story of Jesus’ love. How marvelous. How boundless.

Have a good Monday, friendsies!



April 5, 2012

I am hungry for a taco. Or some ice cream. Or just to be able to taste something.

Yesterday’s photo challenge was to take a picture of someone who makes you happy. But I was at school and then at the grocery store, and the checkout clerk did not make me extra happy. So here is a picture of My Special. He makes me happy.

Also, the lady at the Judaica store knows me. We’re friends. I went in yesterday and she asked how I was and I told her I was sick with a cold. She told me about their new Passover products. She probably wondered why this crazy Gentile black girl keeps coming into her store to buy stuff for Jewish holidays.

So my small group is doing a Passover Seder tonight. Passover is actually tomorrow, but we are under grace, OK?! Like I mentioned yesterday, God asked his people to remember the Exodus every year by eating lamb and bitter herbs and unleavened bread. So each year, people use a Haggadah, which is the liturgy of Passover to go through the Seder meal. The liturgy includes a reading of the story of the Exodus — all the plagues and how God finally brought the people out from slavery. When you participate in the Passover meal, you do it as though you were one of the people God rescued from slavery in Egypt. Although the first Passover was spent in traveling clothes and eaten quickly, now people lounge and take their time because we have been set free.

You also eat elements from the Seder plate at the meal. You dip parsley in salt water to remember the tears of bondage. You eat a bitter herb — usually radish — to remember the bitterness of slavery. And you eat an apple mixture to remind you of the mortar used in building for Pharaoh’s kingdom.

One of my favorite parts of the Passover Seder is when we recount all the things God has done for us. It’s called “Dayenu” which means “it would have been enough for us” in Hebrew. You say things like, “If God had only brought us out of slavery, but not brought us to the Red Sea, Dayenu.” “If God had only brought us to the Red Sea, but not parted it for us, Dayenu.” “If God had only parted the Red Sea, but not drowned Pharaoh’s army, Dayenu.” And on and on. I love it. It would have been enough — but God continued to act, he continued to provide, he continued to do so much more. He is good to us.

Jesus celebrated Passover. I believe that the Last Supper was a Passover meal, which is cool because we see Jesus using the elements of the meal in order to institute communion. The cup he takes after supper, the cup of the covenant cut in his blood, is known as the cup of redemption in the Seder meal. It is related to God’s promise in Exodus to redeem his people. God did it through the Exodus, and here Jesus showed that he was doing it again, this time for the whole world to set us free from our sin.

It’s really cool, you guys. It’s awesome to remember how God has set us free, to notice the elements of Passover that Jesus used when instituting communion, to eat a meal with friends in grateful praise for all the Lord has done. It is good.

OK, I best be off. Hope you have a lovely day!


April 27, 2011

Outfit #23. I call it mandarin sorbet. (I just decided to call it that. Just now.)

Sweater and Jeans: Gap. Shirt: Ross. Shoes: Payless. Belt: Target. Necklace: Forever 21. Bracelet: my mom sent it to me yesterday!

I had to write a little journal entry for one of my classes, and I decided to share it here on the bloggy because the Easter service at my church last week was so meaningful to me. So, here ya go.

Like I said, I’ve been attending a liturgical Anglican church for the past few months, and it has been a new experience for me. I’ve enjoyed it in many ways — I like the repetition of the liturgy and learning about its purposes. During Lent, the service changes a bit — it is quieter and we do not say the “alleluias” that normally come at the end of the service. We are preparing for Easter and remembering what Christ did for our sake.

For Lent, I fasted from all drinks except water. Any money I would have spent on other beverages, I’ll donate to Blood:Water Mission, an organization that helps build clean wells in Africa. Fasting, even from something as simple as coffee or pop, can be difficult. But it is only when I fast that I realize how much I take for granted, how I am so used to instant gratification, how I depend on so many other things to get me through the day — other things that are not God. I like the process of Lent because it helps me anticipate when Easter is coming, when the joy of our salvation became full and realized. Every week of church during Lent we miss saying the “alleluias;” they are on the tips of our tongues but we swallow them — reminding ourselves that the day of rejoicing is on its way.

So, finally, this past Sunday was Resurrection Sunday — the atmosphere at church was joyful and excited and giddy. We shouted “alleluias” all over the place—during the liturgy, in our worship songs, randomly throughout the service. We yelled “alleluias” whenever possible because Jesus had risen — He was victorious over sin and death; He swallowed it up, took away its sting, snatched away its victory!

At church last Sunday I felt a part of the community of believers; I was shouting “alleluias” along with my fellow Christians, older and younger, and we were all a part of the same family and we were all joyful about our risen Savior’s work. God’s redeeming character brings people together. It is because of what He did that we were there at church praising Him. It is because He is good and merciful, loving and full of justice, that we came together to worship. Without His sacrifice for us, we would have nothing to celebrate. It is all because of Him.

On Easter Sunday the things I worry about — work, school, self-confidence, the future — seem trivial and foolish. It is God’s character that is worthy of praise. It is He who has taken our burden and set us free so that we can live without the chains of slavery (Galatians 5:1). It is He who shed His blood so that we could experience life with Him. On Easter Sunday, our focus is where it should be. He has defeated death and brought victory so that we can live in His mercy, grace and forgiveness. Alleluia!

Have a good Wednesday, dears!

Lots of pics today because I was too lazy to blog on Saturday. Days 19, 20 and 21 of the 30-for-30 challenge!

So, here’s Friday’s fit. It was a bit windy out for a shocking change. I was inspired by Kristy’s pearl perfection.

Shirt: Target. Jeans: Express. Shoes: DSW. Jacket: Forever 21. Belt: I don’t remember. Fake pearls: Target.

I didn’t really like Saturday’s outfit, and I almost forgot to take a picture altogether, so here you go.

Sweater: Target. Shirt: Target. Belt: Forever 21. Skirt: Gap. Necklace: stolen.

Yesterday was Easter, you guys! It was cold and rainy here in Colorado, but that did not dampen the celebration. He is risen indeed — alleluia!

Here I am in my springy, Easter colors.

I had been planning to wear this dress with sandals and no sweater, but Colorado thwarted my plans as usual.

Dress: Anne Taylor Loft. Sweater, belt and polka dot tights: Target. Shoes: DSW.

Church was great yesterday. I’m going to an Anglican church and it’s liturgical. During Lent we leave out the “alleluias” that we normally say. But on Resurrection Sunday, they were back and it was so great! Everyone was so joyful and excited, and it was beautiful to remember what Jesus did and how he conquered death. Then I went to my friend Kelsey’s for Easter dinner and it was just lovely. She had a beautiful spread and it was fun to see friends. Thanks, Kels!

You guys, Spiff City is not doing well. The broken hinge is spreading and now he sits all lopsided and falls over a lot. I’m not sure that he can last much longer. So, if you enjoy reading this blog, please buy me a new computer.

OK, tomorrow I will tell you about my new favorite place on earth — it is filled with joy and love and vintage and DIY.

Have a good Monday, friendsies!

Long Time No See!

April 21, 2009


I have absolutely no excuse for not blogging for the last 600 years. I mean, I did start a new job, so there’s less time to sit around on the couch and write Judge Mathis updates. But still. This is completely unacceptable. I humbly ask for your forgiveness, which you should grant me. It’s probably what Jesus would want you to do. Just saying.

Anyway, I am three weeks into my new job. Still adjusting and such — I am quite the Sunday school curriculum editor. Remember all of the flannelgraphs from the good old Sunday school days? That’s what I’m working with every day, baby. Jealous?

What else is new? My park and rec softball team is 5 and 1. That’s like our best record ever. We’re attributing it to our new bat and our spiffy new t-shirts.

Also, our garden is slowly becoming victorious! It’s taken our tomato sprouts forever and ever, mainly because our house is so freezing. But we have like ten wittle bitty baby sprouts right now! They are so darling. alecia-005 This picture is before they all started coming up, but just imagine lots of little green lives in that soil. The peppers are a whole different story so far. They are not sprouting. They’re supposed to take longer than the tomatoes, though, so we’ll see.

Also, I am supposedly running a half marathon in two weeks. Please don’t make me! It is seriously killing me. I’ve done one once before and, don’t get me wrong, it was horrible. But this one is so much worse. Apparently my body is about 90 years old. I have to wear a knee brace, my back is constantly killing me, my ankles hurt. Also, I got slammed in the shin with a softball tonight (this could have been avoided if I had simply fielded the ball correctly, but that was too much to ask), so I now have a huge lump on my shin. And I have to run 11 miles tomorrow. Poor, poor, poor me.

I’ve had so many things I’ve wanted to tell you during the last few weeks, but now I’ve forgotten them all. It’s my own fault. Hey, I hosted a Passover Seder for the fourth year! I love it. My friend Micah blogged about it, so you should go read about it over there. Every single person should celebrate Passover. It’s way cool. Also celebrated Easter at our house and it was good times. Pastel polka dot plates, an Easter bunny, an egg hunt, and lots of food. Also, a snow storm.

OK, that has to be all for now because I’ve got to do some Bible study homework, ice my shin and commence dreading tomorrow’s run.

Leave me a comment to let me know how you’ve been!