Because Mondays make me so steamed.

Also, I accidentally published this post last night and then took it offline. Dear subscribers, I’m sorry if you got an email about a post I hadn’t really published yet. I’m a tease.

1. Ok, before we get into all the silliness, I have a prayer request. I used to work at David C Cook publishing, and I still work with them as a freelancer. The other day, a guy named Mike who works in the Cook building had a massive heart attack while at work. His heart stopped for 45 minutes before the medics finally were able to get it started again (pretty miraculous). The last update I heard indicated the doctors weren’t sure he had any brain activity. There are small signs — he has breathed on his own at times and had slight seizures which could indicate some activity, but no one is sure. Please be praying for him and his family. Ask God to intervene in his situation and miraculously restore him to health. Pray for peace and comfort for his family. Pray that God would be glorified. Thanks.

2. OK, back to Friday Listday. I got my cavities filled and was out of the dentist chair within an hour. So much better than last time. Except for all the painful shots and teeth drilling. They had to give me extra Novocaine, so I spent much of the day looking and drooling like I was some kind of deformed Batman villain. See?

3. I found so many good videos this week, one of which was this one from the new season of Portlandia. (Hulu won’t let me post the video directly to my blog because Hulu is mean and not as ghetto as YouTube. Rude.) If you haven’t seen Portlandia yet, make sure to check out season 1 on Netflix. (If you have any Netflix questions, please come to me. I am apparently an expert since I have become a complete and utter bum without a school schedule to keep me on track.)

4. So remember how I had found that recipe for cauliflower fried rice last week? Well, now I’ve seen one for cauliflower pizza crust! You guys, can we say “low carb”?! I haven’t tried either recipe yet because every time I go to Target I seem to forget about all of my cauliflower needs. However, I am going to be on it soon. I did make Pioneer Woman’s corn chowder with chilies for the zillionth time this week and I still love it ever so much.

5. You guys did you know, we have a big Broncos game coming up on Saturday?! I apparently did not know, because I assumed it was on Sunday. I’m going out of town this coming week, and I was all super annoyed because I thought I’d be flying over western Michigan while Tom Brady got sacked. But it’s on Saturday! Now, I do not have my hopes up for a win because it seems unlikely. Also, my philosophy in life is to expect the worst (I’m a treat to be around). Because if something good happens, like a Broncos win, I will be so pleasantly surprised! But, if I expect them to win, my heart will be broken with a loss. See how that works? Anyway, according to this undercover footage I found, Hitler was not pleased with the Broncos victory over the Steelers.

6. I get to have breakfast with my friends Kristy and Ashley today. We’re going to the Original Pancake House, which is so delish (thank you, Kelsey!). And tonight I’m going to see Mission Impossible, which I’ve heard is super great. We’ll get to see tiny little Tom Cruise jump through fire and scale glass buildings. Aren’t Fridays lovely?

7. This was my favorite video this week. Stuff (this is a kid-friendly blog) nobody says. “These CSI shows are all so different!”

And that’s our list. Please pray for Mike. Have a good weekend, friends! Love, love, love.