I’m a Lazy Blogger

March 13, 2012

I’m tired. It’s hard being rich at the Broadmoor.

Yesterday we took our time making it back to Denver, stopping in Manitou Springs, and driving along Gold Camp Road, which gives you a gorgeous view of Colorado Springs.

We came back to Denver and got pizza and watched Sherlock. So, clearly a lovely evening.

Because Dad is here, I didn’t watch most of The Bachelor last night, but I did force him to sit through the After the Rose special. I’m pretty sure he loved it. Here are the couple of things I have to say about the finale: 1. Oh my dad. 2. It is telling when you have to end the episode with JP and Ashley because your engaged couple is clearly so unhappy and hateful. 3. How is Courtney being a lady doggy somehow Ben’s fault all of the sudden? Did everyone else watch the same season I did? Because she was completely horrible at being a human person, right? Right. That’s not Ben’s fault. 4. That said, Ben and his hair are pretty awful as well. 5. It is also telling when, after being asked if you’re still together, you respond, “Yes we are! … I think…” 6. I give it two weeks.

OK, I’m sorry I’m not more entertaining this week, but CIC has confused my schedule and I haven’t even tried to learn anything. Work and school have fallen by the wayside in favor of sipping cocktails at the Broadmoor. It’s just the way it is.

K, bye!


Broadmoor Broad

March 12, 2012

Oh, hi, you guys. I’m probably too busy for you. I’m very important here at the Broadmoor Hotel, pretending to be rich.

My dad is in town and we’re having lots of fun! Yesterday we drove down to Colorado Springs in the morning and went to my old church. It was lovely to be there. Then we had a fancy brunch at the Broadmoor. It’s a buffet in the best sense of the word. They have crepes and cheese blintzes and smoked salmon, eggs benedict, mashed potatoes, fruit, bananas foster, shrimp, and the list goes on and on. It was lovely. Charles in Charge enjoyed it.

Then we checked into our beautiful room to hang out. You know, just like normal.

Look at this amazing mountain view!

Dad and I walked around the shops and hung out in the beautiful weather.

Then last night a bunch of my Colorado Springs friends came to hang out with us at the Broadmoor. Best night ever.

I have good friends. Although some of them don’t read my blog regularly. Rude.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Charles in Charge and I are having such a good time. The Broadmoor is one of my very favorite places in Colorado, and I feel so grateful to have a dad who takes me here because he knows I likes it and who is willing to hang out with me and my friends. We’re having lots of fun. It’s a needed and restful break, you guys.

So, that’s about it. I’ll update tomorrow about today’s adventures. It’ll probably include a trip to Manitou Springs — the Wiccan center of the US.

Have a good Monday, friends!

No I’m not. I’m totally not.

Wednesdays are the worst this semester. They make me very complainy. Do you know what makes me less complainy? Knowing that my dad is coming to visit in a couple weeks and we’re going to pretend we are rich at The Broadmoor! The Broadmoor is the most beautimous hotel in all the world/Colorado Springs. It’s very fancy and gorgeous and way more sophisticated than we are. We are going to eat brunch in here. I will smuggle you some crepes.

Ok, y’all, let’s just calm down and have a moment of silence. Please show some respect. Jack, the Ingalls’ trusty bulldog … has died. He was such a good dog and always trotted faithfully under the wagon — from Wisconsin, to Indian Territory, to Minnesota. He protected the family, and he swam an overflowing creek in order to stick with them, and he helped herd cattle, and he was always there to greet Laura when she got home from school.

I may or may have cried the other night when he died, you guys. It was emotional. I don’t even like animals.

Speaking of emotions, I love Parenthood! I felt so sad for one couple and so happy for another one last night. I mean, Zoe and Julia killed me. But then Crosby and Jasmine made me feel all better. Also, I felt mostly just perplexed when it came to Sarah and Mark. What is their deal? They’re going to have a baby and then run off to New York right quick and pretend Sarah doesn’t have two other children and that Mark doesn’t have a creeper mustache? Is that their plan? Maybe they just want to hang out with the Hasidic Jews too.

So Lent starts today. Is anyone observing it this year? I’ve done it for the past few years, and it’s always a good learning experience for me. I like this season. There’s Lent and Passover and Easter Sunday. What I’m trying to focus in on for my thesis is the ways God asked his people to remember what he’d done through the holidays that he commanded. He didn’t just tell them to remember, he gave them celebrations and things to do, build, eat, not eat as ways of reminding them of his goodness. For some holidays you blow trumpets, and for others you eat unleavened bread or bitter herbs. Sometimes you fast and other times you eat and eat. These tangible things that God commanded are interesting to me. I like that God gives us ways to remember him. For me, Lent is one of those ways. I won’t talk a ton about it here, but I did blog about it over on Boundless this week if you want to learn more.

OK, I’ve got to go be crabby to everyone because it is Wednesday. See you tomorrow!

Thwarting Theology

December 12, 2011

You guys.

I HAVE A FINAL EXAM TONIGHT. I’ve studied for a total of 45 minutes so far. It’s gonna be a bad week. A bad, bad week.

I am reluctant to say that I am not sick anymore, because I still sound like Darth Vader when I breathe. But, in spite of the fact that people keep asking me to tell Luke that I am his dad, I am breathing ten times better than I was last week. It’s progress, folks.

I should have all kinds of nice theological things to talk about since I have a theology final tonight. But in case you didn’t pay attention to the all caps above, I have not done much with the studying. But by tonight by 6:30, I should know a ton about conversion and regeneration and sanctification and eschatology. Tons.

This weekend I spent some time Christmas tradition-ing with my besties from the Springs. We went to Chili’s for dinner because for some awful reason, that is part of our tradition. We got some queso and some molten, and, as expected, the waiter messed up the order at least twice.

Then we went and saw the new movie New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after we saw it that I went to Rotten Tomatoes and saw that it had a rating of 7 percent. The reviewers were generous.

It was so boring and corny. There are 90 million celebrities in it, so the most entertaining part is recognizing people. But there are so many plots and you don’t care about any of them, and there are all kinds of speeches that are supposed to be Inspirational and Heart Warming, but they are not. No, they are not. I was pleasantly surprised by how clean it was, but other than that, it was pretty awful.

We made up for the bad movie by going to visit the Broadmoor. The Broadmoor is a super fancy hotel in Colorado Springs. The rich and famous stay there. We do not belong. But we like to pretend. The Broadmoor at Christmas is magical.

We walked around and looked at lights and the amazing gingerbread houses on display. We got a drink and tried to take a nice picture in front of a pretty tree. It was lovely.

After that, I was super worn out because of the Illness of 2011 and all. So I stayed at my friend Ashley’s house. I set my alarm for 8 a.m. so that I could jump on up, drive back to Denver and get to studying. Instead I got up the next morning at 10:50. It was all downhill from there.

So, now it’s Monday and I’ve got a lot of theology to learn! Have a super awesome day! I’ll see ya tomorrow (unless I die of test failing).