Let the Madness Begin!

March 15, 2016


What is up, my dawgs?

Here’s what’s up in my house: me. At night. With a baby.

March Madness starts this week!! Theo and I will be watching the nonstop upsets of this beautiful tournament starting on Thursday. He can’t wait.

This weekend we are going out to Vancouver Island to visit Andrew’s sister and her family and enjoy the warm weather. I’m scared to travel with Theo — he’s older now and antsy and bigger and louder. At least he’s not on the move yet. Also, how does a tiny baby have so much stuff? I now have to drag around strollers and car seats and sleepsacks and tiny socks and wipes and thousands of pacifiers. Babies are high maintenance.

He’s feeling bad for being so much extra work. Or he’s peeing his pants. One or the other.

How is everyone feeling about Ben the Bachelor’s choice? I feel good about it. Know what I did not feel good about? Jo Jo’s final rose dress color. The cut was amazing, but the color was Peptorific.

OK, here’s a warning. I have a rant coming. I just want to warn you, because it’s kind of long and boring. But I’ll intersperse it with pictures of my baby, so maybe that will help? Probs not. It’s pretty boring.

Over on the Facebooks lately, you know the best place for thoughtful political and theological discussions, I’ve noticed a few statements that I find interesting. I’ve seen, in a few different discussions about different things, people saying that the best way to be a Christian is to focus solely on what Jesus said and either ignore, throw out or redefine the Old Testament. So, for example, to be a Christian one must love God and love your neighbor because that’s what Jesus said are the most important commandments. Or Christians would be better off focusing on just the New Testament (or even just Jesus’ words) and getting rid of the Old Testament altogether. I have a couple of thoughts. (Surprised?) Here they are (after this pic of Theo):

He needed some “me time” to relax, regroup and prepare for the night of feedings ahead.

Now, as we all know, I love me some Shema. Jesus said to love God and love your neighbor — the law is summed up in these commandments. Love it. However, I do not believe that Jesus was saying that those commands were the only important ones or that the rest of the Scriptures were not important. (Keep in mind that the Scriptures at this time were solely the Old Testament, and solely what Jesus draws on in His teachings, prayer life, synagogue time, etc.) Jesus, first of all, is weighing in on an argument that was going on around Him — was the second greatest commandment to love your neighbor or to observe the Sabbath? Jesus says, love your neighbor. In saying this, He is affirming that as His followers thought about, interpreted and obeyed every aspect of God’s law, they should do it through that filter. Not ignore it or condemn it or fight against it. In the Jewish culture Jesus was a part of, if He had gone around not following the law or obeying God’s instructions in the Old Testament, no one would have listened to Him for more than a second.

Theo loves his neighbor, Sophie the Giraffe.

Speaking of culture, I think that’s where a lot of misunderstanding comes in. The Old Testament is hard for us to grapple with. There’s a lot that seems harsh and weird and mean. There are really difficult things to understand in the Old Testament. However, just because we don’t understand something doesn’t mean we should ignore it or call it irrelevant. It may be easier to dismiss something that is confusing, but that might just make us lazy. There’s actually a lot that can be explained and understood when we look into the culture of the time — I have been amazed by the compassion, evangelism, love and purpose in the Old Testament as I began to understand it better. (This is not to say that it’s still not hard or confusing sometimes!)

This focusing solely on what Jesus said as a way to live out Christianity is nothing new. Marcion, a heretic in early Christianity, believed the same thing. He liked Jesus but disliked Yahweh in the Old Testament, and thought they were not compatible. So, he rejected the Old Testament, found one of the Gospels that he liked and patched in a few of Paul’s letters (all with his editing, of course). This, he said, was the acceptable way to be a Christian — by cutting and pasting and making the Bible fit what you want to believe about God.

Theo is shocked that Marcion would do such a thing.

What makes me sad about this resurgence of Marcionism is that it takes so much away from the big story God is telling about Himself all throughout Scripture. The New Testament doesn’t mean much without the Old. The Old Testament needs the New to bring about its full meaning. There are not two different Gods in these Scriptures — there’s a God full of compassion and justice in the Old and New Testaments. There are reasons for the things God does in the Old Testament and there are ways of understanding what Jesus said or didn’t say in the New. This big story is about God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is all necessary to understand Him, praise Him and trust Him. The Scripture gives us a beautiful story that leads to repentance and salvation. It compels us to worship this great, mysterious, loving, powerful, just God who fully revealed Himself in Jesus. We need to understand, believe, and follow all of it. (I know there are lots of details and questions and and nitpicking about what that looks like or how we do it or what we do or don’t still practice, etc. Maybe I will do an OT series about some of those difficulties and questions someday soon. Maybe I can call it, “OT with the OT.” (I’m in a March Madness mood.)

OK, rant done.

Sorry this post wasn’t very funny or filled with my usual fascinating updates on our flu symptoms. (Although, I got some new xylitol (a sugar substitute) and after eating some last night I can tell you that it did not agree with my stomach.) There, now you have an update on my episodes, so you may go in peace.



Morris No More (ish)

July 25, 2014

GUYS. (I’m proud of that title.)

This is probably the last post I write as Denise Morris! Will you even recognize my writing once I’m a Snyder? (It’ll be the same, everyone. A lot of “you guys;” a lot of baby animal comments. A lot of whining. Perhaps I will suddenly mature as a married woman, but at the moment (while I literally look at a picture of a teacup piglet playing a guitar), it is feeling doubtful.)



Actually, I probably won’t legally change my name until we’re done with all of the permanent residency stuff, which should only take about 400 years.

So, next Thursday after work, Andrew and I will pack up the car with 600,000 ivory tablecloths and begin the drive down to Colorado! I’m so excited to see my friends and my mountains. We’ll be there the week before the wedding — and I’m sure everyone is excited to help me with all the tissue paper and crepe paper and other paper-type crafts. My Jilly Bean is coming in early, which is so good because I haven’t seen her since Christmas! Then Charles in Charge gets in and Andrew’s family and all of our other family, and all our besties, and having a wedding is really weird! All your peoples, all together.

Umm, have you guys been following along with Andrew’s “May the Best Man Win” best man competition on Facebook? So thrilling!!! If you’ve been reading, you’ve noticed Andrew’s great hashtag skills. It’s the main reason I’m marrying him. #hashtaglove #hashtagstud #ahashtagadaykeepsthedoctoraway

Last weekend we went to our friend Meghan’s beautiful wedding! It was the best. The ceremony was at their farm, and their backdrop was an old shed with lights and beads strung everywhere. I mean. So darling. And this barn.



They were beautiful and happy, and it was so fun to get to celebrate with them!! Also, Meghan is my style twin. I loved everything about everything she did for her decorations. #styletwins #stylesisters #stylesiblings #thatsenoughofthat

Have you guys read this article about what fakesters we are on Instagram? My friend Suzanne shared it with me, and it’s the best. Totes casual, drinking my coffee, early-morning sunlight. Whatevs, faker.

I mentioned awhile ago that I am re-reading Christopher J.H. Wright’s The Mission of God’s People. It is so good, you guys. We often tend to think about missions in terms of going to another country. We automatically turn to the book of Acts for advice on how to do missions. But this book makes the point that God has been on mission since the very beginning, since the first sin. God chose Abraham, and told him that His mission would be completed through his family. They would be a blessing to all families on earth. God invited Israel to a mission — to represent Him through the way they lived and followed His law. Their worship of Yahweh would draw other nations to Him. And, yes, God has always sent people as well: Joseph, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, us. God invites us into sharing His story–His gospel with others. And He empowers us to do it through His Holy Spirit. Anyway, it’s excellent. It looks at the whole of the Bible (and always starts with the Old Testament, which I love), and talks about the ways we can represent God on our mission to share His truth. So good. So readable. Get it now.

Umm, guys! This has been so fun! I’ve spent so much time wedding planning the last few weeks — ordering napkins and writing schedules, and making lists, and thinking of what needs to get done before we go. I actually kind of like all of the craziness, but also, it’s a lot. But I’m so excited. So excited. Excited to see family and friends. Excited to be in CO. Excited to relax the week after. But mostly excited to marry Andrew and spend time that day blessing the Lord for His awesomeness with our family and friends.

Let’s do this! #deniseanddrewido


Happy 4th, Americans!

July 4, 2014

OK, everyone.

I just watched a video of two baby elephants playing in the water in a blowup plastic pool and for some reason it made me want to blog.

So that’s where my mindset is as we go into this blog post. You’ve been warned.

HI! How is everybody? How is America? How is the 4th of July? They arrest you if you wear red, white and blue in Canada today. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

Here are just a couple things I would like to tell you:

* Tuesday was Canada Day, which is basically the same as 4th of July! We had a day off work and I used it to watch Netflix like a true patriot.

* Guess where I went last weekend?!


The Gopher Hole Museum was just as I remembered it. Freakishly awesome.

* Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and she spent it shopping for wedding shoes. What a trooper. Thanks, Jilly.

* Today is my Jaci’s anniversary! Their star-spangled wedding was four years ago, and so much fun. Happy day, Josh and Jaci!

* Speaking of weddings, I am so excited to see my family and friends in August! But also, I need to know how many tablecloths I need to have. So if I invited you to the wedding, please RSVP or I will kill you. Joves!

* Andrew and I have maybe turned to a life of crime. Red Deer does that to a person.


Criminals love bow ties.

What else? Basically I work, and hang out with Andrew, and constantly update my wedding schedule on Google drive. I’m fun like that.

At work I have been re-reading Christopher Wright’s book, “The Mission of God’s People.” It is the best and I love it so much. It’s such a great look at mission — what it means, and how God has used the same methods to call His people to live out their mission as His representatives in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and today. Superb.

OK, this was short, but that elephant video is fading in my memory, so I’ve got to go watch it again.

Happy day, friends!


An Engaging Announcement

January 26, 2014

You guys! Andrew and I have something we’d like to tell you.

Here’s a hint.


Here’s an even better hint.


Here’s the best hint.


Oh my gosh, you guys. Saturday, January 25 was a crazy, shocking, amazing, beautiful day.

I have been back in Colorado for about a week. I am waiting on my visa (#whatelseisnew), and didn’t plan to see Andrew again until my visa comes through and I move to Red Deer!

On Saturday I decided to go to Denver to hang out with Diana. We had planned to have a relaxing day (Treat Yo Self 2014!), shopping at the mall, getting our nails done, and grabbing dinner. I texted Diana and asked if she’d want to meet me at the mall at around 1:30. She never responded to my text. Rude. (I didn’t realize it was all part of the trickery and deception!)

Anyhoo, I ended up at Diana’s house and then we shopped around in the Highlands, and then we went and got manicures and pedicures. (p.s. ask us about the Broncos coach who was there with us getting a pedicure. Or don’t.) After we got our nails did (that’s right did), we headed over to Park Meadows mall. Diana suggested we go to Anthropologie first because it is my favorite store and it is made of beauty and truth and joy and expensiveness.

I picked out some clothes to try on, and the lady led me back to the fitting room. I opened the door, and this is what I saw.


My boyfriend, who I thought was in Canada, was in the Anthropologie dressing room. Obviously.

I saw him and he said, “I have something else I’d like you to try on instead.” And then he got down on one knee and told me some beautiful things that I made him repeat again later (because of all the shock), and then he asked me to marry him. I think I said yes at some point.


You. Guys.

I was so shocked. And so speechless. And so amazed. Our friends Diana and Andy helped coordinate the entire thing. The Anthropologie employees were all in on it. They had decorated the fitting room with candles and flowers, and champagne and truffles. Everyone knew what was going on except for me. All the stalling, the manicures, the suggestions had all been so that Andrew could surprise me and propose. So amazing.

We are hoping to get married in August, and we are so excited!!!

Andrew and I met Easter of 2012. We sat next to each other at a kitchen table and started talking. He liked the dip I had brought to the potluck. We had no clue that we would connect, and hang out, and talk on the phone, and video chat, and visit, and pay hundreds of dollars to fly back and forth from Canada to the States. Life has been really wonderful and life has been tough at times. We have come a long way in the past year and a half, and overall, we have seen God make a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

The verse that has come to my mind in the past year — the verse that has now become a reality — is this:

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Psalm 126:3

Filled with joy! God is good and he has blessed us. We are so grateful.

I think we need a pictorial essay to top off this post. This one is titled, “Mall Madness: Denise and Andrew Got Engaged!!!”

I am starting to realize I’ve just been proposed to.


How are you not in Canada?! What’s happening? Where did this bling come from? We’re in a dressing room!




The Anthropologie folks made this room so beautiful for us!




Andrew’s impression of what I did when the fitting room door opened and he was standing there.


Andy and I are not engaged, but we decided we should take a picture together anyway.


IMG_1882I love this ring.



No one told me I was going to be surprised with an engagement. If they had, maybe I wouldn’t have worn my army jacket? But who knows. I like to make bold fashion choices.


Diana and Andy organized a surprise engagement party with lots of friends from Denver and Colorado Springs!!




Please note the difference in our beautiful descriptions.



I’ve decided I want a teacup piglet petting zoo at the wedding. You’re all invited.



Ok, that is enough already. We’re so excited, guys!!! We are grateful and blessed and thankful for God’s goodness, wonderful family, and supportive friends. We’re also thankful for Anthropologie fitting rooms. New store logo: “The perfect place to commit!” (Just a suggestion, Anthro. If you take it, I’d die for some free bridesmaid dresses in exchange. Thanks!)

Love you all!!

Denise Ruth Morris (soon to be Snyder — that is weird!!)


Luxury Eavesdropping

January 9, 2014

Ok. Today I have two things to share with you, and both of them are fairly disturbing. You should probably quit reading while you’re ahead.

The first thing is that the other day I went to a spa to get my eyebrows waxed. On my way out, I had to use the restroom. Upon entering, a sign informed me that since I was at a spa, they wanted me to have the most luxurious treatment available in all areas of life, which is why their establishment was equipped with luxury toilets. I didn’t know what that meant, but oh, was I about to find out.

I walked into the stall — actually, it was more like a fancy, tiny room — and the toilet seat opened up to greet me. How did it know I was there?! There was a sign on the wall with all kinds of special instructions for how to enjoy my luxurious tinkle time. I sat down, and the seat was heated! Luxury city. Now, I won’t go into any details because, gross, but let me just tell you that there were about 58 buttons on the wall with all kinds of tricks — water, sprays, fans, directions, flushes, light shows, music, massages, steak dinners, etc. (OK, maybe not all of those things.) The only disappointing part was that the toilet paper was on a stupid normal roll. Boring, non-luxurious toilet paper. I expected it to unroll itself and float over to me, silk squares of luxury that smelled like roses or something. They obviously still need to do some work on adding luxury to their toilet paper. I spent way more time than was appropriate in there, mostly reading all the button instructions.

Anyhoo, if you ever go to the Aveda spa in Red Deer, make sure to use the restroom!

Second — and, believe it or not, this is more disturbing than me writing two paragraphs about my toilet experience.

Yesterday, I went to a coffee shop to work on a lesson. Then I got bored with writing the lesson and started looking around the coffee shop. To my right, about 3 feet away, a woman in her early 50s (I would soon discover her exact age) sat down. She was wearing form-fitting clothes and had her hair highlighted up the wazoo and was obsessed with her cell phone. A few minutes later, a man joined her. He sat opposite her and it was clear that this was the first time they were meeting. Blind date, I thought? Oh my, was it. It was the most bizarre “date” in the history of the world, I am pretty sure. But I also think it may have been a match made in heaven. I tweeted the whole thing and here are the screenshots of the convo in case you don’t have Twitter.

(You’ll have to click into each picture so the text is big enough to read. And remember that once you click into the picture, read from the bottom up. It’s so worth it.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.28.38 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.28.53 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.29.01 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.29.20 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.29.26 AM

Here were my thoughts during this whole thing: What is happening?! Say what?! Do all guys really like blueberries? Why didn’t I know about that? Can this lady talk about herself any more? Why are they spending their entire date showing each other pictures of the other people they’ve been matched with on this dating site? Why is this lady the worst? Why is this guy still here? Do they know I’m listening to them? No, they don’t. I’m an amazing actor and it totally seems like I’m listening to music through my headphones. Uh oh! I just looked up when he dropped his fork! I’ve been discovered!! No, no, I haven’t. They’re both too busy looking at their phones through this entire date. Oh my. Now she’s talking about how how great her body is. Why are people the worst? I’m probably also the worst for tweeting this event. Hmm. That blueberry muffin looks good to me too. But I’m not a guy! Is something wrong with me?! Identity crisis!

And so on.

So there you go. Two disturbing things. Talked about with you because apparently I overshare.

K, gotta go. Andrew, I’ll bring you some blueberries tonight! Have a good day, friends! Beware of coffee shop convos.

Moving On Up (North)!

August 23, 2013

Let’s start this post out right, you guys. With a little gem from the Gopher Hole Museum.

These dead gophers are at the hockey/curling/skating rink ready for some icy fun! I especially like this lady gopher’s figure skating costume. A little lacy apron always gets the judge’s attention.



Guess where I am right now? On my couch. At my apartment. In Denver, Colorado. In the United States of America! Crazy!!!


Andrew and I have literally been traveling since August 1. We’ve been around Canada and across North Dakota, and to Minnesota and then to Colorado. We have had a lot of fun visits, which I’ll tell you about in a later post. (That post will include a lot of talk about how fascinating it is to drive across all of North Dakota and Nebraska.)

I am back in Colorado because my roommate and I have to be moved out of our apartment by August 31. We’ve got a lot of packing to do.


My roommate Heather is getting married and moving into a new place with her husband. They did not invite me to come along. Fine.

I will not be moving into a new place, but instead I’ll be staying with friends in their guest bedrooms and guest couches as I wait for my Canadian work visa to come through.

That’s right, guys! I have been offered a job as a communications coordinator for CrossRoads Church in Red Deer, Alberta. CANADA.


The church has submitted a request for a work visa for me, and if Canada is nice to me, they’ll approve it and let me come up to work! It’s really exciting — everyone at CrossRoads has been really kind, and I’m so looking forward to this job. I’ll learn a lot and I know I have a lot to offer in this position.

So, pretty soon, I’ll be moving to Canada. I’ll likely be in Colorado most of the month of September, but when the work visa comes through, I’ll pack up and drive north. I’ll get a place and start my job, and get to take more pictures with this one.


When I was in college, I assumed I’d graduate, get a job at a magazine in Minneapolis, and stay in Minnesota forever. Somehow I ended up in Colorado Springs. And then I decided to torture myself by getting a Master’s, so I moved to Denver. And apparently I’ll soon be headed to Canada. Sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming — packing, new job, new country. (Do I have to tell America I’m leaving? Do I keep my car registered in the States? Does Canada have Friday Night Lights??!?!?) But overall it is really exciting.

God has provided a lot, you guys. This summer, I connected with someone in the CrossRoads children’s ministry and found out that they use the curriculum that I write for. I went to sit in on one of their Sunday school lessons — in Red Deer, Alberta — and it was a lesson I had written. The children’s ministry friend then informed me of the one job posted at CrossRoads this summer, and it was a communications position. The timing was perfect. They decided to hire me. I think we’ll be a good fit. I have time to come home and spend time with my friends before I move. I feel like over and over again throughout the past year as Andrew and I have been dating, God has shown up, provided and encouraged.

The other day when Andrew and I were driving across the never-ending plains of Nebraska, we read a devotional based on Exodus 16, when the Israelites were in the wilderness. They were complaining because they were hungry. So Moses tells the Israelites that God will provide for them. They look out across the dry desert floor, and they see the glory of God. God says he has heard their grumbling. At twilight they will eat meat and in the morning their stomachs will be filled with bread. Then they will know that he is Yahweh, their God.

The devotional then asked what we’ve complained about, and asked us to think about where and how God has provided enough. It is so very easy for me to worry and complain and forget. I tend to focus on what I don’t have instead of what I do. What I want is to notice — each day — all of the enough God has given me. I had a great summer in Canada — traveled and spent so much time with Andrew. Because we live in different countries, we weren’t sure how to figure things out once summer was over. So God provided me with a job — a job where I can contribute and serve and learn and get connected in Red Deer. I have multiple friends in Colorado who have offered space in their homes while I wait for my visa. I have enough freelance work to get me through until I start my job. I have family who loves me, Andrew’s family who has welcomed me with open arms, new friends in Red Deer, and solid friendships and connections in Colorado. I have a man who is strong and funny and strives after what is best, and I have grown so much with him this past year.

I am excited for this next step. It is a new adventure and I am excited to see the enough God gives each and every day.

I’m also excited for more trips to the gopher museum.


Love you all!


Today is a work day for me, which obviously means that I’ll be procrastinating by writing a blog post! Hooray for work!

It’s been ages. I have no excuses. But here are my excuses: 1) We went on a week-and-a-half trip to Vancouver and Vancouver Island. I was busy exploring Canadian culture. 2) At the beginning of the trip, I swore to Andrew that I was going to take 800 pictures every day so that I had something for the bloggy. Any guesses on how successful I was? 3) I’m kind of lazy. 4) Netflix. 5) Every time I want to blog, I remember that I should be doing my freelance work. So then I feel guilty. And I don’t blog. Or do my freelance work.

Any. Hoo. I do have a few pictures on the old iPhone, so in order to catch you up on the last few weeks, let’s have a pictorial essay, shall we? I’m titling this one, “Summer Joving: A Pictorial Essay of My Summer in Canada, and Also Some Hummus Cookies.”

Remember how I promised to write about those chickpea cookies a few weeks ago? I was hoping they would be delicious and healthily inspiring. Mostly they tasted like hummus with chocolate chips. They weren’t horrible, but I also think it’s a stretch to call them cookies. (I felt proud of this picture that I took. Perspective and angles and background and aspect ratio and ambient lighting and all. I think I just made up all of those terms.)


Did you hear that there was tons of flooding in Alberta a few weeks ago? (Probably had something to do with the non-stop rain during all of eternity.) It’s a pretty sad situation. So many people in Calgary and other places lost their homes. And apparently insurance doesn’t even cover most of the damage. Many people will have to start over completely. Red Deer didn’t really flood, but the river did get quite high and covered some of the trails. For example, this walking bridge near Andrew’s school is not normally under water. If it were normally under water, then poor planning city officials.


Here’s what we do with the iPads at Target.


We drove across British Columbia to go to Vancouver. It is such a beautiful place, guys. Like constant mountains, and beautiful, real lakes (look into that, Colorado), and gorgeous forests and tree-covered valleys. It was stunning. (Canadians say “stunning” a lot. Like more than usual. That’s not common in America, right? Also, they constantly use the term “gong show.” Like, “The Bachelorette was crazy! Zak wore a penguin costume and Brooks has 14 million siblings, and Chris has some snot issues. It was a gong show!” That’s a thing up here in the frozen north.) Anyway, British Columbia is beautiful. This place is called Emerald Lake. (Cause the water’s green, you guys.)



IMG_4210I got this necklace in the mail the other day, and nearly died. Do you guys know the “jove” story? Basically, back when my mom was first learning to text, she sent me a message that said “I jove you.” I was at a World Series game with Ashley, Alecia and Micah when I got it, and I showed them, and it stuck. We tell each other we jove each other all the time now. What sweet friends I have!! (Also, this necklace is a replacement for the “Jove” tattoos that Alecia suggested we get, so super grateful for the necklace.)

We went to the Calgary Stampede last weekend! Basically, it is like the Minnesota State Fair (not like the ridiculously awful Colorado State Fair), but with more cowboys and rodeoness and covered wagon races. I loved it! We went to the auctioneering championship (yes, that’s a thing), and the youth talent show finals, and the trade show, and ate fair food. Also, we entered a drawing for a $700,000 house, which we’re totally going to win. Also, I got to see some baby pigs, which made me so happy, but then they kind of looked a little bit like rats, which grossed me out. And we took a picture with an Indian in an awesomely beaded outfit.


OK, I think that’s enough for today, mainly because pictures take a long time to load, and I’m lazy. I hope you enjoyed “Summer Joving: A Pictorial Essay of My Summer in Canada, and Also Some Hummus Cookies.”

See you soon, pumpkins!


April 24, 2013

Thank you for allowing me to guilt you into commenting yesterday. Keep the guilt comments coming. It validates me.

Are you guys playing Ruzzle? If not, why not?! Get the app. Basically, I’m horrible at it. It’s a word-finder game — kind of like Boggle. Is Boggle a game? I think it is. I am too lazy to google it. … I just googled it. Yes, Ruzzle is like Boggle. I pretty much lose to everyone I play, but it’s addicting and I love it.

Since I haven’t been blogging, I haven’t been thinking to take pictures for you guys. And we all know that a blog is better with a good photo or two. Let me see what I can find…

This was my room after comps. Complete, shameful disaster. I couldn’t keep up with both learning how to parse Hebrew verbs and making my bed. I just couldn’t.


Andrew, me, Diana and Andy went to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago. I had never been. It was honestly magical. I loved it. I even blogged about it. This is us on Splash Mountain, which was one of my favorites. I think that girl behind Andrew was not enjoying it quite so much.


This is a picture of a duck who loves to surf. All he does is win.


This was my car last week. Colorado: May is one week from today. One week from today. Get it together.


Are you bored yet? I am.

I’m teaching at CCU today on Hebrew poetry and wisdom literature. Basically, the Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and Job. It’s a lot to cover in one day, so most likely I will not cover any of it well. I love the book of Job. It’s kind of a weird book to love, but I just think it’s interesting. What I find fascinating is when God finally responds to Job after he’s been questioning for ages. God doesn’t give him any answers. None at all. Instead he talks a lot about the things in nature that he created and all the animals he cares for. He demonstrates his power over all of creation. And Job is stunned. He recognizes who God is and who he is not. It’s pretty amazing.

OK, that’s all I’ve got. To get to know each other a bit better, let’s each share our favorite Friends character. Mine is Ross. Or Chandler. Also, Monica. Maybe Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani. I can’t choose. You?

Two days in a row. Not to brag or anything.

It’s just a winter wonderland out there, guys. No big deal. I think we’re all super excited that it’s still winter. No one wishes it were sunny or warm or green. Everyone would rather have this.


Today I need to learn 64 Greek vocabulary words for a quiz tonight. Any guesses on how many I’ve memorized already?

I also need to finish preparing my lecture for the OT class I’m teaching at CCU. My plan was to finish this lecture Sunday night, and then last night. Any guesses on how well I did?

Guys, let’s say congrats to my roommate, Heather, who got engaged this weekend!! She and Dalton are pretty perfect for each other, so it’s really exciting. Yay for love!

Umm, I just discovered that the shirt I’m wearing right now has a stain on it. I’m good at life.

I made avocado egg salad last night. I’m on a bit of a protein kick lately. This means that I bought a new blender so I can make protein shakes for breakfast. (My new blender is red. My old blender wouldn’t blend things.) I read something awhile back about how the soy content in most protein powders can be bad for women. So I have some that is gluten-free, soy-free, additives-free. Also, it is taste-free. But whatever. Just add raspberries. That’s my motto.

Remember how no one left a comment on my blog yesterday? I know you guys were reading it. Leave me a note. Mean.

So if I make it through the next few weeks of Greek and lesson-writing, I will be off to Canada for the summer at the end of May! I’m going to hang out in Alberta with Andrew. I’m super excited because 1. Andrew is my favorite, 2. The sun stays up until after 10 in Alberta in the summer(!), and 3. I may see a moose. ALSO, the biggest sign that this is a good plan is that the very first Target is opening in Andrew’s city in May. I will leave America, but not my beloved Target. God is good to me. (I’m kind of not kidding.)

Until then, I have a lot of boring things to do. They’re boring. I’m bored. Let’s go out for dinner instead. Leave me a comment and tell me when you’re free.



Some Things

April 22, 2013

It’s Monday. As good a day as any to write a blog post. That’s my motto.

Here are some things I’d like to say:

* Peplum tops look bad on me. I need this trend to be done because I can’t pull it off. I also need to get rid of that peplum shirt I bought when I was fooling myself into thinking I could pull it off.

* Not today.


* Winter will not freaking end. Why is it almost May and snowing today? Probably because I live in Colorado where things like this happen every spring. But still

* I’ve been gone from the bloggy so long that you don’t even know all of my favorite shows right now! Basically, I don’t have any. (Why does Parenthood have such a short season?!) I’ve been watching Scandal. Totally unrealistic drams. Also, Project Runway. More totally unrealistic drams. And my favorite, Parks & Recreation. The best drams.

* Drams is short for “drama.” Except that it has the exact same number of letters.

* I am pretending like it hasn’t been a literal three months since I last blogged. Can you tell?

* I can’t pretend with you guys. It has been forever. This is mainly because January, February and March were pretty miserable months for me. I had my comprehensive exams on March 2, which meant that January and February involved a lot of cramming, crying, librarying and overeating. Comps was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t been working on my thesis as well, but I was. Also, it wouldn’t have been so bad if comps didn’t involve a six-hour-hand-written essay test that covers everything you have ever learned, plus a whole bunch of stuff you’ve never learned. The worst. I spent so many nights memorizing pages of notes and then promptly forgetting them. Then eating chips. But, somehow I managed to pass, and I felt so good when they were done. Then I finished the rough draft of my thesis by March 18, and this past Friday I just finished the revisions. Done!!! So happy.

* Now I just have to figure out how to pass Greek and then I will be all graduated. Like a boss.

* Graduation is 3.5 weeks away. It feels like 3.5 years.

* This is my absolute new favorite thing. This guy takes pictures of his son, who is crying, and then tells us why. Go there now. I laughed until I was crying just as hard as his son.

* I am done writing now. BUT, I am going to write again soon. Because there’s so much to catch you up on — (spoiler alert: A lot of it probably has to do with TV.)

K, I’ll be back soon!