I like to blog once every six or so months. Keeps the writing skills in shape.

One day, you guys. One day this will be a thriving blog with a fresh, new look and an author who writes on it more than never. It may not happen until the restored Eden, but it will happen.

Anyhoos. How is every all of you? To catch you up on all the exciting haps of my life (work and TV), here’s a little listy! (It is Friday, after all.)

  1. Apparently I am birthing a baby within the next three-ish weeks. Umm….

Here’s a bit of a progression for you. It’s gotten super-sized around here.






I am having a baby so soon! I have decided that I am not one of those women who loves being pregnant. Good for those of you who are, but I find the hefting and maneuvering and groaning to get out of bed eighty times a night to go to the bathroom a bit excessive. Not my cup of tea. I’ve also had some issues with uterine fibroids (non-cancerous tumors on my uterus) that have sent me to the ER a few times, so that hasn’t helped. Overall, I’m ready to be not pregnant again.

It’s getting really exciting! I am feeling ready to meet this little man who is constantly kicking and punching and hiccuping. (What is he so busy doing in there? Sometimes he’s so active — very important things to do and nowhere to go.) What’s he like? Will we get along? Is he going to like Friday Night Lights? All things we need to know.

But then sometimes I am super nervous about it. First of all: labor. They showed us a nice little video at our prenatal class, and the lady in the video gave birth naturally, and she looked like she was having a semi-tough time, but mostly the baby just kind of slid out of her and then they celebrated and laughed and cried. Then we went home and I looked up some You Tube videos. HORRIFYING. These women were near death and screaming and HORRIBLE things were happening to their unmentionables. I can’t do it. Put me to sleep and take him out of my belly somehow and wake me in three months when my body has recovered.

Second of all: after labor, I have a baby! What do I do with him? What if he makes me cry all the time? (I hear that he will.) What if he isn’t into the food I offer him? What if he doesn’t like Friday Night Lights? Yikes.

Seriously, though, it’s pretty exciting. I already can tell that I love him so much, and I’ve put the Shema in his room so we can work on loving the Lord right away. This baby is making me a bit sappy though. The other day I started crying because pretty soon I won’t feel him in my belly anymore, and I felt sorry for Andrew who has never gotten to feel him move around inside of him, and then I watched an episode of Call the Midwife where a baby is born early and they think it’s dead, but then it’s alive! I pride myself on not letting my emotions control me.

Also, I get to buy him old man sweaters and teacup piglet hats.


2. I have one more week of work before I go on my year-long maternity leave. Canada! You’re amazing. I’m so, so grateful to have the year. But it’s also weird to be leaving work for a year but not officially quitting. Work has been awesome lately — I got to teach a college Bible class, and this past summer I facilitated the whole church doing the Community Bible Experience where we read the New Testament together. I think I might miss work a bit.

3. What are all of the Netflix shows I should watch while I’m up feeding at 4 a.m.? Please leave suggestions. Unfortunately, Canadian Netflix is different than American, so probably only about half of what you recommend will be available to me. If so, I’ll allow you to mail me DVDs of the recommended shows. Thanks.

4. Did I tell you I got to hold a piglet the other day? Cause I did.


5. After Target abandoned me they have apparently decided to start shipping to Canada. Except that Andrew heard a radio report and Target apparently is the worst at knowing how to plan to do business in a foreign country. The prices online are super high, which is because of the exchange rate. But most companies temper those prices because they know people will have to pay a lot for shipping. But not Target! Some lady tried to buy a pair of $25 pajamas and after Target added in her shipping costs and everything, her bill was over $70. So, basically, if Target doesn’t do like other companies and lower costs so that the overall price is manageable, no Canadians are going to order from them and they’ll shut down the online shipping and fail again! Target! For the love of all that is beautiful and Oh Joy and Nate Berkus, please get it together!

6. I don’t know what it means to whip or nae nae. I think I have a general idea of what “on fleek” means.

7. Canada just had an election. The season lasted for like 60 days or something and everyone was dying because it was so long and they were so tired of politics. Sweet, innocent Canadians.

OK, I have things to do, people. (Mindy Project, eating, maybe some freelance.) How are you? Leave me a little note to let me know. Joves!




Hi, guys!

Well, I’m drinking coffee, looking through the Target catalog and getting ready to watch last night’s Parenthood (I have to prepare and hydrate for Parenthood because of all the thousands of tears.). I am feeling cozy and warm and nostalgic, which brought me back to the good old days. The days of Friday Listday. Shall we?

1. I feel like we need to start this post off the right way. My cousin Emily just posted this video on Facebook. The title is “Baby Bouncing” but the reality is 4,000 times better than that. Because it is actually a tiny monkey. In a snowsuit. Bouncing around. In the snow. He’s wearing a scarf. You. Are. Welcome.

2. So, Andrew owned a beautiful condo before we got married. Then when we got married he let me move into it. I have begun making a few “tweaks” to his decorating style. Andrew might interpret “tweaks” as a “completely unrecognizable home.” Potato/potato. (I pronounced both of those in my head as po-tay-to. So there.) Anyhoo, we’ve been doing some redecorating. We bought a dining room table the other day, but no chairs. Because who needs chairs? Except then we realized that we need chairs. So we started looking around, and why is a single dining room chair $200? Actually? Why? Me and my cheapness were not having it.

But then we experienced a festivus miracle. We had a couple days off and we decided to spend a night in Banff. It’s just we do, you guys. Off to the mountains for a spa day. (There was no spa.) Anyway, our hotel had just remodeled and they had a million dining room chairs in their parking garage. So we casually asked the hotel manager what they were going to do with all those chairs, whatever we don’t even care. He said we could take them for free!! Unfortunately, my SUV was already full, so we spent the next eighty years packing and unpacking and jerry-rigging chairs to the top of my car. FREE chairs!


Yay! I’m going to paint them and re-cover the seats. Which leads me to my next dilemma. There are a million fabrics out there and I want them all. I’m going for a mid-century modern look, and there are so many funky, fun prints. Here are a few examples…




Don’t even venture toward my Pinterest page. It is flooded with my indecision in various shades, colors and prints.

3. I have lots of videos today. Including this little gem.

4. Update: I watched Parenthood. I cried.

5. Our pastor has been preaching through the book of Deuteronomy and I am loving it. Why do I love the Old Testament so much? I just do, guys. It’s so beautiful. I’ve been blogging about each week because there’s some really cool stuff over in Deuteronomy. Check it out.

6. Umm, I have another video. I didn’t even know they were re-doing Cinderella until every single person on Facebook began posting the trailer for the new Cinderella movie coming out in March. So you’ve probably already seen it. But maybe you want to watch it again. I don’t know your life. Here it is. (Also, remember Gus in the cartoon Cinderella? I love him, but I hate mice. Very conflicting.)

7. Guys, I’m an immigrant now. Like actually. So that’s weird. We’ve been working on my permanent residency application — it’s so much paperwork, and it’s really hard to figure out. We have to provide tons of info on me, on Andrew and his job, and on our relationship history. We had to make a chart of every single visit we had while we were dating — the dates, the number of days we spent together and what we did. We have to provide all of our flight records and pictures. I have to send my fingerprints to the FBI and I have to get a physical. It’s a lot of work, but it’s obviously worth it.

But what I’ve been thinking about as an official immigrant is how hard it would be to go through this process if English weren’t my first language. In theory, I’m good at English. I make my career out of stringing together English words. But there are so many things on this application I don’t understand. I also would have such a hard time going through this process if Andrew and I didn’t have good jobs. In order for me to get a credit card and build my credit history in Canada, we had to put into a saving account the amount of money we want my credit limit at. So, it’s not even really a credit card, but it’s a way to build credit for me so that I can get a normal card in a couple of years. If I was an immigrant working a minimum wage job, it would be so hard for me to set aside a big chunk of money so that I could begin building credit in this country.

Anyway, through this process I am feeling way more empathy for immigrants. It’s a hard process and it would be tough to do without money or knowledge of the language. Which of course reminds me of Deuteronomy, which of course reminds me of how often God talks to the Israelites about loving the foreigner because they know what it was like to be a foreigner in Egypt.

OK, end of Listday! Have a wonderful weekend, friends! And Happy Wedding, Courtney!!!


Denise Ruth Morris Snyder

Friday! Listday!

1. My friend Kim is watching Friday Night Lights for the first time, and she invited me to come watch an episode with her today. So, if anyone needs me, I’ll be in Dillon with my best friends this afternoon.

2. Parenthood. Ugh. All the crying and the sadness and the heartache. I don’t want to be too spoilery, so I’ll use code words. Lawyer Lady and Schmole need to work it out. (Code, guys.) Also, do we think Crosby and Jasmine are going to end up buying the house? Because I do. And, last night’s episode reminded me of the saddest song in the world. Now I love me some sad songs, but “Say Something” is just almost too much for me to handle.

3. I am thinking of seeing if 24 Hour Fitness will let me buy a month-long membership. That way I can pretend I am being productive by going to Turbo Kick and Body Sculpt and like such as. I will not, however, be going anywhere near a treadmill. They are the worst invention in the history of the world. They promote running, which I am against.


4. I liked this article with Three Tips for Better Bible Reading. It suggests listening to an audio version of the Bible. I like this because back in the day, people didn’t have their own copies of the Scripture. They heard it and learned it by going to the synagogue and hearing it read aloud. Much of the Bible was meant to be read aloud (think of Paul’s letters that were read to congregations, the poetry of the Psalms, etc.) It also suggests reading one book of the Bible in one sitting and reading without the chapter and verse markings (chapters and verses weren’t added until the 1500s). I love both of these suggestions because they promote reading the Bible like the beautiful, true story it is. When we fragment it, we miss so much!

5. I’m going to see The Book Thief tonight. Has anyone seen it? I really liked the book. There was a 7 p.m. showing and a 9:30 showing, and we are opting for the earlier one. Because of old age.


6. Here’s the thing, Ralph Lauren. I’m not sure I can approve of your patchwork quilt sweaters for Team USA at the Olympics. They’re too much. I feel like they should be hanging in a farmhouse kitchen. I also feel like, why is Carson Daly still on TV? (p.s. apparently that sweater is only $598.)


7. I have nothing for #7. Leave a comment for what you think it should be!

Have a great weekend!

Friday is in the house! (Is that still a phrase? From the early 90s? … Got it.) Listy times!

1. I need to write this Friday Listday in a hurry because I am about to work out. Right after I finish this donut.

2. So for Christmas Andrew got the game Killer Bunnies from his friend Lisa. It has caused us to break up about six times so far.


It is the weirdest, most fun, most random, oddest game ever. Your goal is to have the winning carrot and to collect bunnies. But there are millions of cards that attack bunnies or add carrots or take away all of your things. I can’t explain it you guys. (Clearly.) All I have to say is that it’s super fun but it may cause break-ups if someone doesn’t let it go if he doesn’t get his way or if someone pouts and refuses to talk and gets super passive-aggressive when her plans fail. It really brings out the best qualities in everyone. Play it now!

3. My friend Kim just emailed me and told me all about how she has started watching Friday Night Lights because it is the best. show. on. earth. She asked if it was pathetic that she cried over the lives of fictional characters in Dillon, Texas. First of all, I refuse to believe they are fictional. Coach and Tami and Landry are real. Secondly, NO. Thirdly, I want to watch the whole series again. Andrew, let’s do it this weekend.


4. You know that commercial where the lady is getting her nails done and then she goes and eats chips and ruins her fresh manicure? Do you know where this is going? Because, yes, that was me the other day. Excelling at life as usual.

5. Are you looking for a way to keep the squirrels in your life more comfortable? Probably the answer is, yes. You’re welcome.


6. Guys, the Olympics start in just a few weeks! It’s the most wonderful time of the every two years! My favorite winter Olympic sports are figure skating, downhill skiing and speed skating. I cannot even wait. As soon as the Olympics start I am suddenly in love with sports I have never heard of and would never watch in any other circumstance. I also suddenly feel quite patriotic.


7. Guys, I am feeling sad. On Sunday I go back to Colorado. It will be great to see my friends, but I am sad to leave Andrew and to not know when I will be coming back. I am hoping to hear news about my visa in early February, and I am praying that there are no more delays and that they send me a letter telling me to get to Canada as fast as I can and that they’ll be waiting at the border for me with a hug and a Tim Horton’s gift card. But until then, I am sad to leave my boo.

Ok, friends! Have a great times weekend. Buy killer bunnies and play with friends who will soon become enemies! See you soon!


I had lots of visitors to my blog yesterday, guys. What does it say about us as a group of friendsies that my blog traffic spikes on the day I talk about toilets and blind date eavesdropping? We are classy people. We are meant to be, you guys.

It’s Friday! Let’s have a listday for old times’ sake.

1. Have we all seen this one by now? The clever, you guys. It speaks to me.


2. For Christmas, my Auntie Faye got Andrew a sound machine. It is perfect for him. You can push buttons for a variety of noises — horns, screams, clapping, laughter, breaking glass, and various bodily noises that would not be approved of in the luxury bathroom. Andrew has been using his new toy while he teaches. (Nonstop.) Kids now know if he approves (applause) or is disappointed (the wah wah sound). I’m sure Andrew’s classes would love to personally thank you for this special gift, Faye. I’ll give them your phone number.

3. I have a delish recipe for you! My mom got this chocolate almond bark recipe from a friend and we made it over Christmas — it’s so quick and easy! Unfortunately, Jilly and I basically ate it all before we ever got to any Christmas celebrations. What I like about it is that it’s all good fat and no added sugar!

Dark Chocolate Almond Bark


  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • ¾ cup slivered almonds
  • 2 bags dark chocolate chips (If you’re going low sugar, look for chips with the highest cacao content you can find and no added sugar.)
  • ½ cup unsweetened coconut
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon almond extract


In a saucepan on the stove, melt the coconut oil over medium-low heat. Add the almonds and sauté for a few minutes until the almonds are light brown.

In a bowl, mix the chocolate chips, coconut, vanilla extract and almond extract. Pour the hot coconut oil/almond mixture into the bowl and stir until all the chocolate has melted. Pour the mixture onto a greased cookie sheet or 9×13 baking dish. Put in the fridge until hardened, and then break the almond bark into pieces. Store the chocolate in the fridge (the coconut oil makes it melt easily!).

4. Remember Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani? He’s the best. A ghost.

A ghost

5. Has everyone seen Frozen except me? I keep hearing really good things about it. I also want to see the new one about Walt Disney and the Marry Poppins lady. What’s it called again? Tom Hanks Wears a Mustache? Ryan From the Office Writes a Song? SuperCaliFragilisticThisWordIsTooLongToType? Anyhoo, want to see that. Also, I’m devastatingly behind on Parenthood (thanks no Hulu in Canada). Don’t tell me what’s been going on the last two weeks. Although, here’s my guess: Amber cries, Ray Romano stutters, Crosby is irresponsible, Sarah take a picture, Amber cries, Zeke talks about Vietnam, Amber cries, and all of our hearts are forever warmed. Is that about right?

6. This guy. He’s my favorite.


7. Last week at church, we saw a video of a couple from the church who had recently given their lives to the Lord. Their story was powerful — release from alcohol addiction, recovery from cancer, and the graciousness of God who remembers His people in their distress. The lives of this couple have not been easy, but God has revealed Himself to them in really beautiful ways. At the end of the video was this verse from the book of Psalms.

You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds, O God our Savior. You are the hope of everyone on earth. Psalm 65:5

Take time to bless God this weekend — the hope of everyone on earth.

So long and farewell!!

It’s Friday Listday! Let’s embrace it with gusto, shall we?

1. Here are the 11 reasons I need a teacup piglet. This picture is reason numero uno.

teacup piglet

2. Ashley is hosting a going away party for me tonight! A bunch of my friends are going to come to say farewell even though we still have no idea when I’m leaving or if Canada will even let me in. So that’s kind of weird, but who doesn’t love a party? We’re going with a Canadian theme, which basically means a lot of red and white. Here’s a little preview.


3. I had seen this before, but it recently showed up on my Facebook newsfeed again. So I watched it again. And I cried again. It is the sweetest, simplest love story.

4. Did you guys ever play with Fisher-Price people when you were little? I loved them. I would play Little House with them — I had Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura and Carrie. And then they’d go swimming in the pool. (Not quite sure how that worked in the 1860s, but whatever.) Anyhoo, my mom pinned some pics on Pinterest because apparently the Fisher-Price people are now considered vintage. The toys I played with in the late 80s are apparently vintage because I am old enough to be vintage. (Luckily, vintage is my favorite.)


5. Walter White has expanded his business. (I haven’t finished season 5 yet, so don’t say a word!)


6. There’s this. Is that one supposed to be a topless gopher waitress? Children visit the Gopher Hole Museum! Children!


7. I posted earlier this week about the lesson I was writing on Revelation. How it reminded me of when things were broken in the beginning, and how, through Jesus’ sacrifice, the restoration has begun. One day, all will be made right. My friend Kerry reminded me of this song, a great reminder that Jesus is making all things new. We look forward to the day when death dies.

Have a great weekend, pumpkin spices!

Question for the troops (you are the troops). What day is it? (Answer: Friday. Or July 19. Or the sixth day. But the answer I’m looking for is Friday, you guys.)

What do we do on Fridays? (And by “on Fridays” I mean “about every 16th Friday, when I actually decide to blog.”) (Answer: Listday.)

Let’s Friday Listday, y’all.

1. This afternoon we are going to Westerner Days here in Red Deer! We apparently cannot get enough of fairs, you guys! I just looked it up, and this fair includes miniature horse shows (!!!), the Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club (?!?!?!), and Super Dogs (which reminds me of that pig show at the CO State Fair). I am excited!

Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club. What is going on?!?!? I’m terrified.


2. I am writing some curriculum about how to make wise decisions. I wish I would write it, so I could use it and then maybe I would make the wise decision to stop posting pictures of jumping rabbits and make some money by writing curriculum. It’s a vicious cycle.

3. Watch this video. It’s literally 7 seconds. This bear has the best manners! He’s probably a relative of the Berenstains.

4. Last night we went to Bower Ponds for some outdoor theater. Romeo and Juliet: The Mosquito Diaries.


Actually, I was terrified all day that the play would be ruined by bugs, but they weren’t too bad. (I think they were less bad because there was a literal cloud of Deet surrounding us and our lungs at all times, but that’s the price we pay for culture.)

These smiles are brought to you by Deet.


5. It is possible that I am going to be in a parade tomorrow. That’s all I have to say for now.

6. Red Deer friends! (I don’t have any Red Deer friends.) There are tons of clothes on clearance at Target right now! And they’re almost all cute. Except why won’t this peplum top trend go away? Anyhoo, cheap clothes at Target. Do it up.

7. This article made me want to buy and live in a camper. They’re cute, and I could travel to every fair in North America and see jumping rabbits to my heart’s content.


OK, gotsta go! Have a good times weekend!


Hey, Friday Listday. How you doin’? (Also, no need to say that phrase or anything else from Friends to anyone in college or younger, because they’ve never heard of Monica or Chandler or the Holiday Armadillo or Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani. This is a sick, sad world we live in.)

1. Let’s start Friday Listday off with a little Psych reminiscing.


2. Last night, Andrew’s guitar students had a showcase at their school. They did such a good job! They played music from different genres, and played and sang some of their own songs, and even did a version of Walk Off the Earth’s awesome guitar magic version of “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Talent. One girl sang a song that I immediately fell in love with because it is slow and sad and rainy like all the songs I love. It’s called “Bloom” by the Paper Kites. You should listen to it/watch it now.

3. Yesterday was actually one of the busiest days I’ve had in The Deer so far. I had two sweet girls over for lunch — Andrew’s former students — and they were kind, and one of them even brought me wildflowers in a mason jar. (Heart.Won.) Then I went to Stacy’s house and we made darling Pinterest-inspired graduation hat treats for her Sunday school kids. Then my new friend Meghan wanted to go to Target. I decided to humor her/jumped with delight at the suggestion. We shopped at the happiest place on earth (you heard me, Disney) and then went to dinner, and it was so fun. Meghan is super cool, and she also likes sad, rainy music, so: instant friends.

4. I have forced one of my new roommates to start watching Friday Night Lights. Oh yes I have. Andrew claims that I am a bit pushy when it comes to the show, but I prefer the term passionate. Or awesome. Or quit talking and let’s get to know Tim Riggins already. Also, everyone who I threaten with death gently encourage to watch the show, ends up weeping at my feet with gratitude because I introduced them to Coach, Tami, Matt and Landry, so: worth it. Andrew was leaving my place last night, and we walked out to find Jodi watching the last couple minutes of an episode in season 1. We saw those last two minutes and then decided we should probably watch the whole next episode with her. Never gets old.

I mean, how can we not love it?


5. Sylvan Lake is a little town near Red Deer, and they are celebrating their centennial this weekend. FESTIVITIES, you guys! They’re showing a drive-in movie tonight, and we are going! It will probably be about zero degrees and raining, but I don’t care. I love drive-ins! Mostly because of snacks and blankets. They’re showing The Goonies, which I’ve never seen. Is that a crime? Because I feel like whenever I tell people my age that I’ve not seen The Goonies, people want to lock my parents up for child abuse. Sorry, world. I’ve not see it. I think it’s about some preteen boys and a caving adventure or something? Is that right? Who cares. I will have licorice and popcorn.

6. These cookies look good don’t they?


My guess is that they’re probably not, because I clicked over to the recipe and discovered that they’re mostly made of chickpeas. They’re gluten-free and sugar-free and egg-free and probably awesome-free. But I am going to make them today, and I will bring you the results next week. Please wait on tenterhooks. Tenterhooks.

7. Charles in Charge, in case you’re reading this (I doubt you are, since you can’t find the link through Facebook, because you refuse to get on Facebook, because you don’t want people to know your business (what business?!) and news flash: Obama is spying on you even without Facebook, but in case you are reading this) Happy Father’s Day!!! Just so you know, mail takes a lot longer to arrive when sent from Canada. Also when you haven’t mailed anything yet. But I do have a card for you sitting right here in my room. I love you, and thanks for being my dad, and please come visit me this summer!

OK, friends! Have a great weekend! Bye!


Sorry that I didn’t blog yesterday, you guys. Get off my back. (Actually, no one was on my back. No one said a word. No one noticed that I didn’t blog. I’m hurt.)

I’m willing to try to forgive you all, although it may take a little time and effort. Time and effort that I will invest into Friday Listday!

1. Do you guys even really know where I’m at? Since I’ve been dating Andrew, I’ve realized that I (and pretty much every all other Americans) don’t know much about countries other than our own. Selfish. We especially don’t know anything about Canada. Except that it is America’s hat. So, here are a few facts for you.

* I am living in the province of Alberta. A province is like a state. Alberta is right above Montana.


* There are 10 provinces in Canada and three territories. I think about 4 and a half people live in the territories according to the last census.

* Canada is the world’s second largest country, by area. It is cold a lot. Also, apparently Alberta is Seattle, because it’s been raining quite a bit. However when the sun does come out, it stays out until almost 10 in the summer, and I am loving it. It never feels late, and we can go for walks and it’s beautiful. The upside of the rain is that everything is green and fresh, and all the trees are blooming. This is the tree that lives outside my window.


* The capital of Canada is Ottawa, which is located in the province of Ontario. But here’s something confusing that I just discovered. Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario. That would be like Denver being the capital of the United States, but Colorado Springs being the capital of Colorado. I don’t get it. (Andrew, please explain your country to us.)

* The capital of Alberta is Edmonton, which is in northern Alberta. Calgary is Alberta’s largest city and it’s in southern Alberta. Red Deer (or The Deer, as the locals (me) like to call it) is right in between Calgary and Edmonton and about 100,000 people live here.

red deer

* Also, about 100,000 jackrabbits live in Red Deer. They are giant and I think they could rise up and kill us all.


OK, that was point number one and everyone has fallen asleep due to my geography lesson. Friday Listday is off to a good start.

2. Let’s wake up and get our hearts pumping with a little Prancercise! Because this is a thing. A glorious thing in which you prance around like a horse in too-tight pants. Enjoy.

3. I did not blog yesterday because I was in southern Alberta visiting my friend Alecia!! She was in northern Montana this week and decided to drive up in to Canada to come see me. It was the best because it meant that I had a bit of home here, a bestie to chat with. So good. Alecia was enthralled with Canada (even though she’s been here about seven thousand times and it’s really not that different from the States). She took lots of pictures of candy. I think because some of the wrappers are different and they have some French wording? She also took a picture of the bathroom because it’s called a washroom in Canada. And she took pictures of donuts, although I’m still not sure why. Overall, it was great good times to see her and Opie the Dog.

4. One of my favorite things about Red Deer so far is that they have a store called Bulk Barn. It is a magical world of candy and spices and chips and natural peanut butter and bird seed — all available in bulk form. I may have gotten a lot of sour gummy candy (because apparently that’s my new thing?) Look what else they have in bulk, you guys!


5. OK, here’s a real problem. My car has been smelling weird lately, and I couldn’t figure out what it was. Yesterday I discovered that the floorboard on my driver’s side is soaking wet. Like soaking. Also, last night I was driving without the radio on, and when I braked, I could hear sloshing. There’s water in my car, you guys. Where? How? Why? The other day there was a huge storm, and I had to drive through a lake-sized puddle. Could that be it? But how did it get into the car? And where is it in my car? If you or someone you know might know what’s wrong and how to fix the problem for $0-$1, please let me know!

6. I wrote posts about graduation and post-graduation over on Boundless. I have so much more time now that I’m free from school! It’s weird and kind of nice. I am realizing that I have time to stop in at an antique store if I want to. I have time to pluck my eyebrows, to get my clothes folded, to go for walks. It’s the small things that I’m noticing, and the past couple of days, I’m kind of liking it. However, there is still one thing I do not have time for.


7. It is so great to get to see Andrew every day, you guys. We’ve been long distance for a long time, and honestly, I got kind of used to it. For us it was “normal” to talk on the phone or Facetime once a day. I didn’t expect to see him or to go to events with him or to have dinner with him. But now that we’re getting to do those things, I am loving it. The other night we got a boatload of sushi. (Get it? You guys, do you get it? The sushi is in a literal boat.)


After sushi, we went to the library and read magazines. Then watched Lost. And then I got to see him the next day. It’s really wonderful. I love him and I’m just very, very grateful that the Lord has brought me joy through this funny, smart, hard-working, perfect-for-me man. The best.

OK, guys. I haven’t been to Target in like three days, which is some kind of record. It is probably missing me. I should go visit. Also, tonight we are going to a graduation banquet at the high school Andrew teaches at. In Canada, high school students graduate before finals. There’s still like three or four weeks of school left, but graduation is today. And then they have a formal banquet tonight. They dress up like for prom. (Sadly, I forgot my bright pink prom dress, which would have been a treat for everyone.) So, I should probably take a shower or something.

I hope you all have a great times weekend! Joves to you!