Morris No More (ish)

July 25, 2014

GUYS. (I’m proud of that title.)

This is probably the last post I write as Denise Morris! Will you even recognize my writing once I’m a Snyder? (It’ll be the same, everyone. A lot of “you guys;” a lot of baby animal comments. A lot of whining. Perhaps I will suddenly mature as a married woman, but at the moment (while I literally look at a picture of a teacup piglet playing a guitar), it is feeling doubtful.)



Actually, I probably won’t legally change my name until we’re done with all of the permanent residency stuff, which should only take about 400 years.

So, next Thursday after work, Andrew and I will pack up the car with 600,000 ivory tablecloths and begin the drive down to Colorado! I’m so excited to see my friends and my mountains. We’ll be there the week before the wedding — and I’m sure everyone is excited to help me with all the tissue paper and crepe paper and other paper-type crafts. My Jilly Bean is coming in early, which is so good because I haven’t seen her since Christmas! Then Charles in Charge gets in and Andrew’s family and all of our other family, and all our besties, and having a wedding is really weird! All your peoples, all together.

Umm, have you guys been following along with Andrew’s “May the Best Man Win” best man competition on Facebook? So thrilling!!! If you’ve been reading, you’ve noticed Andrew’s great hashtag skills. It’s the main reason I’m marrying him. #hashtaglove #hashtagstud #ahashtagadaykeepsthedoctoraway

Last weekend we went to our friend Meghan’s beautiful wedding! It was the best. The ceremony was at their farm, and their backdrop was an old shed with lights and beads strung everywhere. I mean. So darling. And this barn.



They were beautiful and happy, and it was so fun to get to celebrate with them!! Also, Meghan is my style twin. I loved everything about everything she did for her decorations. #styletwins #stylesisters #stylesiblings #thatsenoughofthat

Have you guys read this article about what fakesters we are on Instagram? My friend Suzanne shared it with me, and it’s the best. Totes casual, drinking my coffee, early-morning sunlight. Whatevs, faker.

I mentioned awhile ago that I am re-reading Christopher J.H. Wright’s The Mission of God’s People. It is so good, you guys. We often tend to think about missions in terms of going to another country. We automatically turn to the book of Acts for advice on how to do missions. But this book makes the point that God has been on mission since the very beginning, since the first sin. God chose Abraham, and told him that His mission would be completed through his family. They would be a blessing to all families on earth. God invited Israel to a mission — to represent Him through the way they lived and followed His law. Their worship of Yahweh would draw other nations to Him. And, yes, God has always sent people as well: Joseph, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, us. God invites us into sharing His story–His gospel with others. And He empowers us to do it through His Holy Spirit. Anyway, it’s excellent. It looks at the whole of the Bible (and always starts with the Old Testament, which I love), and talks about the ways we can represent God on our mission to share His truth. So good. So readable. Get it now.

Umm, guys! This has been so fun! I’ve spent so much time wedding planning the last few weeks — ordering napkins and writing schedules, and making lists, and thinking of what needs to get done before we go. I actually kind of like all of the craziness, but also, it’s a lot. But I’m so excited. So excited. Excited to see family and friends. Excited to be in CO. Excited to relax the week after. But mostly excited to marry Andrew and spend time that day blessing the Lord for His awesomeness with our family and friends.

Let’s do this! #deniseanddrewido



2 Responses to “Morris No More (ish)”

  1. So excited for you guys! (Except for my selfish heartbreak of not being there in person.) But, so excited!! It’s going to be the best.

  2. Marlene Velazquez said

    I am going to be stalking Facebook and IG for all things #deniseanddrewido ! So happy for you. Someone told me before my wedding to pause with my husband and look around and really seal the image to memory. I’m so glad we did, because a lot of that day is a blur, except for the pocket off time we stopped to take it in,

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