Alberta Bound!

April 17, 2014

Oh, guys. I haven’t posted in years! Basically because I had no idea what was going on with my life, so my update would have been, “Watched another 80 episodes of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix today. Never thought I’d say that.” Or, “I think “A” from Pretty Little Liars is following me around Ashley’s house…”


Or a variety of other Pretty Little Liars updates. You get the unfortunate gist.

Anyway, enough about all the nothing and preteen dramas. I have an update!

In March, I was offered the position of Associate Pastor of Connecting Ministries for Crossroads Church in Red Deer. And I accepted it! Last week I flew to Calgary to go through immigration at the airport. They could have accepted or denied our request. I came prepared with every document anyone ever could have asked for — passport, birth certificate, social security card, diplomas, medical records, things I colored when I was a child, etc. (Like I said, prepared.) I was ready for all kinds of interrogation questions and ferocious dogs to check me for drugs. But when I got in line, the guy was polite and kind and he quickly and easily approved my paperwork and even hand-wrote my visa for me because the computer systems were down. Thank you Lord!

So, I came back to Colorado this week to pack up my things. Andrew gets in tomorrow, we’ll pack up a trailer with my life on Saturday (it’s not going to be fun, everyone. I think I have too much stuff…but I can’t go to Canada without my dc talk cds!), and on Sunday go to Easter service at my beloved Wellspring and then begin the two-day drive! We’ll have to go through border stuff again when we drive across, but it should be simpler now that I have a visa! Woo hoo!

What a crazy year. It’s felt so long and weird not knowing what is happening, but now that it’s time to go, it feels so fast! I have started to feel a bit sad because I’m leaving all of my friends — most of whom I’ve known for almost 10 years now. (We are very old somehow.) Luckily I get to see them all again in August when we come back for the wedding!

Speaking of which, last time Andrew was in town, we had Matthew John Photography snap a few pics for us — no bigs. Us just standing around in fancy clothes against brick walls like normal. Here are a few of the shots.








Umm, I just saw a commercial for “clear-bottomed” Capri Suns. Basically the bottom of the pouch is see-through. So that’s an exciting new feature worth making a commercial for…

One of my friends posted this article about 26 animals that are so adorable they will make you angry. Like, furious. I’m so enraged at this teeny, tiny adorbs mini bunny!


OK, I have to go finish packing, guys! For my move. To Canada!

Have a lovely day and a very grateful and joyous Easter weekend as we remember and celebrate the One whose sacrifice and resurrection redeems us and makes all things new!




2 Responses to “Alberta Bound!”

  1. Your style is perfection. Love the photos – and I’m so, so happy for you! Woooo, Canada! Woooo, marriage! Woooo, all things new!

  2. Kelly said

    You got a visa! I’m so happy for you!!! Welcome to my country! 😀 (I say this as I begin the process to go the other way….my American boyfriend proposed!)

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