How Did People Get Married Before Pinterest?

February 5, 2014

Guys! I haven’t blogged in over a week!

Now that I am an expert at being engaged, I have a lot of planning to do. I’ve been Pinteresting and it takes up a lot of time.

I may only be in Colorado a couple more weeks, so I have some wedding things to figure out before I move to Canada! (Canadian government, please let me move to Canada. I will let you come to my wedding.) I have to figure out venue, food, flowers, teacup piglets, etc. Also, why does it cost $400,000 to rent an empty room? Do you have an empty room I can rent for $2?

Also, my heart was broken last week when Diana and I were out shopping for venues. (I have never said the word “venues” so much in my entire life. I find myself annoying.)

We went to City Park in Denver because I had seen a picture of their amazing pavilion online.


It looks out over a lake, and I loved the turquoise details. It would be a lot of work for a wedding — we’d have to bring everything in, but it was only $600 to rent. (This is super cheap in the ridiculous world of weddings. Apparently once you get engaged you’re supposed to be dying to spend every cent you and your loved ones have ever earned on creating personalized chapstick favors.) Diana and I had ninety bazillion ideas for how to decorate the space. So I called the parks and recreation department — I hoped so badly that Tom or Donna would pick up, but apparently it was Treat Yo Self 2014 because some other guy answered. He immediately informed me that every single Friday, Saturday and Sunday from June through September was booked. Heart. Broken.

Whatever. We found somewhere else, parks and rec department! (Also, one place we looked at was going to charge us $100 per TV if we wanted to have a slideshow. And if we wanted bistro lights, we couldn’t bring our own, but they would kindly put them up for us for $250. Wedding industry, you are drunk.)

JK, guys. It’s fine. I’ve been pinning all kinds of darling ideas over on Pinterest. Andrew knows about none of them. He’s fine. (Hopefully he won’t mind when our wedding theme is “Little House on the Prairie” and we make all the guests wear petticoats and eat head cheese.)

I wonder if Andrew is excited that he gets to marry this.


Here’s my excuse for these pajamas. 1. It was super cold when I woke up! 2. I love to represent Colorado whenever I can. 3. That sweater is so warm. 4. I have no excuses. It’s hideous.

I’m working on a book editing project, and it’s making my shoulders hurt. It’s also convinced me that I have arthritis or carpel tunnel. (I never jump to conclusions, guys.)

It’s just snow city here in Colorado. Probably punishment for the worst Superbowl in the history of ever. Yikes. We watched the game at Micah’s, and we spent most of the time either yelling in disappointment or silently eating dip in disappointment. (I preferred the silent dip times.)

I suppose I should go do some more editing (i.e. pinning things on Pinterest).

OH. I forgot. Sherlock. Who writes that show and how are they so freaking smart and clever?! I just love it with my whole heart. Sherlock at Watson’s wedding was the best.

OK, now I am done. (Parenthood hasn’t been on, so I’m out of blogging topics.)

Have a lovely day!!


3 Responses to “How Did People Get Married Before Pinterest?”

  1. By the way, Denise, after your recommendation of Corrina, Corrina, I bought it off amazon. What a lovely film! I’m going to show it to my parents at the weekend, as I think they’ll love it too… 🙂

  2. denisemorris said

    LGR — oh, I’m so glad you like it! I think it’s a darling movie.

  3. whatbliss said

    I love Sherlock so much. Okay, I love Benedict Cumberbatch so much, and the show is really good too! Planning a wedding does not seem fun to me. I hope Benedict is good at that stuff cause I’m gonna need help. 😉

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