Whoopi, Zack, Kelly and Gideon

January 23, 2014

My whole face hurt when I woke up this morning. And then I realized that yesterday the temp was in the mid-40s, today it’s snowy and 9 degrees, and tomorrow it’s supposed to be back to the mid-50s. The pressure is too much for my sinuses! Oh, the joys of Colorado life.

Also, I think a lot of the schools and businesses had two-hour delays this morning because of the snow. Do not tell Canada. They will make fun of us incessantly, especially because there are only about three inches of snow, and it’s the really, light fluffy kind that looks like the fake snow they use on low-budget Saturday morning TV shows. You know, liked Saved by the Bell specials where Zack and the gang go skiing and Zack wears a huge printed sweater, and Kelly is skiing in supposedly cold weather but still manages to somehow wear a one-shoulder ski jacket, and it’s clear that all their “ski scenes” are shot in an indoor set that’s about 12-feet wide and filled with fake snow.

What just happened up there? Did any of those sentences make sense? I think not.

Micah is going to be blogging about her pregnancy, and she’s the funniest and bestest, so you should read it. Favorite lines: “See above, large.” “Also, work.” She kills me. Anyway, go read her blog along with her mom.

Guys, have I told you how much I love the 1994 Whoopi Goldberg classic film, Corrina, Corrina? I am embarrassed for having written that sentence.


But it’s the truth! I love that movie! (Speaking of Whoopi, I also love me some Sister Act and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. Whoopi was on it with dorky movies back in the day.) My friends got me the VHS of Corrina, Corrina in college, but hello, as of last year VCRs aren’t cool. (Neither is saying hello.) So, I’ve been looking and looking for the DVD (actually, I haven’t), and then one day I saw it for $5! Guess where? That’s right; the place where dreams come true.

I just realized that I was writing my blog post with my coffee perched on my knee like this.


What the?!?! Next to my billion dollar computer. And in the past, I have ruined a computer by spilling on it. My ability to be the worst amazes and astounds. Maybe I’ll open a circus where people can come watch me excel at life.

Parenthood is on tonight, guys. I’m nervous.

Today I read the story of Gideon in Judges 6 and 7. Basically, the Israelites had disobeyed God and worshiped false gods (shocking). So, God allowed the Midianites to take over the Israelites. It got so bad that they finally cried out to God. So, because God is kind, he decided to rescue them.

God went to Gideon and told him to lead the Israelites in their battle against Midian. But Gideon was skeptical. He had heard that God had done amazing things for his ancestors in Egypt, but he had not seen it himself. He wondered if God had abandoned them. But God doesn’t yell at Gideon or call him a fool. Instead he tells Gideon to go rescue Israel because he’s sending him.

Again, Gideon wonders and questions. God says that he will be with him. Gideon asks for a sign. God gives him one. Gideon asks for another sign. Again, God gives it.

(This is in Israel. It looks weird. It’s related to the Gideon story.)


How kind and gracious God is to us! He didn’t owe Gideon any signs. But he gave them. He showed up and proved himself to Gideon. He didn’t yell at Gideon or berate him for questioning. He provided signs so that Gideon’s faith would be strengthened. And then what is so cool is that Gideon, the one who needed sign after sign, the one whose faith we might call weak, was then used by God to be the leader who defeated the giant Midianite army with only 300 men. Under Gideon’s leadership, the land had peace for 40 years.

I’ve often thought of Gideon as weak and foolish. Someone who needed signs. I’ve wondered that about Abraham as well because he also questioned God. But in both of those stories, we see no negative reaction from God. Instead, we see people wonder and question and then God answers and provides. Although he didn’t have to, he gave signs. He made covenants. He reassured and showed up and proved himself faithful. God is really, really good to us. I’m grateful.

So today let’s try to be aware of the all signs God is graciously giving us to show that he is faithful, even when we are not.

K, I’m out!! (Mic drop.) Have a good day!!


2 Responses to “Whoopi, Zack, Kelly and Gideon”


    You’re so right: Joel, Julia, and CAMILLE FREAKIN CAMILLE need to get it together. Everyone is making me sad. They’re making Seth look stable. Also, aren’t you all RED FLAG about Amy saying that Drew is “the only thing” getting her through her depression? Talk about pressure.

    We shall rehash after the fact.

  2. denisemorris said

    Hootenannie! Ha! Seth is looking stable! This can’t be good. And yes, about Amy. She’s got some depresh going strong. And I’m mad at other sleep-around girl who doesn’t want to date Drew but gets jealous. Get it together.

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