Friday Listday: Olympic Killer Bunnies Style

January 17, 2014

Friday is in the house! (Is that still a phrase? From the early 90s? … Got it.) Listy times!

1. I need to write this Friday Listday in a hurry because I am about to work out. Right after I finish this donut.

2. So for Christmas Andrew got the game Killer Bunnies from his friend Lisa. It has caused us to break up about six times so far.


It is the weirdest, most fun, most random, oddest game ever. Your goal is to have the winning carrot and to collect bunnies. But there are millions of cards that attack bunnies or add carrots or take away all of your things. I can’t explain it you guys. (Clearly.) All I have to say is that it’s super fun but it may cause break-ups if someone doesn’t let it go if he doesn’t get his way or if someone pouts and refuses to talk and gets super passive-aggressive when her plans fail. It really brings out the best qualities in everyone. Play it now!

3. My friend Kim just emailed me and told me all about how she has started watching Friday Night Lights because it is the best. show. on. earth. She asked if it was pathetic that she cried over the lives of fictional characters in Dillon, Texas. First of all, I refuse to believe they are fictional. Coach and Tami and Landry are real. Secondly, NO. Thirdly, I want to watch the whole series again. Andrew, let’s do it this weekend.


4. You know that commercial where the lady is getting her nails done and then she goes and eats chips and ruins her fresh manicure? Do you know where this is going? Because, yes, that was me the other day. Excelling at life as usual.

5. Are you looking for a way to keep the squirrels in your life more comfortable? Probably the answer is, yes. You’re welcome.


6. Guys, the Olympics start in just a few weeks! It’s the most wonderful time of the every two years! My favorite winter Olympic sports are figure skating, downhill skiing and speed skating. I cannot even wait. As soon as the Olympics start I am suddenly in love with sports I have never heard of and would never watch in any other circumstance. I also suddenly feel quite patriotic.


7. Guys, I am feeling sad. On Sunday I go back to Colorado. It will be great to see my friends, but I am sad to leave Andrew and to not know when I will be coming back. I am hoping to hear news about my visa in early February, and I am praying that there are no more delays and that they send me a letter telling me to get to Canada as fast as I can and that they’ll be waiting at the border for me with a hug and a Tim Horton’s gift card. But until then, I am sad to leave my boo.

Ok, friends! Have a great times weekend. Buy killer bunnies and play with friends who will soon become enemies! See you soon!



2 Responses to “Friday Listday: Olympic Killer Bunnies Style”

  1. Steph (sorry about the lame running shoe for a pic!?..) said

    Coach Taylor and Riggins are SO REAL. It’s always a good time to watch Friday Night Lights…always.

  2. denisemorris said

    So real.

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