Hot, Fresh Nose Tea

January 16, 2014

You know what we haven’t had in awhile, guys? One of these.


That dead gopher just loves alfalfa.

I was at a coffee shop again the other morning, but unfortunately, there were no weird people having a blind date. There was me ordering a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and then realizing that the “bacon” was actually ham or Canadian bacon or something. Life is full of disappointments, guys.

Speaking of disappointments, I’ve been doing the Shaun T25 workouts in front of a mirror lately. #notcute. T25 is like Insanity (I’ve never done Insanity, so I’m basically just making that up), but in 25 minutes. It’s short, you think. Can’t be that bad! (It is that bad. Especially when wearing leggings and doing push-ups in front of a mirror.) Also, why does Shaun T think I’m capable of doing burpies for an extended period of time? (Or a non-extended period of time?) Why does he think I can do this for one minute straight? Because I can’t. I am incapable, Shaun T.

Last night I went out to dinner with my friends Diane and Amanda. We went to our favorite Red Deer restaurant, One Eleven. (It’s more sophisticated when you spell out the numbers.) I’ve only been there twice now, but I have decided it’s my fave, and our goal is to get to know the chef so that he gives us free blueberry bbq ribs and spinach dip. One Eleven is in a dumpy building next to a gym and you would never know that it is classy and cool. So whenever I go in, I feel very sophisticated and in the know about Red Deer’s cultural life. Until I get blueberry bbq sauce on my shirt. Then I feel a tiny bit less sophisticated.

Andrew’s school is putting on Beauty and the Beast for their musical this year. Tara is directing it, and Andrew is doing the vocal coaching and playing in the band. I have been going to rehearsals because I won’t be here to see the actual performances at the end of the month. It’s going to be so amazing, you guys! It also makes me kind of wish that I could pour tea out of my hands like Mrs. Potts. (Or is it her nose? Cause that’s kind of gross.) But I would never be lacking in hot, refreshing drinks, guys.

It’s definitely her nose.


I am going back to Denver Sunday night. That’s weird, guys! I haven’t been in Colorado in a month and a half! Will Pikes Peak still recognize me?

On a more serious note, I found this article claiming that the church resegregated schools to be thought-provoking on many levels. I followed some of the links to other articles and sites, and mostly it just made me think that theology is important. The way we interpret Bible verses is important. I’m sure all of us have incorrect theology in some ways, but it is worth it to really try to understand the Bible for what it actually says, not just what we want it to say. And then to do what it says, not just talk about it.

On another serious note, Jaci sent me an article saying that Hershey’s is making a 3D printer that will print actual chocolate for you. So I would like one for my birthday, please.

OK, friendsies. I’m off. Have a lovely day filled with alfalfa, blueberry bbq sauce, nose tea and printed chocolate!


One Response to “Hot, Fresh Nose Tea”

  1. – I still love taxidermy critters in people clothes. Thank you.
    – Reading your blind date live-tweets was hilarious, then I felt shame to be over 40.
    – Shaun T hates blueberries. and people.
    – We have a restaurant JUST LIKE One Eleven where I live, but it’s called 7-Eleven. They have a specialty dishes such as the Big Bite.

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