Almond Milk and Unleavened Bread

January 8, 2014

I went to Target again … don’t yell at me! Andrew wanted to go. We went insane and just started buying $5 pieces of clothing all over the place. Andrew bought 7,800 hoodies and a plaid shirt. I got a $50 blazer — for $5, guys. Also, here’s a question you might ask me: Did you feel a little embarrassed when the Target fitting room attendant said to you, “Oh, you’re back again?!” Answer: $5.

Umm, I got in trouble from a certain Canadian high school teacher boyfriend yesterday because when I was talking about the polar vortex, I failed to mention how all the schools in the States were closing because of the cold weather but the schools in Red Deer never close for weather because they are hardcore and strong and hearty (calm down). People in Canada go to school in negative a billion temperatures all the time, everyone! It’s true. I was here about a month ago when there was a giant snowstorm and windchills of minus epic proportions and everyone was expected to still ride a tractionless bus to school on roads of sheer ice. Good job, Canada?

Speaking of brave Canadians, when we were at Lake Superior a couple of weeks ago, Andrew was determined to touch the water because he’s done it at all the other great lakes he’s been to. Unfortunately, it was winter and freezing and hypothermic to go anywhere near the lake. But no worries. He simply climbed down an icy ladder, held on to it with his icy fingertips, and dipped his scarf into the icy cold water of doom. He survived.


Today at Starbucks I asked the barista if they had almond milk I could put in my coffee and she gave me a look like I was a crazy hippie who shelters cows at my underground railroad stop on their escape to Portland, while serving them vegan dinners of nutritional yeast and seaweed. Sorry, lady.

Is it still trendy to wear colored tights? What if you are 31? No?

Micah, this is turning into another Supdate. Sup diggity. Sup doubt.

I just bought this CD to help me focus on writing my lesson today. (It’s going well, obviously.) I love The Head and the Heart. They’re coming to Calgary this spring and I will be there with all the bells on, belting out River and Roads in an off-key shout.


So, this lesson I’m supposedly writing is about the Feast of Unleavened Bread in the Bible. It is a yearly holiday God wanted the Israelites to celebrate. The holiday lasts for a week and comes in conjunction with Passover. The Israelites were to eat bread without yeast for the whole week as a reminder of how quickly they had to escape from Egypt — there wasn’t even time for their bread to rise! The theme of the lesson has to do with how God redeems us. It is a time to remember and celebrate the Exodus — to be mindful of how God redeemed His people with an outstretched arm. And it reminds me of how Jesus later did the same thing — literally — on the cross. He invites us to repent, to turn from our sin, and to accept His sacrificial gift. When we ask Him, He begins to redeem all that has been broken by sin and the curse in our lives. He is making all things new. It is so so beautiful.

Ok, now that I am inspired, I better get to writing. Go to Target, Red Deer! Toughen up, the States! Start serving almond milk, Starbucks! Thank Jesus for His goodness, everyone!



2 Responses to “Almond Milk and Unleavened Bread”

  1. But how can they still be so polite in such frigid conditions?
    Americans are sissies because we expect certain things from our weather. California and Florida.
    Schools in NC have had a two-hour delay for two days because it’s cold. No ice. Just cold. Big Earl (grandson of Odin) works outside all day and says delays are a disgrace. He also thinks frostbite is a character flaw. Don’t get me started about his beliefs on summertime heat exhaustion…

  2. denisemorris said

    Frostbite is a character flaw!! Love it. Big Earl would do well in Canada.

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