Waiting and Whining: I Blame Government and the Incline

October 16, 2013

I just got an email from my Canadian employer saying they checked with the Canadian visa office and my application is still “Decision Pending,” which basically means that no one has gotten to it yet. We’re supposed to call back if we still haven’t heard anything by the end of the month.


I feel discouraged by this. I know it’ll come through at some point (although every once in awhile I worry that for some reason, it won’t get approved at all), but this is just taking longer than I thought! (4-8 weeks processing time is a lie!) I had so much fun in Colorado the first month. It was great to catch up and hang out with everyone. But now the fact that I’ve been living out of a suitcase for two and a half months is catching up to me. It is starting to get cold outside, and all of my coats are stuffed into the back of a storage unit in Denver. I have a cute new turquoise coffee pot, and it is sitting unopened in the back of my car, along with other household things I cannot use.

The majority of my freelance work is done, so I don’t have much to do each day besides work out. (And even that is getting harder since it’s cold out now, and, as we all know, I am not hardcore enough to go running unless it is a perfect temperature of 70 degrees with a slight breeze.) I have to be very careful with my money, since I’m not getting paid regularly, which means I can’t do much to entertain myself during the day.

The longer this stretches out, the further away from reality it feels. It makes me feel disconnected from Andrew — it was his birthday yesterday, and I was so sure I’d be there to celebrate it with him this year. I just feel like my life is completely on hold — I am waiting to start a job, get a new place, move to a new city, feel settled, etc.

These are a lot of first-world problems, and minor ones at that. But today I just felt discouraged. And I thought I would tell you about it. Overall, I need to remember to pray about all this. I worry or feel sorry for myself instead of turning it over to Jesus. Instead of asking him to use me for his glory while I wait. That would be a better plan.

OK. That was horribly whiny and Debbie Downer-ish. Ultimately, things are not that bad, and I am so grateful for all my good friends who have made me feel so welcome while I wait (and let me mooch off of them rent-free). God really does provide for me.

Let’s change the tone of this post, shall we? I think a bit of Roaring will help us do that.

On Saturday, Ashley and I did the Incline, because we are stupid and foolish.

This is the Incline (of torture and doom). I hadn’t done it for years, because apparently I wised up for awhile. The “top” there is actually a false summit. There’s more beyond that. Hiking the incline is morbidly funny because there are tons of other people painfully plodding along right beside you. We’re all idiots together.


This is about when I decided the Incline was an extra horrible idea.


At least the view is amazing if you ever dare to turn around and look down.


Ashley beat me to the top by about six million hours because she somehow just manages to scamper up mountains. She is impressive. We did not go back down the Incline because, although some do, it’s basically an invitation to plummet to your death. Instead, we ran the 2.5 miles back down Barr Trail. It was beautiful and fall-ish.


On Monday, Ashley didn’t have to work, so we had ourselves a bit of a Colorado Springs Day O Fun. We went and toured the Olympic training center, which is one of only three in the U.S. They showed a video from the London Olympics, and I may have teared up a bit from all the heart-warmed-ness. I also may have felt slightly patriotic. (Don’t let the Canadian visa office see this picture.)


Then we went and got our eyebrows waxed at a “brow bar,” and it was a very complicated process which Ashley blogged about. The lady filled my eyebrows in and basically made me look like Groucho Marx.


That night, Ashley forced me to go for a 6.5 mile run even though it was bitterly cold and windy and looked like it was about to snow at any moment. Apparently she was inspired by the Olympic athletes who work out for 8 hours a day. (I was not inspired. It mostly just made me want to take a nap for them.) This is what we saw whilst running. Cozy.


In spite of all my whining, the day is looking bright because tonight I get to go out for dinner at Adam’s Mountain Cafe, which is my favorite place in all the land.

OK, I’m gonna work out now. (And by “work out” I mean “watch an episode of Breaking Bad.” Why is it so good and horrible and good and awful?!)

Jove you!


One Response to “Waiting and Whining: I Blame Government and the Incline”

  1. Afterwards said

    Hugs Denise, I can’t imagine how frustrating this is. I love reading what you write.

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