Goodbye Gala: A Pictorial Essay!

October 15, 2013

So, speaking of being culturally sensitive, we probably weren’t on Friday, when Ashley and I threw a party with every Canadian stereotype we could think of.

We had a goodbye party for me, even though I still don’t know when I’m leaving. We, obvi, decided to go with a Canadian theme, which meant red and white, scarves and maple leaves.

It was so cute and my friends were so fun that I think it deserves a pictorial essay. This one we shall title: “Oh, Canada: Denise’s Goodbye Gala.”

Here’s the table, which turned out really well. Mainly because Ashley had lots of red and white stuff to decorate with. Also, it is super fun to stand on a chair and tape 6 million streamers to a wall. Super fun.


America apparently does not have a lot of Canadian-themed things. But I did manage to find some Calgary Flames napkins!


Ashley made this one — culturally insensitive, Ash!


Our food was either red and white or Canadian themed! If you’re looking for a new recipe, the red velvet whoopie pies were really good (and easy!), and the salted caramel krispies were so awesome.


Baked brie with fig jam is not Canadian until you add a maple leaf to it.


This hot bacon swiss dip is not Canadian, but it is the reason Andrew and I started talking the day we met. It is delish and makes people fall in love with you. Guaranteed.


And, of course, poutine. Andrew was surprised when he learned that ordering gravy with your fries is not a thing in America. Umm, no.


We had a board with Canadian trivia. How many provinces does Canada have? Name one of Canada’s territories. What is the average cost of a home in Canada? Name three Canadian actors. (Comment and I’ll give you the answers. Hint: one of our favorite (NOT FAVORITE) Lost actresses is Canadian.)


Alecia got me some Colorado sweatpants so that I never forget where I came from. They are giant on me and not at all flattering — I have worn them every day and I love them so much, and even if you make me go on What Not to Wear, I will never get rid of them.


We set up a photo booth at the party so that everyone could look as foolish as possible. We put in a bit of American and Canadian flair too. Ashley and I represented the countries where we plan to live.




Crazy story. Cara and I met at the gym many years ago. This summer, she caught up on my blog and read that I was in Red Deer, Alberta. A few days later, she was having dinner with her boyfriend, his family, and their cousins who were in town. The cousins live in Canada and they were on their way to Texas to visit family. These cousins happened to live in Red Deer, Alberta. Cara said that she had a friend who was in Red Deer this summer! She told them my name and the name of my boyfriend. These cousins just happened to be the pastor and wife from Deer Park Alliance, Andrew’s church! Small world city. So crazy.



Josh and I dressed up for the party because we’re spiffy like that.


The girls I met in the fall of 2004, when I first came out to Colorado. My best ones.


The party was super fun times, and it was so great to see many friends who I hadn’t seen in awhile. I am so grateful for the time I’ve had in Colorado — I feel like I grew up here. My first apartment, my first new car, my first job, my first time I fell down while running bases at softball (but probably not the last).

Thus concludes the pictorial essay. It is chilly in the Springs today, which means I should probably just wear my Colorado sweatpants all day, right? Right?

Have a good day, friends!


6 Responses to “Goodbye Gala: A Pictorial Essay!”

  1. Jaci said

    I know this! We studied Canada in 6th grade (seriously). 10, Northern, $3, Alan Thicke, Michael J. Fox, Kate.

    What do I win?

    Also, I love those sweatpants!

  2. denisemorris said

    Jaci, northern is incorrect! Also, did you mean $387,000? That is correct. I will buy you some sweatpants.

  3. Becca said

    Jaci – My first thought was Alan Thicke too.

    Also, Ryan Reynolds and the girl who plays Robin on How I Met Your Mother (I don’t know her name).

  4. denisemorris said

    And Chandler Bing!!

  5. Jaci said

    Northern and Northwest are pretty much the same thing. I got it wrong on purpose so you knew I didn’t Google the answers.

  6. denisemorris said

    Oh, of course. That makes sense. I appreciate your honesty.

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