Friday Listday: The 80s Are Vintage Edition

October 11, 2013

It’s Friday Listday! Let’s embrace it with gusto, shall we?

1. Here are the 11 reasons I need a teacup piglet. This picture is reason numero uno.

teacup piglet

2. Ashley is hosting a going away party for me tonight! A bunch of my friends are going to come to say farewell even though we still have no idea when I’m leaving or if Canada will even let me in. So that’s kind of weird, but who doesn’t love a party? We’re going with a Canadian theme, which basically means a lot of red and white. Here’s a little preview.


3. I had seen this before, but it recently showed up on my Facebook newsfeed again. So I watched it again. And I cried again. It is the sweetest, simplest love story.

4. Did you guys ever play with Fisher-Price people when you were little? I loved them. I would play Little House with them — I had Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura and Carrie. And then they’d go swimming in the pool. (Not quite sure how that worked in the 1860s, but whatever.) Anyhoo, my mom pinned some pics on Pinterest because apparently the Fisher-Price people are now considered vintage. The toys I played with in the late 80s are apparently vintage because I am old enough to be vintage. (Luckily, vintage is my favorite.)


5. Walter White has expanded his business. (I haven’t finished season 5 yet, so don’t say a word!)


6. There’s this. Is that one supposed to be a topless gopher waitress? Children visit the Gopher Hole Museum! Children!


7. I posted earlier this week about the lesson I was writing on Revelation. How it reminded me of when things were broken in the beginning, and how, through Jesus’ sacrifice, the restoration has begun. One day, all will be made right. My friend Kerry reminded me of this song, a great reminder that Jesus is making all things new. We look forward to the day when death dies.

Have a great weekend, pumpkin spices!


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