Maybe It’s Giraffe Eyes

October 10, 2013

Guys. I’m so tired of waiting on this work visa! It could still be weeks before I hear something, and there is only so much of TLC’s “The Little Couple” I can watch to keep me entertained all day. (Also, have you guys seen that show? They just adopted a little boy from China and he is my favorite and I want a son exactly like him. He’s so happy and friendly and curious. He stays quite busy running around all day. Also, he’s about 1.5 feet tall and can eat like three hamburgers in one sitting.)

Speaking of how I watch a lot of TV, Sister Act 2 (back in the habit) was on last night. I loved those movies when I was little. Those nuns were always up to some shenanigans. And also, the music, especially in the second one, is really good. I mean, Lauryn Hill.

The other day my friend Sarena and her sweet boy Daniel and I all went to the zoo. The zoo in Colorado Springs is actually pretty cool because it’s kind of built into the side of a mountain. There are basically switchbacks that take you up and down and it feels like you are just in nature and might actually run into an uncaged mountain lion wandering through the park. One of their best exhibits is the giraffes because 1) there are about a million of them and 2) you can feed them so they come right up to visit you.



Also, giraffes have the most beautiful eyes. Their eyelashes are like nine feet long! Maybelline’s next fancy mascara should be called “Giraffe Eyes.” I would buy it. In a second. (Sitting around waiting for a work visa gives me super creative ideas. Clearly.)

Umm, I’ve been working out a lot lately. I’ve been running and doing planks and allowing Jillian Michaels to torture me. Last week I ran 5.5 miles, which was about 5.5 miles more than I’d run in a long time. Also, how did I ever do a half marathon? Running is so hard and boring and horrible. I like not running so much more than running.


I kind of feel like while I’m in Colorado Springs and being a worker outer I should maybe go do the Incline. But then I remember how completely horrifying and awful and life-ending and miserable and oxygen-stealing the Incline is, and I suddenly am not as gung ho about the idea. I’m scared. I have friends who do it every week, but they are stronger and braver and less lazy than I am. I was telling Andrew about the Incline the other night and since he’s never done it, he scoffed at me and boasted about how he could scamper up it in 10 minutes. (If you have ever suffered through it, please comment and gently (not gently) correct him.

I’m trying to finish up this lesson on Paul’s journey to Rome. He was on house arrest the whole time. But while he was there, he welcomed visitors and proclaimed the kingdom of Jesus. He had such a great attitude, because his life truly, truly changed once he met Jesus.

OK, I gots to go. Ashley and I are going grocery shopping for my goodbye party, and I’ve got lessons to write and Little Couple to watch. Have a good Thursday! If you think of it, please be praying for my sister-in-law.



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