Here Are Some Pictures!

September 11, 2013

Oh, hi.

I’m homeless, guys. Will work for a place to stay. Actually, that’s not true. I’m unwilling to work. Just give me a place to stay, and maybe I will bake you a treat.

So many things have happened since the beginning of August, that I don’t even know how to catch you up! Luckily (and this is pretty miraculous), I have actually taken a few pictures! Let me show you some!

As I mentioned before, we spent the first week or so of August on Vancouver Island on a beach vacation with Andrew’s family. We flew back to The Deer, spent one day there, and then packed up for a road trip to Minnesota to see my family. We had to drive across all of North Dakota, so that was a special experience. (No pictures yet, apparently.)

Once we got to Fargo, we got to visit my high school best one, Clair! It had been about ten years since we had seen each other, and it was so great to catch up. Clair and I used to work at Camp Joy together when we were teenagers. We thought we were the awesomest, but in reality, we were probably the worst. Mostly because we spent a lot of time putting on makeup, wearing denim overalls (why?!), and laughing loudly at inappropriate times. We learned a lot about leadership and organization at camp, though, and we had so much fun. It was great to see Clair and her beautiful family! (This would have been the best spot for a reunion picture of Clair and me, but why didn’t I take one?!?! I blame the fact that I am not very smart.)

Then we moved on to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and visited my grandparents, aunt, and my brother and his family. Andrew got a haircut from my Grandpa Dale, and Grandma bought us lots of black licorice. One day, I want to give you bloggy readers a full tour of my grandparent’s place. It is the weirdest/awesomest/weirdest place on earth. It almost rivals the gopher museum. (Again, once we left Grandpa and Grandma’s I turned to Andrew and said, “I forgot to take pictures of their place! I was going to do it for the bloggy!” So far my promise of all the pictures in this post has been a complete and utter lie.)

Then we headed over to Deer River (population 903) to visit my mom and stepdad. I love my mom’s place, mainly because she is the best decorator ever invented. (Pictures!!)



We went fishing with Mom and Gary. I caught a tiniest of tiny fishies, and Andrew felt bad for the fish, so he mostly just kept seeing how far he could cast. Here’s my fish. We threw it back because 1) the tinyness and 2) who wants to clean a fish, not me.


And, we got to go kayaking at Kerry’s place. Kerry is so sweet and always reads my bloggy and leaves nice comments and sends me birthday pillows. She also introduced us to kohlrabi, which is a new fave vegetable. Try it. Probably now.


We’ll forgive Kerry for wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt. Andrew felt right at home. Obviously.


The final leg of our Minnesota journey included a trip to Minneapolis to surprise my dad! I had coordinated it all with Bonnie weeks before. He had no clue I was even in the country! He came home from work on Friday, and Andrew and I were in the basement waiting. I called him from the basement, and as we were chatting, I walked up the stairs. When he saw me, he screamed. Like a girl. Actually. It was so fun.

Also, I moved away from Minneapolis right after college. I never thought it was that neat of a place, but it is such a cool city, you guys! At least during the summer it is. First of all, Dad and Bonnie just moved to a new house in Minneapolis, and I love it. Built in the 20s and right by a pretty parkway.


We hung out in Minneapolis and pretended to be trendy and cool.


We went on a bike ride down by the Mississippi River.


(I took the above picture while riding a bike on a busy street because I am defined by wise decisions.)

On Sunday, we went to the farmer’s market, which is filled with colorful fruits and veggies that make you want to eat healthy every second. Until you discover the cheese-filled bratwurst and remember that healthy eating is overrated.


While we were in Minneapolis, my dad lost his flip phone. Bonnie got him a new smart phone, and it was my job to train him. You would think someone would be happy to have a phone that wasn’t from 1982, but not Charles in Charge. He was grumpy about all the new technology. Now he loves it.

Finally it was time to leave, so Bonnie wrote us a nice note and then kicked us out. Fourteen-hour drive across Iowa and Nebraska, here we come!


Eighty-three trips to Sonic later, we arrived in Colorado. Woo hoo! Andrew stayed for about a week, and then he had to go back to The Deer to start teaching school because apparently it is already fall? Before that, though, Alecia invited us to sit in the best seats ever with her at a Bronco’s pre-season game! (Forgive me for my hair. We had been at a water park and then it rained, and then my hair decides to do whatever sad mess that is.)


Then Andrew left, and I started packing!

Because Heather is getting married, and I am moving to Canada, we had to pack up our apartment. I am still waiting on my work visa to come through, so I sold some of my stuff, and the rest of it we moved into storage. Here are my strong moving-day helpers.


Somehow, my life is in this storage unit. It looks messy, but it’s pretty organized (kind of, not really.) I am just happy it all fits.


In the midst of all this craziness, I decided to turn 31. (Who turns 31? That feels so old, guys.)

My Denver friends took me out for Mexican food and ice cream!


And then my Colorado Springs friends took me out for dinner and to the coolest old elementary-school-turned-wine-brewery-restaurant-art-gallery-place. It’s hard to describe. (Micah apparently wore her sunshades the whole time.)


So, now I am staying with friends in Colorado Springs until my work visa is (hopefully!) approved. It could be about a month before we hear anything. Enough time for everyone to be sick and tired of me having my stuff all over their homes.

So far, it’s been really fun. I’ve gotten to reconnect with old friends, work on freelance, and see Pikes Peak every day. Colorado Springs, you are beautiful.


Sorry this was the longest post ever. I’ll try to write a shorter/less boring/less rambling one soon. No promises, obvs.


2 Responses to “Here Are Some Pictures!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Denise! (I love it when your posts ramble…)

  2. Anonymous said

    Denise! I cannot believe I missed this when you posted it! I am so glad you visited and meeting Andrew was my favorite part of your visit. We will always have kohlrabi and watermelon for him anytime you visit.

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