Goats on a Roof

August 7, 2013

I feel like this blog title would be a good movie title. The sequel to the box-office blockbuster, Snakes on a Plane.

In order to recover from the excitement of the Gopher Hole Museum, I decided I needed a little vacay. So, right now I’m on Vancouver Island with Andrew’s family, and we’re enjoying the beach and mini-golf and plenty of ice cream. (If you’re ever on “the island” (as we locals like to call it), make sure to have some Island Farms ice cream. I have eaten about 70 pints of the sea salt caramel this week.)

We’re staying in a town called Parksville, which has beautiful beaches. These beaches get extended when the tide is out — like farther than I have ever seen. Here’s a picture that I obviously did not take because I don’t take pictures.


It’s really beautiful and the weather is absolutely perf. Which is apparently why I’m indoors writing a blog post? Poor life choice.

Yesterday, we went to a little town called Coombs. There is an awesome market there with tons of foods from around the world, and all kinds of cool dishes and soaps and decorative items.


Hmm, looks as though the photo I posted is copyrighted. Please don’t report me. I just wanted to share the beautiful paper lanterns, guys. Don’t send me to jail.

Oh, here is a photo I actually took myself! In Coombs, there are goats who like to stand on a the roof and eat grass. It’s just their thing. It makes them happy, guys. (Guess, which one of my boyfriends has started saying “you guys” all the time? I’m a good influence.)


After Coombs (that’s a weird name; I wonder where it comes from … OK, I just did a Google search about it (Mom, Google is similar to Ask Jeeves), and nothing came up except for bios on each of the goats that lives in the town. You can also email them, in case you have a question you would like one of the goats to answer personally. I think Uncle Benny is one of the ones in my photo. It also lists some “retired” goats, which may be a nice way of saying that they slipped and fell off of the roof.) OK, that parenthetical thought was way too long for me to continue that sentence. Let’s start again.

After Coombs, we went to a river where we jumped off of a cliff into the water! This would be the best spot to have a picture, but guess what? Luckily, Andrew’s mom is the Photography Queen of Canada (official title), and she captured it all. I promise to one day get the pic from her and post it, because it’s actually pretty cool. I was a bit scared to jump off the cliff because it looked very high and dangerous. My first clue that I would probably survive the jump was that there were a lot of 7-year-olds doing it. My second clue was that it really wasn’t much higher than the high-dive at your local swimming pool. But still, guys. It was in nature and jumping off a rock into a rushing (not rushing) river, so it felt very daring.

We’re on vacay until tomorrow and then we head back to ye olde Red Deer. How are we ever going to get back to work? I don’t want to think about it. I did just finish writing a lesson on Solomon building the temple, though. I love Solomon’s prayer when he dedicates the temple in 1 Kings 8. He knows that a building cannot hold God’s presence because even the highest heavens cannot contain him. But he asks that God use the temple to draw foreigners to himself. Solomon knew the temple was gorgeous and amazing — people will be drawn to it. So he asked that God listen to their prayers so that all will know and fear the great name of Yahweh. And so, as I asked the kids in the curriculum lesson I wrote, what in our lives today can be something beautiful that draws people to the great name of our God?

Have a good Wednesday, friends!



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