A Parade of Words

July 24, 2013

OK, lots to update you on, including how I am a very famous celebrity in Carstairs, Alberta, due to how I was the star of their Beef and Barley Days parade. That’s right, star. That’s right: beef and barley.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about how I am bored with the name George. I mean, it’s fine, William and Kate — I’ll allow it — but it’s just not that inventive. Also, it’s interesting to be in Canada when royal-type things happen. They’re still a part of the commonwealth, and Queen Elizabeth is on the money and everyone here talks with a British accent (not that last one). But in America or Canada, everyone just loves them some William and Kate. And also, if I ever have a baby, guess what I will not be wearing the day after: wedges. Nor will I have makeup on. Nor will anyone care to have me come wave to them. I kind of felt bad for Kate. She had a baby one second ago, and then had to put on heels and answer questions. Royal life though, amiright?


I like paragraph breaks today.

Last weekend was Fairs and Fairs and Fairs Galore! (That’s what I’m thinking of titling my next book. I’m still deciding on the topic.)

On Friday, we went to Red Deer’s Westerner days. This is where we were supposed to see the Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club, but apparently they had packed up and hopped off to terrorize others because they were nowhere to be found! My heart was sad until we found the SuperDogs show! These dogs could jump and catch and leap and dance and even play hockey! It was actually pretty cool.


Then we went to the trade show, and got lemonades, and watched the chuckwagon races. Andrew was proud of his new yellow backpack and yellow phone case, and was pretty sure that no one would be able to spot the phone because it blended into the bag. I told him my blog readers were keen and sharp and basically just have eyesight, so you would be up for the (non)challenge.

IMG_4235I think I can barely see it.

On Saturday, we went to Andrew’s hometown of Carstairs for the aforementioned parade! Andrew’s dad is a cattle buyer, so we went with the cattle theme and advertised for Bill. Andrew’s dad drove the Kubota, and we rode in front and threw candy and played an auctioneering song. Also, we wore these unfortunate hats. Also, we were a HIT. Bill got creative and would drive us directly to the kids so we could hand them candy: service-oriented parade float, you guys. It was so fun!!



IMG_4239We’ve been getting calls all week, asking us to be in parades across the country.

Then we went to an art show and lunch and explored Carstairs. It’s about 3,500 people now, but it was smaller when Andrew was a lad. (I’m going to use the word “lad” from now on.) We walked to his school — one school for K-12, and we went on the teeter-totter, which I apparently don’t know how to use and someone made relentless fun of me for it. Why don’t I know how to use a teeter-totter? I got on it and we went back and forth, but, according to Andrew, I was doing something wrong (I’m still not sure what. Isn’t the point just to go up and down? I blame it on lack of recess at home school.)

Then we went to a community dinner at the curling rink, and it reminded me so much of Dillon, Texas, that I was sure Coach and Tami were there. And probably Julie too, but let’s ignore her because she’s the worst.

This was probably taken in Carstairs, Alberta.


OK, I feel this post was brought to you with extra rambling today. SORRY. But I think you’ll manage. Have a good Wednesday! (Is it Wednesday? Summer days are confusing.)



4 Responses to “A Parade of Words”

  1. sarahjcornett@gmail.com said

    Haha. You are hilarious. You always make me laugh with your blog posts! And I greatly appreciated the pictures you included!!

  2. I just looked up “teeter-totter” on google and found it’s what we call a see-saw. As to not doing it properly, maybe you weren’t using your legs and feet the right way when you landed and pushed off; if you do it right, the transition between up-and-down becomes very smooth and like one movement, as opposed to up. jerk. down. jerk. up. jerk. down. jerk. etc.
    Am I possibly becoming way too technical about this??!

    Incidentally, we have a “see-saw song” over here. Do you guys sing it too?
    “See-saw, Marjorie Daw, Johnny shall have a new master. He shall have but a penny a day, because he can’t work any faster.”
    We used to sing it on the swings, too…

  3. I am a little more distracted by Andrews green glasses and green t-shirt. He is very matchy isn’t he?

  4. Sarena said

    You rode in the bucket of a backhoe!!!! Hahaha!!! I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight…I’m going to still be laughing that you rode in the bucket of a backhoe, with your boyfriend…who had a BOOMBOX!!! I LOVE it!!! Danny would be so jealous.. oh I love you so! This made my night. Did you “dig it” before you got “dumped” ? Thanks for sharing Denise. You’re the best. Love and miss you!

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