Mosquitoes. No.

July 17, 2013

Yesterday Andrew made fun of me because I told him I had to work all day, and then I wrote a blog post. I think that is rude (i.e. true). Today I am working all day too.

Do you know what else is rude? You not commenting on my blog.

What else is rude? Mosquitoes. Last night we had some people over for dinner and then decided to take an evening stroll down to these beautiful ponds and playground right near the river. We stepped out into the cool evening air and marveled at the soft sunlight dancing between the leaves of the river-side trees. Then one second later, we quit with the marveling because we were ambushed by no less than 14,000 mosquitoes. Please believe me (I know it’s difficult) when I say I am not even exaggerating. I am a girl from Minnesota — I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen “hilarious” stuff like this:


And, in spite of all the bites I endured at camp each summer, I have never seen the amount of mosquitoes I saw last night. They followed us as we walked, and each of us probably had at least 20 of them on us at all times. Basically, our walk lasted a total of 2.3 minutes before we literally ran back to the house. The worst.

For dessert last night I made sticky rice and mangos. (Is it mangos or mangoes? Sean and I have seen it both ways.) Anyway, I think it is so delicious. It’s basically sticky rice covered in coconut milk and sugar. Who even needs mango/es? Here’s the recipe I used — I wanted the sauce a bit thicker than it turned out. Suggestions?

Andrew has a ping pong table, and we played last night. He wasn’t super impressed with my serving method (bounce the ball high on the table and then whack at it until it goes over), so he taught me how to serve properly. I am not very good, but I am going to get awesome. I think Andrew found that it’s a joy to teach me new things, because I mainly scowled at him the whole time and would barely talk. (I was focused. Also, I’m not super gracious with not being good at things.) But I actually loved it, and I’ll probably go to the Olympics for table tennis in 2016. Should I represent the U.S. or Canada? What kinds of exercise should I be doing for maximum ping pong capabilities?

Guys, I have to go. I actually have to work today. If anyone wants to take some pictures that I can post on my blog (because apparently I’m not going to take any), send them my way.

K, joves!



13 Responses to “Mosquitoes. No.”

  1. Anonymous said

    I love your blog. I read that if you take vitamin B12 before going outside, the mosquitoes will stay away from you. Something about the smell you emit after consuming B12. I hate them with a passion. Anyway! I have the summer off so I am not going back to work right now.

  2. Micah said

    Bahahahahahaha! Sean and I have seen it both ways. You know that’s right.

  3. During my stay here at St. Olaf, I’m discovering that mosquitoes don’t like fire. Logically, nothing short of lighting myself on fire will repel these horrible things.

  4. ANDREW said

    I remember that scowl. Cross-Country Skiing. Teaching Denise new things is so fun you guys! It builds in me strength of character!

    Also….she didn’t do that bad at ping pong.

  5. Denise, I am done with school and would love if you would come to my Deer and plan a lovely luncheon for Jilly Bean and a few close friends. I have some lovely planters that can float Citronella candles in them. I will post pictures tonight. The mosquitoes or is it mosquitos? won’t bother you. I am not sure which way I have seen it.

  6. Ashley said

    I’m remembering the ping-pong table at Cherry Springs Wonderland and also it was in Matty and Grant’s “garage.”

  7. denisemorris said

    Anonymous: B12! I’m injecting it everywhere.

    Micah: It’s Shawn. Duh. I’m an email liar.

    Michael: Do it. It’s probably safe.

    Andrew: Buy that pic.

    Chatty: Let’s have a party!

    Ashley: How did I forget that I used to have a ping pong table in my own home? Because I did not remember that until you said so. Obviously, I played a lot.

  8. Meghan said

    I love your blog. That is all.

  9. Sara Harriger said

    Was that a covert Psych reference?

    I Am in Colorado. feel free to steal my pictures from Facebook. You will feel happy because there are 4 mosquitoes here. 🙂

    & it is Colorado.

  10. denisemorris said

    Meghan — you are best.

    Sara — you know that’s right! I love Psych. Four mosquitoes in CO! That’s a record!

  11. Dan said

    If you dress up like a giant fly swatter, then the mosquitos will leave you alone. Other people will also leave you alone.

  12. denisemorris said

    Dan! You’re always so full of excellent ideas. And I do like it when others leave me alone. 😉

  13. Michael said

    Now I kinda want to go and watch Psych again…I watched the first few seasons, but anymore I want to wait until a series is done before I start watching it. Except for Downton Abbey. I had to watch Downton Abbey.

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