Essays of the Pictorial Variety

July 16, 2013

Today is a work day for me, which obviously means that I’ll be procrastinating by writing a blog post! Hooray for work!

It’s been ages. I have no excuses. But here are my excuses: 1) We went on a week-and-a-half trip to Vancouver and Vancouver Island. I was busy exploring Canadian culture. 2) At the beginning of the trip, I swore to Andrew that I was going to take 800 pictures every day so that I had something for the bloggy. Any guesses on how successful I was? 3) I’m kind of lazy. 4) Netflix. 5) Every time I want to blog, I remember that I should be doing my freelance work. So then I feel guilty. And I don’t blog. Or do my freelance work.

Any. Hoo. I do have a few pictures on the old iPhone, so in order to catch you up on the last few weeks, let’s have a pictorial essay, shall we? I’m titling this one, “Summer Joving: A Pictorial Essay of My Summer in Canada, and Also Some Hummus Cookies.”

Remember how I promised to write about those chickpea cookies a few weeks ago? I was hoping they would be delicious and healthily inspiring. Mostly they tasted like hummus with chocolate chips. They weren’t horrible, but I also think it’s a stretch to call them cookies. (I felt proud of this picture that I took. Perspective and angles and background and aspect ratio and ambient lighting and all. I think I just made up all of those terms.)


Did you hear that there was tons of flooding in Alberta a few weeks ago? (Probably had something to do with the non-stop rain during all of eternity.) It’s a pretty sad situation. So many people in Calgary and other places lost their homes. And apparently insurance doesn’t even cover most of the damage. Many people will have to start over completely. Red Deer didn’t really flood, but the river did get quite high and covered some of the trails. For example, this walking bridge near Andrew’s school is not normally under water. If it were normally under water, then poor planning city officials.


Here’s what we do with the iPads at Target.


We drove across British Columbia to go to Vancouver. It is such a beautiful place, guys. Like constant mountains, and beautiful, real lakes (look into that, Colorado), and gorgeous forests and tree-covered valleys. It was stunning. (Canadians say “stunning” a lot. Like more than usual. That’s not common in America, right? Also, they constantly use the term “gong show.” Like, “The Bachelorette was crazy! Zak wore a penguin costume and Brooks has 14 million siblings, and Chris has some snot issues. It was a gong show!” That’s a thing up here in the frozen north.) Anyway, British Columbia is beautiful. This place is called Emerald Lake. (Cause the water’s green, you guys.)



IMG_4210I got this necklace in the mail the other day, and nearly died. Do you guys know the “jove” story? Basically, back when my mom was first learning to text, she sent me a message that said “I jove you.” I was at a World Series game with Ashley, Alecia and Micah when I got it, and I showed them, and it stuck. We tell each other we jove each other all the time now. What sweet friends I have!! (Also, this necklace is a replacement for the “Jove” tattoos that Alecia suggested we get, so super grateful for the necklace.)

We went to the Calgary Stampede last weekend! Basically, it is like the Minnesota State Fair (not like the ridiculously awful Colorado State Fair), but with more cowboys and rodeoness and covered wagon races. I loved it! We went to the auctioneering championship (yes, that’s a thing), and the youth talent show finals, and the trade show, and ate fair food. Also, we entered a drawing for a $700,000 house, which we’re totally going to win. Also, I got to see some baby pigs, which made me so happy, but then they kind of looked a little bit like rats, which grossed me out. And we took a picture with an Indian in an awesomely beaded outfit.


OK, I think that’s enough for today, mainly because pictures take a long time to load, and I’m lazy. I hope you enjoyed “Summer Joving: A Pictorial Essay of My Summer in Canada, and Also Some Hummus Cookies.”

See you soon, pumpkins!


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