Friday Listday: Clear Eyes Full Hearts Style

June 14, 2013

Hey, Friday Listday. How you doin’? (Also, no need to say that phrase or anything else from Friends to anyone in college or younger, because they’ve never heard of Monica or Chandler or the Holiday Armadillo or Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani. This is a sick, sad world we live in.)

1. Let’s start Friday Listday off with a little Psych reminiscing.


2. Last night, Andrew’s guitar students had a showcase at their school. They did such a good job! They played music from different genres, and played and sang some of their own songs, and even did a version of Walk Off the Earth’s awesome guitar magic version of “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Talent. One girl sang a song that I immediately fell in love with because it is slow and sad and rainy like all the songs I love. It’s called “Bloom” by the Paper Kites. You should listen to it/watch it now.

3. Yesterday was actually one of the busiest days I’ve had in The Deer so far. I had two sweet girls over for lunch — Andrew’s former students — and they were kind, and one of them even brought me wildflowers in a mason jar. (Heart.Won.) Then I went to Stacy’s house and we made darling Pinterest-inspired graduation hat treats for her Sunday school kids. Then my new friend Meghan wanted to go to Target. I decided to humor her/jumped with delight at the suggestion. We shopped at the happiest place on earth (you heard me, Disney) and then went to dinner, and it was so fun. Meghan is super cool, and she also likes sad, rainy music, so: instant friends.

4. I have forced one of my new roommates to start watching Friday Night Lights. Oh yes I have. Andrew claims that I am a bit pushy when it comes to the show, but I prefer the term passionate. Or awesome. Or quit talking and let’s get to know Tim Riggins already. Also, everyone who I threaten with death gently encourage to watch the show, ends up weeping at my feet with gratitude because I introduced them to Coach, Tami, Matt and Landry, so: worth it. Andrew was leaving my place last night, and we walked out to find Jodi watching the last couple minutes of an episode in season 1. We saw those last two minutes and then decided we should probably watch the whole next episode with her. Never gets old.

I mean, how can we not love it?


5. Sylvan Lake is a little town near Red Deer, and they are celebrating their centennial this weekend. FESTIVITIES, you guys! They’re showing a drive-in movie tonight, and we are going! It will probably be about zero degrees and raining, but I don’t care. I love drive-ins! Mostly because of snacks and blankets. They’re showing The Goonies, which I’ve never seen. Is that a crime? Because I feel like whenever I tell people my age that I’ve not seen The Goonies, people want to lock my parents up for child abuse. Sorry, world. I’ve not see it. I think it’s about some preteen boys and a caving adventure or something? Is that right? Who cares. I will have licorice and popcorn.

6. These cookies look good don’t they?


My guess is that they’re probably not, because I clicked over to the recipe and discovered that they’re mostly made of chickpeas. They’re gluten-free and sugar-free and egg-free and probably awesome-free. But I am going to make them today, and I will bring you the results next week. Please wait on tenterhooks. Tenterhooks.

7. Charles in Charge, in case you’re reading this (I doubt you are, since you can’t find the link through Facebook, because you refuse to get on Facebook, because you don’t want people to know your business (what business?!) and news flash: Obama is spying on you even without Facebook, but in case you are reading this) Happy Father’s Day!!! Just so you know, mail takes a lot longer to arrive when sent from Canada. Also when you haven’t mailed anything yet. But I do have a card for you sitting right here in my room. I love you, and thanks for being my dad, and please come visit me this summer!

OK, friends! Have a great weekend! Bye!



5 Responses to “Friday Listday: Clear Eyes Full Hearts Style”

  1. Katherine Kelly said

    I love all of this. But I really, really, really love Psych.That’s pretty much it.

  2. denisemorris said

    It’s pretty much the best. I’m sad because I only saw the first half of this past season, and Canada doesn’t have Hulu. I miss Sean and Gus.

  3. Jenna said

    Hey Denise! Jaci’s friend Jenna here (we wore twin-matchy dresses in her wedding, remember?!). Re: slow, sad, and rainy music, you should listen to Jon Troast. He’s the best 🙂

    P.S. I’m glad you started blogging again. It’s giving me a much-needed reason to avoid writing my own thesis!

  4. denisemorris said

    Hi, Jenna! Of course I remember you. I want to wear my dress again someday…

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check him out. Thesis writing is the WORST. Use any distraction possible.

  5. […] how I promised to write about those chickpea cookies a few weeks ago? I was hoping they would be delicious and healthily inspiring. Mostly they tasted […]

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