A Master at Graduating

May 28, 2013

I’ve been in Canada for a week, guys! Mostly I’ve been asleep because grad school tired me out. But today I woke up and wanted to tell you about all the things.

I graduated a week and a half ago! Graduation is weird. You wear a heavy, ugly robe and a horrible hat that zero point zero people look good in. Seriously. Who came up with these and why? Also, don’t actually tell me. I’m sure there’s some wonderful Greek tradition about regalia, but I’m obviously too lazy to Google it. (Also, whenever I tell my mom to Google something, she goes to Ask Jeeves. Ask Jeeves is her go-to for info. Precious Jilly.)

Here is Diana and me in our regalia. Mostly it just gave me a heat stroke. IMG_4045Why is my hand like on my knee? No one knows.

Here’s all of us from the Old Testament department. We all possess a lot of info about dead languages, and not so much info about anything that normal people care about.


Here are my friends from the Springs. These girls have been the best throughout the years. Before I left for Canada, we went out to my favorite restaurant, and Micah (not pictured because she’s a worker) got me a cake that said “Bye Doge.” Doge is a thing. See here.


My mom and Gary came out for graduation too. (They asked Jeeves how to get to Colorado.) And Andrew came too because he felt like we earned this degree together (he did have to listen to me whine a lot). As I was graduating, he kept telling me that “we did it!” Until I punched him. Everyone is the best.


I actually kind of enjoyed the graduation process. I thought it would mostly be kind of boring, and sometimes it was. But at our rehearsal, I really appreciated the short speeches by the president and dean of Denver Seminary. They told us that they understood how much work we’d done, and I believed that they did. They truly get the amount of work because they’ve done it themselves. And they reminded us that no matter what kind of fancy title our degree gives us, the most important thing to remember is Jesus and our relationship with him. They reminded us to stay pure and to keep it simple. It was good.

Graduation was Saturday and then Andrew and I left Monday morning to drive to Red Deer, Alberta. I’ll tell you more about the road trip and the border crossing (drama) tomorrow, but here’s a preview of the excitement just to whet your appetite.


See you, friends! Have a good Tuesday! (Oh, also, what day is So You Think You Can Dance On?)


2 Responses to “A Master at Graduating”

  1. Yay! Canada is good for you if it means you will actually blog! Now that you are done with school I will be starting so I will need something to make me smile in between crying while studying and trying to make my grandma brain remember how to study. Jilly should have asked Jeeves if burning candles will make blue jars break though. A very important question when borrowing antique blue jars from friends and burning candles in them for your daughters wedding.

  2. kmwhales said

    I remember the graduation practice better than I remember graduation. I imagine Dr. Young gives the same speech every year, but it was soooo good. I really loved how he talked about being proud of the accomplishment, but also to remember to focus on Jesus. It was really great. Dr. Young is pretty great in general, though, so I’d expect nothing less.

    Actually, I have 2 memories about actual graduation. Dr. Young told me he liked my pink hair as he handed me my diploma cover, thus confirming that I like him and that I’m ridiculous. Also, that it’s because of me they have rules about the color of your shoes.

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