Always Winter. Never Christmas.

April 23, 2013

Two days in a row. Not to brag or anything.

It’s just a winter wonderland out there, guys. No big deal. I think we’re all super excited that it’s still winter. No one wishes it were sunny or warm or green. Everyone would rather have this.


Today I need to learn 64 Greek vocabulary words for a quiz tonight. Any guesses on how many I’ve memorized already?

I also need to finish preparing my lecture for the OT class I’m teaching at CCU. My plan was to finish this lecture Sunday night, and then last night. Any guesses on how well I did?

Guys, let’s say congrats to my roommate, Heather, who got engaged this weekend!! She and Dalton are pretty perfect for each other, so it’s really exciting. Yay for love!

Umm, I just discovered that the shirt I’m wearing right now has a stain on it. I’m good at life.

I made avocado egg salad last night. I’m on a bit of a protein kick lately. This means that I bought a new blender so I can make protein shakes for breakfast. (My new blender is red. My old blender wouldn’t blend things.) I read something awhile back about how the soy content in most protein powders can be bad for women. So I have some that is gluten-free, soy-free, additives-free. Also, it is taste-free. But whatever. Just add raspberries. That’s my motto.

Remember how no one left a comment on my blog yesterday? I know you guys were reading it. Leave me a note. Mean.

So if I make it through the next few weeks of Greek and lesson-writing, I will be off to Canada for the summer at the end of May! I’m going to hang out in Alberta with Andrew. I’m super excited because 1. Andrew is my favorite, 2. The sun stays up until after 10 in Alberta in the summer(!), and 3. I may see a moose. ALSO, the biggest sign that this is a good plan is that the very first Target is opening in Andrew’s city in May. I will leave America, but not my beloved Target. God is good to me. (I’m kind of not kidding.)

Until then, I have a lot of boring things to do. They’re boring. I’m bored. Let’s go out for dinner instead. Leave me a comment and tell me when you’re free.




9 Responses to “Always Winter. Never Christmas.”

  1. kmwhales said

    I’ve made a very important decision. I’m throwing away all of my winter clothes, boots, and anything that reminds me of the winter of 2013 that occurred in April. It’s the worst. Also, I’ll be cold until August, when maybe spring will come, but at least I’ll have an excuse to buy new boots next year. Also known as September, when I feel like winter will come back. BECAUSE WE LIVE IN NARNIA.

  2. Elizabeth said

    I’m really happy to see you’re back to blogging…keep it up!

  3. Meghan said

    I saw them putting the actual target on the building the other day!! Woohoo!! You made me chuckle and also I am really excited you’re moving here πŸ˜€

  4. Next time I read your blog I shall do so while not driving. I thought I missed my turn, turned around only to realize said turn was not missed and had to turn around again. Stop forcing people to comment on your blogs eh. (Helping you practice yer Canadian there too eh). I do hope you come to MN sometime this summer. It is good to have you back.

  5. denisemorris said

    Kristy — do it. Do it now. Maybe it’ll thwart the plans of the White Witch.

    Elizabeth — thanks!!

    Meghan — Oh my. Be so excited! I go to Target just for fun all the time. Let’s go together.

    Kerry — you’re going to get someone killed! But reading my blog is probably worth it, eh?

  6. Samantha Nicole said

    I’m free for dinner… I’m also in Massachusetts. Slight technicality. Does 7 work for you? πŸ˜‰

  7. denisemorris said

    Samantha — I’m there! πŸ˜‰

  8. Anonymous said

    Denise! I miss you! I read your blog and it made me so happy to see your blogging again. But, it made me miss you so much I called you. I said random things. I was on the elliptical, so I may sound creepy and breathy. Anyway, glad your back!

  9. Jaci said

    When I moved to Austin, Josh sold me on my apartment by telling me how close it was to Target. Totally made a difference.

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