Some Things

April 22, 2013

It’s Monday. As good a day as any to write a blog post. That’s my motto.

Here are some things I’d like to say:

* Peplum tops look bad on me. I need this trend to be done because I can’t pull it off. I also need to get rid of that peplum shirt I bought when I was fooling myself into thinking I could pull it off.

* Not today.


* Winter will not freaking end. Why is it almost May and snowing today? Probably because I live in Colorado where things like this happen every spring. But still

* I’ve been gone from the bloggy so long that you don’t even know all of my favorite shows right now! Basically, I don’t have any. (Why does Parenthood have such a short season?!) I’ve been watching Scandal. Totally unrealistic drams. Also, Project Runway. More totally unrealistic drams. And my favorite, Parks & Recreation. The best drams.

* Drams is short for “drama.” Except that it has the exact same number of letters.

* I am pretending like it hasn’t been a literal three months since I last blogged. Can you tell?

* I can’t pretend with you guys. It has been forever. This is mainly because January, February and March were pretty miserable months for me. I had my comprehensive exams on March 2, which meant that January and February involved a lot of cramming, crying, librarying and overeating. Comps was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t been working on my thesis as well, but I was. Also, it wouldn’t have been so bad if comps didn’t involve a six-hour-hand-written essay test that covers everything you have ever learned, plus a whole bunch of stuff you’ve never learned. The worst. I spent so many nights memorizing pages of notes and then promptly forgetting them. Then eating chips. But, somehow I managed to pass, and I felt so good when they were done. Then I finished the rough draft of my thesis by March 18, and this past Friday I just finished the revisions. Done!!! So happy.

* Now I just have to figure out how to pass Greek and then I will be all graduated. Like a boss.

* Graduation is 3.5 weeks away. It feels like 3.5 years.

* This is my absolute new favorite thing. This guy takes pictures of his son, who is crying, and then tells us why. Go there now. I laughed until I was crying just as hard as his son.

* I am done writing now. BUT, I am going to write again soon. Because there’s so much to catch you up on — (spoiler alert: A lot of it probably has to do with TV.)

K, I’ll be back soon!


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