Cheese and Carrot Christmas Cookies

December 6, 2012

Oh, hi.

Just a normal day on the blogster with my daily update like usual, because I’m a super consistent blogger, everyone.

This is what my life looks like every day right now.


Actually, that picture makes it look much more romantic and peaceful than it is. Constant curriculum writing, thesis reading, and life fretting. It’s gotten bad. People have started looking for me at “my table” in the library. No one wants to be known for being nerdy enough to have their own library table. No one. I never make food anymore, so most of my lunches and dinners consist of pieces of cheese and old carrots I found in my fridge. Every day I wear whatever is most comfortable because I know there’s a possibility that I will be sleeping in the library. Case in point: Today I am wearing a sweater that looks like an afghan and some Fuggs (Fake Uggs). Like I said: bad.

At least I’m never dramatic. I have that going for me.

How are you guys? Did you know that Christmas is on its way? Well, it is.


My friendsies are coming up on Saturday for our annual Christmas dinner extravaganza. This year we’ve decided to upgrade from Chili’s. This makes me both excited and a tiny bit sad. Because: queso. Then on Sunday, I will drive down to Colorado Springs  for another Christmas cheer dinner at our friend Amber’s! I might make some Christmas treats at some point during the next couple of weeks (do any Christmas treats consist of cheese and old carrots?) What are some of your favorites? I’m thinking of making caramels, cherry cookies and peanut butter balls.

What is everyone watching on the old television set these days? Because I like to feel simultaneously heartwarmed and severely depressed on Tuesdays, I watch Parenthood. Tears. Every. Week. Except this week I thought I had gotten by unscathed — until they played the preview for next week. Oh, Bravermans. Happy Endings has not been my favorite this year, but this week’s episode was fantabulous. One word, five syllables: Hair helmets. (I’m not good with counting or grammar.)

We’ve had such a warm fall/almost winter, you guys. This was me on Sunday when it was basically 70 degrees on December 2.


Note the jacket in hand and the carefree smile of someone unburdened by scarves or snow or mittens. Do not note whatever is happening with my lion’s mane of a hairstyle. The weather people (Is that the politically correct way of saying weathermen? Should weatherpeople be one word? Because weathermen is. Please advise.) are saying that we have a cold front moving in, however. Luckily, I’ve got my Fuggs to keep me warm.

I feel like so far this post has been useful to absolutely no one. OH, but here is something you need to know: International Delight’s white chocolate raspberry creamer is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s seasonal, so partake of that sweet goodness immediately.

OK, that’s about as useful as I get. Except that yesterday I was doing some reading for my thesis and I found something interesting. My first chapter focused on how God is a God of action. He reveals his character through what he does. This next chapter is focusing on the community of Israel — how God wanted them to follow him and remember/worship him through their own action. One of the ways they did this was through celebrating the holidays like Passover and the Feast of Weeks, etc. I’m just starting to research, but already it is clear that God wanted people to remember through the things they did. The word that we often translate “celebrate” in our Bibles is actually “do” or “perform” in the Hebrew. And when they “did” these holidays, they were supposed to do things like go to the temple, eat unleavened bread that reminded them of their hasty departure, or build physical shelters that reminded them of God’s provision. Remembering God is more than just reading a passage or thinking about its implications. God wanted his people to remember him through sight, sound, taste, smell. With all that we are. And that didn’t change from the Old Testament to the New. Jesus took part of his meal and told us to remember him when we taste the bread or sip the wine. I think it’s kind of nifty.

OK, I best get back to it. This thesis isn’t going to whine about itself.

Be good. See you soon!


5 Responses to “Cheese and Carrot Christmas Cookies”

  1. Micah said

    PLEASE BRING ME SOME CHERRY COOKIES. And some Vienna Sausage. Sausage, my eye.

  2. jaci said

    PLEASE SEND ME SOME CHERRY COOKIES. I don’t need any Vienna Sausage.

  3. ooooh my goodness. the best update ever. I have missed reading your sarcastically hilarious blogs. and you saying “fuggs” reminds me of “fugly” so I’m going to go put in Mean Girls now. also-is your caramel recipe awesome and dummy-proof? mmk bye.

  4. denisemorris said

    Danielle, I’m thinking of using this recipe, mostly because it looks completely dummy-proof:

  5. Erin said

    Hey Denise- I know it’s been forever, but that’s how it always is 🙂 If you are coming to MN for Xmas, I’d love to have you over or get together if you have some time. Erin

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