Friday Listday: Afternoon Style

November 9, 2012

OK, guys. Let’s not even discuss how long it’s been or why I decided to blog now or how I’m a failure at being a Professional Blogger. Let’s not discuss it because there aren’t any valid reasons. (Unless laziness, thesis-writing-is-the-worst-ness, and I-spend-a-lot-of-time-painting-my-nails-itis are valid reasons.)

OK, I lied. We’ll discuss. I think I haven’t been blogging lately because I have so much writing to do this semester. I’ve been working on multiple curriculum projects, a 15,000 word e-book and a 100-page thesis. I write constantly so, as much as I love the bloggy, it sometimes just feels like more writing. And my MacBook and I get tired.

But, for whatever reason, I missed you all today, so here is a blog post which will probably talk about a whole lot of nothing. As usual. Also, here’s a happy coincidence: my blogging itch just happened to fall at the end of the week. Which can only mean one thing:

Let’s Friday Listday like it’s 1999.

1. OK, most important things first: Last night I painted my nails purple. But then I painted one nail on each hand a lighter shade of purple. Kind of like this. But not really. Because I didn’t use gold. But you get the gist, you guys.

Anyway, I feel self-conscious about it. I see nails like this all the time on Pinterest and TV, so I know it’s all the rage. But I’m just a small-town girl (living in a lonely world). Anyway, thoughts? Have you tried this? Is it weird? Should I take it off immediately?

2. I finished a chapter of my thesis yesterday! Technically, I should probably have completed about 9 million thesis chapters by now, but I haven’t, OK? So let’s just take these small victories where we can get them. I’m finding out some cool stuff. I’m talking about faith in action, and the first chapter I wrote centered on the action of God. The Bible talks a lot about what God has done. Israel trusts God because he proved himself to be faithful through his actions — by following through. You can read more about it here cause I wrote a blog post on another site that is not this one.

3. The second hand picture below is actually what it looks like when I try to draw a hand. It’s super shameful. I am the worst at drawing. When I was little, we went to an art class and some lady taught us how to draw a person, step-by-step. Like, it took us weeks to do the project. It was the most thorough instruction I’ve ever had on how to sketch correctly. My finished product was a man with hands like the second picture. The worst.

4. I am working hard to finish up my Master’s. I have Greek this semester and next. (I will not speak of Greek because it is horrendous and not worth speaking of. It would perhapsĀ be a little better if I studied more than four minutes a week in preparation for the quiz, but it’s doubtful.) I am working on my thesis. I have comprehensive exams in the Spring. Also, I will be teaching two Old Testament survey classes at Colorado Christian University this spring! So that will be cool. I will get to tell all my boring stories about the Jewish holidays and about how it is more biblical to describe God as a rock than it is to say he’s omnipresent. (If the God-as-a-rock thing is confusing to you, I’m sorry. I’ve probably written about it here on the bloggy in a way that makes more sense and sounds less heretical, but I am too lazy to find you that post. Basically, just read the Bible and see how God is described. (Aren’t I going to be a great teacher?!))

5. This is still a thing, so that’s good.

We’re going to Minnesota for Thanksgiving to meet my family so that Andrew can learn why it is that I’m crazy. When you’re in a relationship, you learn a lot about a person. One thing that I’ve learned is that Andrew loves pictures of horses. If you are friends with him on Facebook, he would love it if you would post some horse pictures on his wall. A lot of times he’ll text me and be like, “Denise, would you please send me a horse picture? It would brighten my day so much!” And then I’m like, “I’m busy and I don’t have time to find you pictures. Do you think pictures of horses giving loving hugs to girls in super-short shorts just grow on trees?!”

6. This song from the Head and the Heart’s iTunes session is ah-mah-zing. Listen now.

7. I haven’t been blogging lately, but I am on Instagram taking filtered pictures galore. You can find me at denise_ruth. It’s quite exciting.

8. This fall I have been learning what it means to trust the Lord. I’ve talked about it a lot, but I have had to depend on him for a lot this year, and I feel like I’m just starting to get it. My thesis topic has been cool because it shows me just how much God is involved, and just how trustworthy he is. He and I have been having good talks. It’s nice.

You guys! I’m just so happy to be friends again today! How have you been? Leave me a note. And have a happy Friday!!!


6 Responses to “Friday Listday: Afternoon Style”

  1. Regarding the nails.
    Do what makes YOU happy.

    I did that one-nail different thing. I had 8 purple, one Gold-Glitter…
    Then remembered, “I am not 17 anymore.” and it didn’t look as cool at the Kindergarten Parent meeting as it would have at a concert at the New Union”. (Do you remember the New Union?)


    My 6 Year old does a different color on each digit (Toes/fingers) Then in 4 hours, she goes over each color with a different type of glitter. Then she picks it mostly off & starts over…Sometimes she just layers another color on top.

    Just do not do the crackle polish. Because it makes me want to hold their hand down & wipe off their “peeling” polish!

  2. Laura said

    I had to scroll really fast past the second drawing of the hand, because Lars doesn’t like it when I laugh too hard when he’s trying to eat. #goodmom

  3. Jaci said

    Thank you for making my last day of work more enjoyable. I can’t believe you didn’t share this though:

  4. Kristy said

    I really want a hug from a horse now.

  5. Andrew said

    Horses are the best!!! I’m going to get short shorts and take a picture of me hugging a horse!! How cool!

    Good update! I laughed out loud a couple times.

    Never dramatic….

  6. I’m so glad you posted on the nail thing! I’ve been wanting to do that for such a long time!

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