30 Means Maturity. And Orange Pants.

September 4, 2012

Well, I’m 30. This blog is going to be much more mature and thoughtful and pensive from now on.

Now for a picture of a tiny pig!

I had a great birthday celebration because I have cool friends. My Denver friends brought me down to Colorado Springs and we were surprised at the restaurant with my besties from the Springs. We ate dinner and then went to the Balloon Glo (I think they spell it “glo” to be cool. But it’s not cool. But whatever.). The Balloon GLO is part of the balloon classic that Colorado Springs does every year. There are about a million hot air balloons at a park and they light them all at once when it gets dark. It’s really cool and I should show you pictures. But I’ve been too lazy to get the pictures off of my phone, so just imagine it in your head. Go ahead. Close your eyes, and imagine all kinds of colorful hot air balloons lighting up the night sky. Beautiful, yes? Yes. Then we went to the Broadmoor Hotel, which is my very favorite place in The Springs. We walked around and sat outside by the lake and then went to the Golden Bee, which is a really fun piano bar. I was forced to stand up as the piano player sang happy birthday to me. And then we ate a toffee fudge cake and it was the best thing ever. Good birthday, you guys!

Now I am at school in the student center and I’m in the kind of mental place where I have so much to do that I feel like I can’t get anything done. So I write blog posts instead.

I’m wearing orange pants today. And yes, it’s uncomfortable for everyone. In my defense, they are burnt orange, which I feel is more acceptable than neon. And colored pants are super in this year. And I got them for free. I’ll try to take a picture and maybe find the energy to transfer the picture to my computer one day. We’ll see.

In conclusion, I bet you’re glad this blog has gotten to sophisticated now that I’m 30.

OK, I’ve got to do some actual work. I hope you have an awesome day!



One Response to “30 Means Maturity. And Orange Pants.”

  1. Kerry Wester said

    I am glad you write blog posts while you are in school because then I have something to read while I am SUPPOSED to be doing school. Who really wants to read about microbiology and bacteria and all that nasty stuff they do? I for one say thank you for your procrastination as it eases my guilt and aids me in my own. And you go girl. Wear those orange pants! You are 30 and awesome!

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