What the What?! I’m Blogging!

August 29, 2012

Oh. My. Goodness.

I don’t even know how to start. It has been exactly 651 years, 47 months, 582 days since my last blog post. Or it’s been about one summer. I’m not exactly sure. But you guys, what a summer. Four countries, 13 plane rides, two severed bat pieces, one new boyfriend, zero money, 15 million pictures, one family wedding. It’s been a lot.

It’s not Friday, but I think to catch you up on all the haps (because I know it’s been tough to even survive without the daily report of my laziness/eating/school whining/Little House on the Prairie reading) we’re going to have to do this like Brutus — list style.

* Israel. Been there, done that. And it was amazing. I did manage to blog a little bit this summer about my amazing trip to the Holy Land (for you, Jilly Bean), and you can check out those posts here, here and here.

* After my trip to Israel, I figured that Central America was feeling left out. So, I did a two-week class with my seminary down in Guatemala City. It was an interesting class — there were six of us from Denver, and the rest of the class was Latin students who attend seminary in Guatemala. We learned a lot about their ministry and how they share the gospel and minister to those in need in the context that they’re in. There is extreme wealth and crippling poverty in Guatemala, and we saw all of it. I blogged about it a bit over on Boundless, if you want to read something more serious.

I would show you lots of Guatemala pictures, but I think the most important thing you need to see from my trip is this.

Now, if you look closely at the napkin, you’ll notice what looks like a severed bat wing. That’s because it is A SEVERED BAT WING. After our class was over, a few of us traveled to northern Guatemala to visit the Mayan ruins of Tikal and then head over to Belize. We were eating a lovely outdoor dinner at our hotel one night, and we literally heard something hit the fan, you guys. Whatever it was landed right in front of my plate. I took a look, pushed my chair back from the table, stood up, and said in a loud voice: “There’s a bat wing on the table.”

You guys, I handled this very well. Bats are my biggest fear so everyone is quite lucky that I didn’t scream or pass out or start throwing things. That nearly did happen when I noticed the rest of the SEVERED BAT lying on the ground twitching, due to the missing wing. The wing that was in front of my plate. At my dinner. One foot from my head. Let’s move on.

* Does anyone remember Sean? Please say that you do. He will be devastated if you say no. His feeling are easily hurt. Anyway, Sean is a plastic, turquoise hippo. He is used for storing Skittles. I got him back in April when I went to Target with a new Canadian acquaintance named Andrew. The Canadian acquaintance named Andrew turned out to be very friendly. We started texting and talking and video chatting. And when I got back from Guatemala, he and Sean were waiting at the airport for me as a best surprise! Andrew and I got to spend three weeks together this summer — two in Denver and one in Canada/Wyoming/Montana — which we proved by an annoying amount of pictures on Facebook.

See? Here we are at a Rockies game.

This is us in front of a wall.

This is at Banff National Park in Canada. It’s beautiful. Go there. Now.

Annoyed yet?

So now Andrew is back in Canada and I am back in Denver (Sean is here with me — I have custody). I miss him a lot, but don’t tell him or it will get to his head.

* After I got back from Canada, Diana decided to have a birthday. Now, Diana is very passionate about the idea of sailing. She has sailing songs and sailing pictures and a sailing board on Pinterest. The one problem is that she’d never been sailing. So we solved that by surprising her with a sailboat ride on Lake Dillon for her birthday! It was so gorgeous and made all of Diana’s dreams come true!

Look at this lovely, sailing birthday girl.

* THEN, my brother decided to get married, so I headed to Minnesota last weekend for his wedding. It was great to see my family and to see my brother happy and committed to such a sweet girl.

The fam: Charles in Charge, Denise, Jilly Bean and Wayne

Wayne and Sando

Mr. Wayne and Nisers

So, now I am finally back in Denver and done leaving the country for at least a month or so. School started this week and I’d rather not talk about it. I have a thesis to write and Greek to fail. Also, if you hear of any awesome freelance jobs that pay $6,000 per word, please let me know.

I want to be a blogger again, you guys. I will be. Keep me accountable to posting daily whinings. OK, now what did you do this summer? (Besides miss me.) Let me know — see you soon!


8 Responses to “What the What?! I’m Blogging!”

  1. Welcome back friend. We missed you.

  2. Yay! That’s all I can say. YAY!!!

  3. Anonymous said

    Yeah! You are back! I would have died with the bat wing!

  4. oops, didn’t mean to be anonymous!

  5. Yay! Your back! In my desperation while you were gone I started my own blog, went to dinner with Jilly Bean and planned to be in attendance at your brothers wedding. Sadly my husband expected me to attend his family function thingey. That submitting thing stinks. Which brings me to your new friend Andrew! Think hard about submitting Denise. It’s really not so bad if you like the guy. ;).

  6. clarissasparkman said

    Ohh…I missed you! So glad you are back! Can’t wait for some nice bloggies 🙂 You have been doing so many things so summer! All I do is drill on teeth …Oh, and eat excessive amounts of dessert in the name of baby..

  7. Erin said

    I’m so glad you’re not dead! I meant to call or text to verify that fact about a million times…..but I choose to believe that procrastinating always pays off 🙂 I’m so glad your summer has been going well. Let me know when you are coming back this way. Also, I will be haunted by that bat wing forever – gross!

  8. Cara said

    so happy for you 🙂 sounds like you’ve had a wonderful summer!!!

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