This Post is a Travesty of a Good Blog Post

June 29, 2012

You guys, I am the worst at blogging! When did this happen? Where did I go wrong? It’s a travesty. And a tragedy. Also, what is the difference between those two words? Hang on, I’ll go look it up … OK, I should probably have known the difference — I misused travesty, you guys. A travesty is “an absurd or grotesque misrepresentation.” Like a parody or spoof. A tragedy is my hair in Minnesota humidity during the summer.

I’m not very good with the English.

OK, we’ve established that I’m a bad blogger and very poor with language, so aren’t you glad I’m here writing you a post?! But I have mustered up some energy for a little something I like to call: Friday Listday.

1. You guys. The fires. Colorado is burning down. I spent a lot of time this week focusing my attention on the big fire in Colorado Springs. It has affected a lot of my friends with evacuations and with the loss of their homes. It’s so bad. It just kept growing, and eventually it rolled down the mountain into people’s neighborhoods. 346 homes have been lost. It is a bit more under control at the moment, but still only 15 percent contained. I was in Colorado Springs on Saturday when the fire started. This is what it looked like:

And this is what it looked like Tuesday night:

Please keep praying for rain for our state and for the people who have to rebuild.

2. I leave for Guatemala a week from tomorrow! What?! I am unprepared. I am such the world traveler. It’s just what I do. I am taking a class at a seminary in Guatemala City. One of my Old Testament professors will be teaching it and translating for himself. We’ll be in the class with Latin students, and we’ll spend a lot of time touring the country and seeing the culture and the class system in Guatemala. It should be interesting, and I’m excited to practice my Spanish. I was in a store today and was able to successfully eavesdrop on someone’s Spanish phone conversation, so I think I’m off to a good start.

3. Diana, Courtney and Heather are going camping this weekend near Aspen. They’re hiking nine miles to some hot springs and then sleeping in them or something. I’ve seen lots of backpacks and water purifiers and long underwear and flashlights. I suggest bringing bear spray as well, because bears love hot springs. I’ve requested that they also record the entire adventure so I can experience the joy of nature with them as Heather leads the team through the wilderness.

4. Do you all watch So You Think You Can Dance? I love it. There were three roommates who tried out this year and they all do this crazy kind of dubstep/animation/crunking dancing. I don’t even know how to explain it, but it’s amazing. Seriously, watch these first three dances — they are crazy awesome.

5. Apparently, someone I live with (who shall remain nameless) got a new toothbrush days ago. The exact same toothbrush as the one I already had. And this person didn’t tell me about it until yesterday morning. Umm. That means I go to the bathroom looking for the purple toothbrush, not knowing that there are two purple toothbrushes in the toothbrush holder! (“Toothbrushes” sounds weird. I feel like it should be toothbrushi or something. But it’s not. Travesty. No. That’s not right. Shoot.) Anyway, gross. Who even knows which one I have been using?!?! Lots of toothbrush mishaps at old Morris Mansion. (I feel like we need a name for our apartment. My house in Colorado Springs was called Cherry Springs Wonderland because we lived on Cherry Springs Drive. We’ve never named this place. Thoughts?)

6. That’s pretty lazy.

7. Batman had a little bit of trouble getting the answer to this riddle. Is it a bag of steel-cut oats?

OK, I hope everyone has a super great weekend! Please pray for Colorado. And I will pray for you too!


4 Responses to “This Post is a Travesty of a Good Blog Post”

  1. Micah said

    So your misuse of the word travesty was a travesty?

  2. denisemorris said

    Yes! You are good with the English.

  3. Kerry Wester said

    I don’t know if it was a travesty but I think it was an absolute absurdity that it’s been so long since you wrote a blog. Absurd.

  4. Dan B said

    Clever. Funny. Informative. Nice! 🙂 Enjoy your edumacational adventure in Guatemala… but no: I am not going to watch the dancing people. Sorry. :-p;;;;

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