If I Had Blogged Today

May 3, 2012

I just don’t feel like being friends with the bloggy today, you guys! I am feeling lazy and tired and I don’t want to write anything. There: I admitted it. So sue me. (Also, don’t sue me. I have literally one dollar. And I need it for Skittles.)

Anyway. I’m not writing you a blog post today. It would just be about how yesterday I taught a class on Genesis 15, which is a super interesting chapter because God keeps showing up to Abram and promising him awesome things like children and land, and then Abram is like, “Umm, how do I know you will actually do this stuff?” and instead of getting mad, God makes a covenant with him and seals his promise. We have a cool God, you guys.

It would also be about how our Aramaic quiz got canceled (!!!), but then we had to translate Daniel 7 which is super hard because it’s about beasts with weird heads and wings and they devour people and kingdoms. It was odd. And hard to translate.

Then, if I hadn’t promised to quit posting pics of darling, tiny animals, I would probably show you this teeny, downy bird who is very upset with you for not loving adorable animals.

Then I might say that yesterday I remembered that the Olympics are this summer, which is the best news ever, and I am so excited to watch swimming and diving and track & field and gymnastics, and even the marathon. I also started planning in my head, an Olympics party with games and food and sporting events, and you’re all invited.

I would probably conclude by letting you know that last night at church we talked about disciplines like prayer and Scripture reading and gratefulness. I thought about how my bloggy has kind of become a discipline for me because it helps me think through each of my days, noticing even the smallest things that have happened and how God has shown up in so many ways in the boring, in the exciting, in the conversations, and even in the whining.

Those are the things I would have told if you if I were going to blog today.



2 Responses to “If I Had Blogged Today”

  1. julieabel said

    Denise, I am so glad you decided not to blog today. I am so glad I decided not to read it while I had my coffee. I am glad I didn’t get inspired by your Biblical insights or the anticipation of the summer Olympics- in LONDON!! Also, I am so glad my heart didn’t sigh with that cute picture of the adorable bird.
    Have a great day friend!

  2. I hope this Olympics party occurs while I am not in Alaska. That the Olympics are this summer IS the best new ever.

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