Free of Fancy

May 2, 2012

You guys. This is my last Wednesday of the semester. Well, not really because next Wednesday I have an Aramaic final. But it is my last Wednesday with all of my classes and my super long day. Let’s celebrate with a really short blog post because I have a lot to get done today!

I have to teach a class today and it’s fairly impossible to be less prepared than I am, so it should be a raging success.

Yesterday Stacey and I went to Evergreen because we are wild and fancy free. Also, we are footloose. Because I think that’s the actual phrase — footloose and fancy free. Yes, it is. I just Googled it. I regretted saying “wild” almost immediately. Anyway — wild, footloose and free of fancy. And by that I mean that we wanted to do our homework somewhere other than the library. So we took a little drive. It looked like this.

And we found a creek.

Then we went to a cool coffee shop which was basically built into a mountain. See the mountain next to the coffee table?

Studying is better next to a mountain.

Anyhoo, then we came back to the city and I went to Hebrew. It was my last real Hebrew class ever, because all that’s left is next week’s final. We translated the last chapter of Joshua — he is relaying the words of God to the leaders of Israel. God recounts their history — from Abraham to Egypt to the wilderness to Jericho — and then Joshua asks the people to decide who they are going to serve. They can serve the gods of their fathers or the gods of the Amorites or Yahweh God. As for Joshua and his house, though, they will serve the Lord. The Israelites decide they will serve him too. He had proved himself faithful to them so many times. Then Joshua dies, and for the very first time, he is called “servant of the Lord.” Before, that title had only been given to Moses, but now Joshua had earned it as well because he had been such a great leader. And that’s the end of the book of Joshua.

OK! I’ve got to go. Stop bothering me. Talk to you later!


One Response to “Free of Fancy”

  1. kerry said

    This post would have been so much better if you had a video of you running through the mountain singing, The Hills are alive with the sound of music………….stick to the classics, Julie Andrews trumps Kevin Bacon anyday. Always refrain from the bacon.

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