This Is Really Pretty Boring

May 1, 2012


Did you have a good day yesterday? I hope so.

You guys, it’s May! What? Let’s embrace it. I approve of May, generally.

Here is a picture that I just decided to post and is in no way motivated by a phone call from someone about how I don’t post enough pictures of certain people. Just a random picture.

I’ve really, really liked the Batman movies lately, and here’s the latest trailer for the third one which is coming out this summer. Let’s all see it together, K?!

This post is boring. I’m sorry. It’s not going to get any more interesting. Instead of reading it, you can think about how two weeks from now I will write you a blog post from Israel! Or, you can go look at Kendi’s cute outfits. Or you could send me treats.

Yesterday at seminary there was an end-of-year picnic with music and food and sunshine. Karen and I had hot dogs, and since I don’t actually like hot dogs, she finished mine for me. But she was worried because I had relish on mine, and she’s apparently never heard of relish before. She didn’t know what it was. Everyone knows what relish is, yes? Karen, get with the program! (See what I mean about this post? I recommend finding something better to do on the Internets today.)

Today a friend and I are going to drive closer to the mountains, to Evergreen, to do our homework there. We will still be drowning in papers and translations, but at least we’ll know the mountains are near being beautiful and inspiring.

I love this. He has been good to me.

Ok, I will try to be a better blogger tomorrow. Have a fun times day!


2 Responses to “This Is Really Pretty Boring”

  1. beccanicole21 said

    Actually, this post is very helpful for me. I saw Den Sem pictures on FB of tables set up outside the student center and wondered what was going on. Thanks to this post, now I know.

  2. Ash said

    What a lovely random photo. Your COS besties look like a lovely bunch of awesome friends. I bet they wished they saw more of you. At least that’s what I inferred from that photo.

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