Over It

April 27, 2012

It’s Friday and I’ve painted my fingernails orange. That can only mean one thing: It’s time for a list.

1. I have an animal picture. But it is not a baby animal, so there. Instead, it is a full-grown walrus who got a birthday cake made of fish. He blushed.

2. I am going down to the Springs today to meet with my mentor Kelsey. She runs Hummingbird Unlimited, and they do great events — you should check them out. I’m also going to see the Callihans and it’s been so, so long! I will get to see my sweet boys. These ones:

And this one:

3. It has been a long week. I’ve written so many papers, and spent so many hours in that sauna of a student center. But I had a good phone conversation last night, and now it’s Friday! Let’s take a little break, OK?

4. Penny is learning to be a hipster on Happy Endings. Fro-yo? Over it. Other stuff? Over it.

5. Ron F. Swanson has something he’d like to say.

6. I just started reading Lauren Winner’s new book Still. Has anyone read it yet? What do you think? It’s basically about a crisis of faith she had and her journey through it. I’m just starting it, but I’m already hooked because she’s such a good writer. “I pray, I don’t pray. I go to church; I keep going back to church. There is boredom here, and loneliness; there are also Eucharists and angels. God darts by; sometimes I notice.” Sometimes I notice.

7. OK, I accidentally have one more animal picture, but you guys: This blind dog has his own seeing-eye dog. They are very best friends.

All right, that’s it. I’m leaving. Have a great weekend, friends!


7 Responses to “Over It”

  1. Amazing book. I’m not over it.

  2. Ok, the blind dog thing got me. I’m a sucker for dogs.

  3. jacischneider said

    That video clip is funny. Also, Johnny is adorable, and it looks like he’s judging you a little bit for posting so many pictures of animals.

  4. denisemorris said

    Jonny generally disapproves of animal pics.

  5. Micah said

    All these animals are making me cry. Stop it.

    Also, you are cat-tastic! Joves.

  6. anonymous said

    I’m a cat person but those dogs might convert me! Too cute. đŸ™‚

  7. Anonymous said

    expand on that phone convo….

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