Be Awesome

April 24, 2012

Yesterday’s checklist:

Finish Joshua paper: check. Revise thesis proposal: check. Do Aramaic homework: check. Finish Rio assignments: check.

Final thing on the checklist:

Check and check.

I was such a good student yesterday, you guys! Really, this was only due to the fact that I’d been such a horrific student this past weekend, but still. Let’s not blame past mistakes. Let’s look forward.

Apparently Denver Seminary hasn’t quite figured out the advanced technology of air conditioning because the student center was literally 1,750 degrees yesterday. I was so hot and nearly died. Just ask Andy and Diana. A lot of complaining. But it was like 85 degrees in Colorado yesterday, which is insane! Summer has decided to visit early.

So my mom Jilly Bean and I leave for Israel in less than three weeks! I feel like it’s sneaking up on me because I’ll finish finals and then have to leave just a couple of days later. We’re going on a trip with my seminary, and we’ll be taking a class through Jerusalem University College. For three weeks, we’ll get to see the places of the Bible and live in the Old City Jerusalem. Dream come true.

I’m not sure what I shall do with the bloggy while I’m away. There’s a chance I could blog from Jerusalem and show you pictures of everything I’m seeing. Or I might have a few guest bloggers take over for me. Thoughts?

OK, I have to go be a good student again. Really, it’s something I need to do all week. And probably next week. We’ll see how long I last. Have a great day — be good!


3 Responses to “Be Awesome”

  1. beccanicole21 said

    Maybe a weekly post from you with pics and guests posts scattered throughout the weeks?

    Thanks for the reminder to be awesome today. I forget to do that sometimes…

  2. Rebekah Largent said

    Oh, I am SO jealous that you get to go to Israel! I can’t wait to hear the stories, though. If you have time, you definitely should blog.

  3. So jealous. Not in the God is jealous kind of way, but in the selfish, sinful, coveting kind of way. Now I’m repenting. Okay, have a great trip and I want to hear all about it when you get back.

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