He Has Won

April 19, 2012

This has been the longest week and it refuses to ever be over. I am about to kick it in the face.

My heart is so sad because I will be writing an exegetical paper on Joshua all day today. This is what it will look like.

I will be in the library “writing my paper.” Please come need to talk with me so that I can escape the library. Also, bring me presents. Acceptable items: Starbucks, teacup piglets, prepaid Visas, someone to write this paper for me.

Yesterday’s picture of the day was “hair.” That’s kind of boring. But I got a haircut last week, so here you go.

Last night in my class at church we talked about the order of our worship service and why we do all the things we do. Since I go to a liturgical church, there are certain things we do every week — prayers, singing, Scripture readings, communion, etc. Every week we start the service by bringing the cross from the back of the church to the front and setting it up on stage. This is not done for show or for ritual or for something extra to do. When the cross is brought forward, it is to proclaim that Christ has been and is victorious over everything. So if we come into church with a burden — with worries or fears or troubles — we bring the cross forward and we know that although those burdens are real, Christ has the victory. And we praise him for it. We declare that he has won, and we come into church ready to worship him, knowing that he is stronger and bigger and more powerful than anything evil or broken. So good, you guys.

Also, whenever I hear the phrase “he has won” I think of Carman’s “The Champion.” Because you know that we acted out that boxing match for numerous church Easter plays. Don’t even worry about it. Oh, Carman. You kill me.

Fine. I’ll go write my paper now. Please visit and email and FB and call and text. K, bye!


5 Responses to “He Has Won”

  1. Debbie said

    Love the haircut! I am so embarrassed I didn’t comment on it last night. I was really distracted though. And Carmen! Too funny. Haven’t thought about him in years. Thanks for the blast from the past. 😉

  2. denisemorris said

    Thanks, LGR!

    Debbie, I almost blogged about your “distraction.” Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! hahahaha! 🙂

  3. Fun blog post! I haven’t thought about Carmen in years, either. So, there’s that.

  4. Dawn Marie Phillips Schmidt said

    It was I that saw you a few years ago at the Holyland Experience. Your scripture given for the night was “Jesus Wept”.It is quite true. You were going through a trying time trying to get someone to help with your Mom. My Dad died Jan. 17, 2012. My parents were married 56 years and she is holding on. Take care.

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